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  • guttothewordsmith 11w


    I want to TELL you A STORY about how I was GIFTED with a WONDERful WOMAN
    I want YOU to SEE how she transformed me into a FAMILY GUY
    It all began when I became the LORD OF THE wedding RING
    Whether I was READY OR NOT, I chose to GET OUT of lifestyle ya ubachelor
    Because nilishapata the QUEEN to my SLIM.
    You can imagine the EUPHORIA on my face whenever I open the door
    And my kids come running, shouting: “DADDY’S HOME!”
    Hata kama kila time we pull our KNIVES OUT during fights, siwezi kugive up.
    I have crossed 21 BRIDGES to get where I am today,
    So tell THE BOYS that we can’t be BAD BOYS FOR LIFE
    WHEN THEY SEE US wajue this is the kind of MODERN LOVE nimechoose

  • guttothewordsmith 12w


    A wonderful time we are HAVING
    I'm shocked that we are still SURVIVING
    Oh Kichuna napenda vile your body is CURVING
    Oh why lie, I do love what you're SERVING.
    Kipendacho roho DAWA, mahaba moto Eveready ama Paka POWER
    Sijui ulinipa MADAWA, cause uko sawa ki-Sawa SHOWER
    Effortlessly whining that waist ni KIPAWA, in this garden mi ni Adam we HAWA.
    Hands kwa PAJA, hands kwa HAGA
    The only way ya kukuvukisha DARAJA, ni kumpa her favourite CHARGER
    Nimeshakupandisha MAHANJAM, let me stop hii dhiki, nikupe FARAJA...

  • guttothewordsmith 12w

    Rhyme Tank

    There is A GENDER that can give you an irresistible TENDER.

    Too bad AGENDA yake yaweza kukuTENDA... wema iende zake.


  • guttothewordsmith 14w

    If you are thinking of suicide, just note that I'd rather LISTEN to your STORY than attend your funeral! You MATTER that much. Feel SAFE to share. It's okay to ask for HELP!

  • guttothewordsmith 25w

    Another C-RHYME

    Roses are RED
    Kuna diamonds ziko BLUE
    Before matters end up in BED
    Na majuto yawe mjuKUU
    Shall we start with a simple DATE
    Niprove naweza come THROUGH?

    So, MOJA, I can be steady kama SOLDIER
    MBILI, once or twice I can be SILLY,
    THREE, niko na tendency ya kuwa careFREE
    FOUR, najua ukisema NO, sitakubother anyMORE
    FIVE, I'm grateful its Him who's kept me ALIVE
    SIX, I can put you in the right mood, before we make that litu FIX
    And SEVEN, when trouble comes I hope we can be each other's safe HAVEN

  • guttothewordsmith 28w

    The Second "Coming"

    Priest was no ordinary priest. At least that is what I suspected. Yes, his name was "Priest." 20 year old Priest. Pumping blood like a full blown bull. Nobody ever asked why but his mysterious arrival in a remote village aroused my curiosity. Priest replaced old Ogutu whose sermons turned the congregation into sleeping machines. Priest changed all that. Not only was he vibrant but enthused the villagers with hope of the second coming. So when I sought to seek 'counsel' in his office one Friday afternoon while everyone was in the field harvesting, I was hardly surprised by what I saw. Ogutu's young wife was on top of his office table. Ripe and ready with legs pointing towards heaven and skirt open like the clouds wanted to rain on her. On top of her was Priest, saving her 'soul.' A part of me wanted to ask "Is this the second "cumming" or the first?"

  • guttothewordsmith 30w

    Different strokes for different folks.

  • guttothewordsmith 30w

    Dear Love Letter...

    Dear Love LETTER
    It's me, your old CUSTOMER
    Sent back to you by Madam KARMA.
    I constantly thought it BETTER
    To come now, si LATER
    Mostly cause nimerun low on bundles zangu za DATA
    And partially because nimekuHATA.

    I come bearing an envelope with a sketched Rose FLOWER
    As a sign of our old BOND
    All the way from KaHAWA
    For I hope that at least utaresPOND.
    Dear Love Letter, za kale uliniJENGA
    And now najua kujiexPRESS
    Even though off late nimekuLENGA
    Juu ya Whatsapp, SMS, na MESSENGER...
    I have to conFESS:
    The self-assurance you instilled in me
    Is now my strongest suit.

  • guttothewordsmith 32w

    2 AM

    She said she would not spend the night so she began looking for her heels.
    "Running away from your troubles won't help," he said as he handed over her worth.
    "For me it does," she replied.
    "How so?"
    "People like us, me, are broken. The moment we taste normal, we feel disgusted. So we run from our troubles because they remind us of our pain which is necessary. I want to remember my pain," she replied. She found her shoes & headed for the door.
    "What would you be doing if you weren't on the streets at 2 am?"
    She smiled sadly and replied:
    "Writing. Can you imagine? Bleeding words for the universe to see? Pathetic."
    With that, she closed the door behind her.
    He was troubled.

  • guttothewordsmith 36w

    The Creature with no Flame of Hope

    But we all knew there was no flame lingering around you. You were so cold, the frost bite burned you to... zero degrees of nothingness.