don't comment personal;like if you like; comment if u have something to say regarding tht.cant tolarate cheap things ...plz

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  • gyejeolcheongso 1d


    I mean I really salute thouse person who always told me to stay positive ..I mean I really can't understand that how those person live thier life with positiveness ..
    Sorry but I can't I mean if someone leave me and am just sitting and thinking that oh let it go stay positive ..blaa blaa to Bhai
    Every third person is going to leave me ok ..
    Never let it go that person whom you love so much in ur entire life .
    When you were with him/her you can't even see other person ..Everytime you give your time that person ND now without any efforts you are letting them go dude ..sometime you have to make them realized how much important that person in ur life ..
    Later at least you don't feel regret that you don't put any effort yeah it call selfish but at least you can live ur life without regretion ..
    Every time stay positive ..ohh m not good yrr ..that's why we are humans.

  • gyejeolcheongso 1d


    Sometime I feel that..m the only targate for god
    I mean every mint the shit happning to me
    Everytime the shit person I faced in my life
    I mean sometime i feel that m not going to get up from bad ..actually when I go outside from home I just prey one thing from God plz
    Now today whatever happens it would be great at least ..
    But it's impossible ..cause m the only target
    Again some shit happens ..
    I don't know where should I go ..
    I just want to go another planent ..
    I don't kne when scientist have success this mission if they success I will first person to go ..

  • gyejeolcheongso 2d

    Move on

    It's too difficult to move on from that person whom you spend so much time ..
    And now that person ignore you and use you you for their need ..
    Sometime come in mind that ..I wish that
    Jesa tha wesa fir ho jaae ..
    But I feel that everything happens for your goods ..
    You will move on..soon yes it's take time when that person is around but ..
    When that person is not around you will easily move on ...

  • gyejeolcheongso 4d

    Isn't funny

    We write thoughts for those whom we really don't like and cause of them we are suffering ..even that we still think about them and half of life just spend to curse them ..isn't funny

  • gyejeolcheongso 4d

    Choice of love

    I realized that you should love those who loves you ..
    someone ask me ..don't make conditions..cause if I don't love you then u also don't ..right
    In return I said yes that's true ..
    Then he said what is the point then ..
    I mean that's a simple thing .
    If someone care for me .
    If someone understand me .
    If someone do things for me ..
    Makes me feel special ..
    If i feel m his priority .
    Then ironically I fall in love with that person ..
    It's not condition I explain him .
    It's a truth ...that I love you ..the way u love me no one give me that love ..
    So it's means you love me that's y I love u ..
    If someone hates me it's also make me hate them ..why should I like them then ...
    I don't know why people take so much ..
    He said I think so much ..really ..u r not thinking that much so what should I do .
    ND BTW it's me ..if you can't handle me you can't handle m love

  • gyejeolcheongso 5d


    How I explain my self that why I always fails in love .
    why I always regret about my decision..️
    I am hurt inside when what ever I want I never get that ..
    it's hurt that whom I love he leave me without any hesitation and make reason me for our ends ..
    It's not that I planned ..from starting ..
    How I explain to my heart that ..
    That kiss was not that joke at all
    It's was my feeling that comes..
    So many photos makes remember me about you ..
    so many times I delete but why I can't forget you .our memories still remains same .
    But in the end I just explain to my heart
    That person was not right for me ..
    he is not with me for a reason .I remember everything for a reason and I am hurt for a reason ...and
    I have a hope I will get my love ..for sure and better then past

  • gyejeolcheongso 1w

    Purposal with condition

    He said ..I talked to my brother and asked him why I feel not well when she talked with others boy ..why I feeled so burden ..
    My brother replied cause you are in love with her as I thought ..about it so I decided to confess my feeling to you.....I love you..
    She‍⚕️ohh really ...(feeling so excited inside cause dream come true but what when your brothers told you to confess then you) decided ...waaa
    He ..but so if you said no then ..I will not talked to you and ..our fdship also over ..ND so many reason ..
    She ...ohh wait but I didn't say anything
    He ..ok so tell me what..
    So wht you think ..yes hmm ..story is not complete yet
    ..when someone thinks that he/she are the boss ..
    Then forget your shit feelings cause this is not going to be easy at all ..
    She ..said no ..
    ( Without taking any sec ...she says no ...isn't funny )
    I mean why he is asking her if he is decided already ..that don't say no ..ND if you say no that you will face this. is it really purposal .it feels like ..darana ..
    If you have a guts to confess then have a guts to listen what she/he wants to say ..if he/she says no ..then no big deal...

  • gyejeolcheongso 1w

    Love game or time pass

    We were strangers when we talked to each others ..I was little bit nervous cause you were looking handsome ..
    Little bit we get closer..
    I was really happy when i talked to you when you teased me ..when we laughed ..I find something more than friends ..
    And I thinked I fall for you ..
    And then start game ..
    She said ..I love you
    He said
    Then ignore game ...
    Suddenly he felt love ..
    And confess
    He said ..I love u
    Now what
    She said
    Then ignore game again ..
    Now then again she felt
    She said ..I love you ..
    He said no ..
    Then they never get together...
    Reason is that ...
    We expect that ...that person will never go anywhere but ..God give u one or may be 2 or may be 3 chance only ..if you west that you loss ..that person always ...
    ND sad ending that ..
    They never get together ..

  • gyejeolcheongso 1w


    When feel hard to handle ..
    When boys thinks they are the boss ...
    First when they do job ..and girl is doing study
    They think when they free they will talk but they doesn't care that his girl free or not ...if girl even told him the reason why she can't talk they think she is cheating or something else ...
    If they spend just money on his gf they think his gf u know wht I mean side they said don't do job m here fr u ND when u spend his money they said ..u cheap ..I mean I can't understand this releationships ..
    Why girl has no identy ...

  • gyejeolcheongso 1w

    It's too difficult too understand my ouwn family .ND people expect me understand them