Everything stays, but it still changes.

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  • grey_the_poet 7h

    His stone-cold gaze went soft.
    His breathing slowly got calmer.
    His grip on the gun started to weaken.

    "Why.. are you here?"

  • grey_the_poet 2w

    I close my eyes and exhaled, diving backwards into the black abyss.

    "Trust me"

    I fall down in the seemingly endless hole, the bright entrance getting smaller as I descend.
    My mind was clear and empty. My eyes were closed shut. Everything was silent.

    "Trust me"

    Those words echoed in my heart and soul.
    I wasn't afraid of anything. I wasn't sad, nor happy. My entire body was peaceful and calm. I was alone. Me and the hole.

    "Trust me"

  • grey_the_poet 2w

    Irony of Love

    People who mock others because of their love, are often the ones who need it the most.

  • grey_the_poet 3w

    She wears masks, because she hates her true self.

    But her masks will eventually run out.

    And like a butterfly, she will reveal herself.

  • grey_the_poet 3w

    Sometimes, you must break in order to change yourself.

  • grey_the_poet 3w

    Love is a game

    You can play it,

    And hurt it,

    Or ignore it.

    But it will always be there.

  • grey_the_poet 3w


    You have to flip Life off in his face, eat his entire lemon, and run away screaming.

  • grey_the_poet 3w

    Everything was going well,
    until he said,

    "I don't really love you anymore.. "

  • grey_the_poet 3w

    Find what you fear and run towards it.

    Hell's not a place where you fit.

  • grey_the_poet 4w

    Someone tells me, "Go to hell"

    I reply, "I have already been there. The demons made me their Queen"