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  • hamzysiraj 7w


    The seventh of August can never be erased from our fragile HEARTS.
    For indeed, it's the best existing week's count on EARTH.
    For the world, it is the day of liberation from all HURTS.
    Because, your existence liberated it... It's OVERT.
    Our hearts are happy in the length of your smile and THOUGHTS.

    Deep in my heart, you appear as a GEM
    Your light skin lighted the stars in it's REALM
    While your smile disposed beauty like a PHLEGM
    For what else could be referred to as beautiful or GEM
    when beauty starts and end with you in real TERM
    Your lustre outshines the sea pearl all TIME

    U-nique absolutely is your precious heart, Character and MIND....
    M-aking me fall thousands of time for your WOMANKIND
    M-ost of the time, my heart ceased, due to your absent 'MIND'
    U-nlike the flatterers, you've proven to always be one in a KIND

    M-y support for you is what I am dedicated to, even if I'll go BLIND
    A-lso Knowing fully well, the epitome will later cease to EXIST
    L-argely hurts my feeling, for I can't help even with my FIST
    A day in which the world's epitome will no longer EXIST
    A-lso Yearly, it seems every August is a tiding for lengthy GIST
    K-now : Rather, it's indeed a moment closer to the angel's LIST

    Dedicated to My Lil Mama - Ummu Malaak
    ©Hamzah Sirajudeen
    (Stereo Hands)

  • hamzysiraj 13w


    N-o wonder life is really a reflection of your personality

    A-nd I couldn't just ever forget who you're and what you define

    B-ut with simple utterances, I wish I could have spilled

    E-ven though distance might have moved us at length

    E-very day chants and sings your song of praise

    L-ike , you're the only who could give life to my cardiovascular

    A-nd maybe I'll get to learn more and more

    H-alting your encomiums isn't a point to it's end but rather the beginning of it For the words in the world aren't even enough to do.

    ©Hamzah Sirajudeen
    (Stereo Hands)

  • hamzysiraj 16w


    Adanga Maru!!!
    Like a movie it really seems
    But with great conformity to these realities
    Uwa and other victims are our own parvatti
    But, worse, we're yet to get our own Subash

    Verily, Every terrestrial location is our own 'Redds building'
    But, worse in our case, the sacred centers are annexes
    Their inhabitants are the perpetrators.
    The foetus isn't either safe here

    Though noises are deafening our drums
    But, who in the wide world will dare make the wild quest -
    No... The quest isn't mere noise and shout but the conscious ones

    Know, this and more other have happened without hearing 'phem'
    Know, the heavens don't drop to secure the anthill
    Know, The black small Giants make their world
    Know, our conditions will never change except with our hands.

    Never with tussle, but with Hustle
    Our hands, tongue, and heart MUST start to race
    Our pens must bleed from this great hurt
    Our heads must start to look down at the elephantiasis leg

    Most importantly, our barrack is our home
    Every Hustle begin in it, for there, we have goal advantage
    The whole trees in the forest of our homes must be treated
    Lest we contribute to this they call 'fate'

    ©Hamzah Sirajudeen
    (Stereo Hands)

  • hamzysiraj 17w


    Decades ago, I was given birth to the wicked world alone
    With no heart soother other than parents the mother earth
    My existence hadn't given any meaning
    I felt incomplete as an important rib or the sternum seems missing

    Then some thousands of days later, the foetus arrived
    Gallantly, he bounced unto the earth from the cervix
    As if the world has been his playing ground for centuries
    He navigates every nook and cranies of Mars' twin without fear

    I gazed at him, the aspirations blinded my imagination
    The courage isn't valuable, for danger seems like honey to him
    I still couldn't decipher if Samson could attain his gallant nature
    His dedication knows no boundaries
    For, He consumes food with great determination and dedication

    He arrived as my twin, He gave me hope
    He taught me to conquer enemy, as our fights were training
    He taught me to Hustle and be focused
    As our joint eating, struggling for meat, was tutorial.
    This is surely MY found MISSING RIB

    Dedicated to my Twin - Mustapha Oladimeji Sirajudeen

    ©Hamzah Sirajudeen
    (Stereo Hands)

  • hamzysiraj 17w


    The earth rotates to make day and night exist
    The sun shine to make the day and plants
    The rain downpour for the growth of plants
    The moon exist to lighten the world on the dark boring night

    Your existence is a similitude of the moon
    You lighten the world and hearts with virtues
    You get illuminated from the light of the sun
    For you know verily the importance of positive influence

    They say "Only stupidity is original, Every wisdom is plagiarized"
    Thus your brightness beamed even more than it's source
    Your intellectual capacity is a way from the average reasoning
    It appears to be META just as that of meta-physicist

    Dedicated to Mu'adh Oladimeji

    ©Hamzah Sirajudeen
    (Stereo Hands)

  • hamzysiraj 17w


    They say the moon is beautiful
    But your gorgeous beauty killed the moon
    They say the monk is pious
    But your unprecedented Piety blinded the Saint

    Your pearly personality suffice in dissecting the heart
    Indeed your caring nature can move mountains.
    Your lips chant always words of encouragement
    You're a super being.. The world's best

    Nothing can erase you from my mind, sight and memory
    Though this addition is surely a subtraction
    For very sooner than before you rest in the dust
    Before then, make yourself a better GEM always.

    Dedicated to Mr. Rapheal

    ©Hamzah Sirajudeen
    (Stereo Hands)

  • hamzysiraj 18w


    A-ll words and encomiums were made to perish
    B-ecause they couldn't describe the exuding values from a GEM
    D-epending on his radiating character, we say he's a JEWEL
    U-nderstading him is the greatest thing I've ever experienced
    L-osing him is something I can never imagine

    R-eally, his ideas are enough to liberate the world
    A-way from all suffering and deficit
    H-is heart is the generator of my brilliance
    I-ndeed the sparkling stars could also confess
    M-oon and the sun are also living witness

    D-imples present in his inner cheek is a bank of all goods
    O-nly his smiles is enough to woo anybody
    S-imilarly his bright face switched off the Sun
    U-sing it to power the universe on the unavoidable dark days
    N-ot even the earth crust is as strong as his determination
    M-oreover his heart-beat shakes the minds of the wicked
    U-lama is his prefix , for his brilliance is immeasurable

    ©Hamzah Sirajudeen
    (Stereo Hands)

  • hamzysiraj 18w


    May really houses the greatest of all legends
    And it's twenty sixth is the source of the Heros
    The day you were born, I could Observe
    As you exit the cervix, the world was beamed with light

    Your personality was the source of the light
    Your existence granted the world peace
    You made the earth rotate faster towards it's success
    You claimed the world's legendary

    Sharing a date with you is my Joy
    We met in life as strangers and later as a friend
    But sharing the date brings us closest than anyone
    And now I declare you as my blood

    Dedicated to Shorunke Rahmat

    ©Hamzah Sirajudeen
    (Stereo Hands)

  • hamzysiraj 18w


    The earth, they say is spherical
    While the sun is the earth's power
    The moon lightens the world on the dark nights
    While the stars continue to twinkle in it's realm

    Something must keep all these in place... Surely God
    The spherical earth is the definition of your shinning virtue
    The whole world is all about and rally round you
    Your virtues power the sun
    Your beauty kills the lighting of the moon
    While the starts continue twinkle in the length of your smile

    You mean the whole world to me.. We share birth and birth number
    You stand as a beam without shearing nor bending
    Your happiness is my joy
    What a HERO you are in my life

    Dedicated to my 001- Ibrahim Ahmad Oluwasegun

    ©Hamzah Sirajudeen
    (Stereo Hands)

  • hamzysiraj 18w


    It was in a dark hall with rays of the sun lighting it
    The only being in it clothed in white garments
    It seems like an isolation center or even more isolated.
    No chance of escape nor an opportunity to flee

    The overtaking voice sounds 'my wealth!, spouse!, bae! , boo!'
    What a pity! All those are into extinction
    Even they never existed... They are only mirage
    Not even the one who's love makes me crazy remained

    The body lies now deep into the clay
    Termites devouring the 'beautiful' body
    Maggots competing in devouring the 'sweet flesh'
    The body appear smelly like decayed carcass, no difference.

    The reality then downed, Verily! The life of this world is deception.
    Though it's too late as there's presently no redeem
    But the voice of the experienced could be heard loudly admonishing :
    All plays doesn't pays, only the pay pays.

    Then I could conclude, every human has two choices
    You either pay in this world and play in the next world
    Or play in this world and pay in the next
    Either way, you must pay... So get sense and don't be dumb

    ©Hamzah Sirajudeen
    (Stereo Hands)