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  • gypsys_quill 2d


    My mind's a mess ,
    Only struggles caress.
    Body so sore,
    Mentally amor no more.
    With hope turning bleak
    And Giving up was an immediate creep.
    As the why and whom muse on
    The Hustle resonates fortification.

    © Jitendra Teja K

  • gypsys_quill 9w

    In the quick paced life,
    I've slowed for once
    The stubborn me
    Had to mould every ounce
    Your talk and time
    Was my new trance
    Every time we hug
    Your aura is my fragrance
    Girl I can't help
    But fall at your stance
    If I had to speak of us
    Dear Munchkin ,
    I'd do it in an perfect Eloquence.

    © Jitendra Teja K

  • gypsys_quill 17w


    The Scars that I hid ,
    Never spoke about the claws that did.

    The loudest cry was me
    Sitting in desolated silence.

    Was I getting any better at hiding ,
    Or were things becoming bitter yet sliding.

    What can I say,
    I'm a Dark soul with Dank thoughts
    That potray.

    © Jitendra Teja K

  • gypsys_quill 18w

    Whom to be more afraid of?
    The people who left you stranded,
    Or the ones who're gonna leave you wounded.

    Is finding a way out easy,
    Or healing the scars?

    © Jitendra Teja K

  • gypsys_quill 19w


    People always called me dark ,
    Maybe they'd not
    If they cared to Know the depth
    My soul was buried to feel so,
    In search of light by the same people
    The Few who're always New.

    © Jitendra Teja Kanta

  • gypsys_quill 20w

    And in the Back seat of a ...

    Kissing those after coffee lips,
    Caused an addictive caffine rush
    And kissing you more was the only
    Thing that helped.

    We thought of peck,
    You should've stopped me by the neck
    Now you see how breathless kisses get
    Yet we didn't stop ,
    And now we know why ?

    I'm sorry for my hands crawling through
    The lusty love handles,
    It was you, who cooked the cravings
    That were driving them.
    Was it being pearly or velvety
    Exploring more was a big Getty.

    After math was sitting on the bonnet,
    Having yet another coffee under the evening sky.

    © Jitendra Teja K

  • gypsys_quill 22w

    Thank You ,

    Every Text that was a Brooke
    Every Step a hammered stroke
    Every Kiss now a nuke
    Every time you made me realize
    To whom I was hook
    Everytime you let me hold you and my heart shook
    Everytime you I hoped for a date,
    Where we'd cook.
    And for every shrill in shout
    Whenever we broke.

    PS : Now that it hurts to relentlessly choke.

    © Jitendra Teja K

  • gypsys_quill 29w

    When amidst the freezing night
    You pulled my blanket away,
    Just so that you can keep your teddy warm.
    I wish I could ask you
    Who's more important ?
    Since I knew you,
    I just decided to help myself
    Shifting to the couch in the hall.

    And alas at 3am I'm cold again.

    PS: I still love you.

    © JitendraTeja

  • gypsys_quill 44w

    It tasted like a God's nectar,
    The water beads I've had
    In exchange of our best caress
    On the first rain of the season.


  • gypsys_quill 45w

    It isn't always about
    You and me,
    Sometimes it's about the distance
    That I get lost in.