Tries hard to be witty and is quite successful in that !

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    Jalti hui diya ki aisi hai hunkar
    Ki dur bhaag jae har andhkaar
    aapke saare sapne ho saakar
    Khushi mile aapko har prakar
    Har muskilo se aap ho jae paar
    Khil uthe aapka pura sansaar
    Mile aapko hamesha apno ka pura pyaar
    Jagmag jagmag rhe aapke liye ye tahoyaar
    Yehi umide hai sabke liye mere yaar !

    Happy Diwali !

    Gaurav Ganguly

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    Struggle is temporary
    Class is permanent !


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    Every day
    Every hour
    Every minute

    Only one word

    One goal


    Let's do it it better. Let's do it smooth !

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    "WHY" is the word

    When we are in the process of learning we need to question again & again so that no one can dare to question our fundamentals later on ! We have to make it that stronger !


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    Role Model

    Many a times we read stories about Mr. Elon Musk, Mr. Jeff Bezos, Mr. Jack Ma, Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani or other people & look upon them for inspiration or as a role model.
    But the point we miss is most of the time many role models are just sitting next to us & we need to learn from them first.
    Everyone is a role model on something or some job, we just need to pay more attention !


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    Asli Mjaa

    Subah ka alarm lgaya 7:30 pe
    Subah alaram bajiii.... tring.. tring.. tring.. tring
    Aankhe khuli meri, kambal kiya doff
    Aur kiya maine masti se alarm off

    Aur wapas kambal leke so gyaaaaa

    Ye hai SUNDAY ka asli majaaaaa..!!


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    Random conversation

    Interviewer : Where do you see yourself in next 5 years ?
    Me : Certainly in a better place.
    Interviewer : How much better ?
    Me : Far better.
    Interviewer : Your answer is not very specific.
    Me : My idea is let us be specific for today or tomorrow or may be next month or next year but not the next 5 years. It is way too much of planning & thinking. Some things are better to leave as variables. The equation doesn't need to be solved completely today.


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    Corporate Fundamentals

    Half of your work is already done if you stay organized ! But don't relax as the other half is still pending till you actually do it !

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    Perfection may be unattainable but it is very important to chase it in every single thing you do !