don't comment personal;like if you like; comment if u have something to say regarding tht.cant tolarate cheap things ...plz

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  • gyejeolcheongso 4d


    I know I am bad to telling my feelings but seriously I love you .
    I know I may be hurt you sometime but trust me my intention never to hurt you it's just things turn out like that .
    I know I am not perfect for you,not look beautiful by looks and I am dumb tooo but I love myself I proud myself that my parents mad me like that ..and I am not shame about tht Nd believe me beauty is not last forever you may be find more than beautiful then me but can't compete my love with her .
    But it's okay you are not everything to me cause for me my family is there with me so u prove me that I u don't deserve me ♥️

  • gyejeolcheongso 1w


    I don't dream .
    Cause I believe that dreams not going to complete
    I make goals
    I believe one day I can achieve my goal and I will

  • gyejeolcheongso 1w

    Don't be too good for others they will underestimate you so easily ..
    Be bad

  • gyejeolcheongso 1w

    I need a break

    From expecting too much from others
    From my thoughts ...
    Sometime you need to be alone to see what is real and what is temporarily ..
    Sometime you need to talk to urself to calm yourself .

  • gyejeolcheongso 2w

    It's beautiful to fall in love with the person you love

  • gyejeolcheongso 2w

    Boys it's not for you don't offend by it

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    Girl should not smoke ,not drink and not hanging out with boys .
    I mean really so these kind of people think that girls is like a product.
    First of all I am not saying I want to compete with boys Nd all its true if I will compete I will not goin to success but I am saying their is a things that girls can do too ..
    They have rights too
    Actually it's not societies fault it's all girls fault cause girls made society not boys ..
    For girls
    R u afraid to speak for your rights cause if u speak u may be get in a big accident like evils going to threaten u and all so first you should forget that just nobody can threaten you I realized that whoever make u afraid that person is already afraid by u Nd so many things .
    Be intelligent and must clever cause today's earth not want seeta they want just like dropati .
    From the starting it's a shraap for girls that they can't breath freely ..every sec you have to fight for Ur self ..Nd girls should know how to use their power ..

  • gyejeolcheongso 2w

    Cronavirus hate you

  • gyejeolcheongso 2w


    I pretend to be happy when I am not .
    I pretend to smile when I don't feel to smile.
    I pretend to be like everything is okay when its not .
    I pretend so much
    And why ?
    Should I not pretend ?
    Should I tell the truth ?
    I am afraid to hate by everyone

  • gyejeolcheongso 2w

    Yes I love you but as same time I hate you

  • gyejeolcheongso 2w

    Happy mother's day

    But I don't have .
    Without mom is mother's Day is useless ..I feel crying but I don't want to cry I don't want to sad I just hope that I wish that i should die tooo ..
    When others are sharing their mothers photo in social media and saying happy mother's day .it doesn't make me sad but when others keep giving me sympathy .that time I feeled sad .
    Dude I swer I am totally fine I don't need anyone's sympathy plzz stop making me sad .I am happy I am doing fine .I want to be happy Nd I should be happy cause my mother told me keep smiling ..but people who even don't care about they will be give me sympathy .. seriously