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  • h_soul1 4w

    If you ever had a crush on your childhood friend,sweetheart I'm sorry....I know you feel dumb


  • h_soul1 5w

    I'm literally a whole mood
    If u wanna date me you gotta be prepared,I'll stress you,I'll get mood swings,I'll talk about everything and nothing,I'm overprotective, I get jealous a lot,I'm insecure,and I HATE getting played,I'm very annoying,you'll hate me fr✌but I don't fucking caree .You'll love me tho,but u'll lose feelings eventually,and when u do I'll stop caring...literally ,I'll make u hate me moreI love me


  • h_soul1 5w

    There's a new virus called feelings
    Don't catch that sh*t
    Its as toxic as your ex

  • h_soul1 5w

    Sometimes dreams are realer than reality
    Even in dreams,happy endings don't always occur
    He said I was the angel
    Such a skilful swindler he is
    Such a naive girl I was
    Not anymore
    Before I was the rainbow in his life of storms
    Now I would be the lightning and thunder in his success,ever so sudden
    Tit for tat,my love
    Life will always be like that
    ~Broken Soul~‍♀️

  • h_soul1 12w


    Have you ever heard of true love
    This made me laugh
    What a silly little thing
    What possibly could make a grown man cry
    Make a young girl's insides flutter with delight
    A woman in her late 90s smile and have hope
    Love?oh please
    Does it even exist?
    I always thought it was a fantasy
    Something intangible
    A figment of the imagination of feeble minds
    But then...
    I met HIM
    I thought..surely this isn't what they call love
    The feeling of crying,laughing,and goofing around when you see that person
    Is this how it feels?
    To see someone and suddenly feel like all your troubles are miles away
    Oh Him
    That smile could melt every candle
    That wink could make a broken wing yearn to fly
    Oh HIM
    What did I get myself into?
    To love HIM?
    I didn't sign up for this
    I.......have that silly feeling❤

  • h_soul1 12w

    Mama,my everything

    You make the sun shine on a cloudy day
    The things you do for me are in endless array
    A counselor,you put me on the right path
    To make sure my actions never had a horrible aftermath
    A doctor,you treated my illnesses
    With firmness,kindness and goodness
    A warm blanket you are
    When you hug me my fears go ever so far
    Mama you are my everything
    For me,you are both my King and my Queen
    Its time to know that you are loved and appreciated for how you brought us up.
    Words from a daughter who doesnt know how else to express her gratitude in anyway she can.

  • h_soul1 15w


    It's a blessing to always have something close to you
    To have another half
    One that will never leave you
    One that cheers you up when you are feeling blue
    A ray of sunshine to create a rainbow on a rainy day
    One who is always there for you without delay
    Never leaving your side
    Friends are always there for you to confide
    Like the Bible they always guide
    And help to put your worries aside
    The best relationship is friendship
    It is even more permanent than courtship
    To have a friend is my greatest joy
    And that joy is so strong no one can destroy

  • h_soul1 15w

    Mama is an empress❤

    If there ever was a beauty
    If there ever was a queen
    One that always did her duty
    One that was never ever mean
    If there has ever been an angel on earth
    Mama has been that since my very birth
    She cooks she cleans she punishes me
    To make sure I'm always on the right path to a beautiful destiny
    Mama is also a father to me
    Mama makes me the best I can be
    So when Mama is old and frail
    To provide her needs I will not fail

  • h_soul1 16w


    We are often told of what lurks in the darkness
    Of witches and wizards
    Of bandits and monsters
    Mama tells me,don't go out in the dark
    It's not meant for young minds like yours
    But often I go outside without a cause
    I find the darkness beautiful
    Twinkling stars at night,each telling their story
    The big glowing moon,giving light to the sky
    A shooting star,willing you to make a wish
    The hoot hoot of the wisest owl
    The crickets singing their babies to sleep
    The bats cackling in merry mirth
    The darkness shines radiant as the sun
    I hope one day our people will learn
    Even in darkness,there is a certain beauty

  • h_soul1 17w


    Black paint highlights colours
    Black cars are craved everywhere
    The colour black portrays success and power
    Everything black is beautiful skin
    The shade of our skin is our biggest crime
    We are made to apologize for it
    For our skin,we are persecuted and beaten
    For our skin,we are suspected of every crime
    Why can't they see our pain and strife ?
    How different is the black man from the white man?
    They adopt our culture,
    They braid their hair,they sing our songs,they dance our dances
    Yet they kill us.
    Because of this shade of skin to them, we are no better than animals
    No matter how loud we shout and protest they refuse to hear us
    Why won't they have mercy?
    Why won't they open their eyes to see
    Eggs have white or brown shells
    But when they are cracked,the yolk is always the same
    We all bleed the same red blood
    For how long will we be disgraced because of our skin
    For how long will there be the phrase "too black"
    For how long will we fall under the mercy of this injustice
    Today we cry out
    Today we make our voices known
    Today we show them what blacks stand for
    Today we show them the angry flame burning inside of us
    Today we use our powerful voices to shout for our freedom and liberation
    Today we peacefully protest
    Today we let them know if they don't see our blackness then they don't see us
    Today we say...