Happy soul. And my ink flows here!

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  • happily_everafter 1d

    Mistake-once done is done.

    The foolishness of doing the mistake.

    No matter how hard you try. One can't withstand in life to let it correct for the first time.


  • happily_everafter 10w

    This time let love chase you.

  • happily_everafter 11w

    #peace�� #love �� #wanderlust ��

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    Paint yourself in the colors within.
    Find the companion within you
    Make a small world for yourself.
    Be a WANDERLUST within you.

  • happily_everafter 12w

    By unknown writer

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    Everything I need is within me.

  • happily_everafter 19w


    Enough for humans Valentine!!
    Wake up sun is ready to kiss you.

    Enough for humans Valentine!!
    Wake up muscles are feeling low.

    Enough for humans Valentine!!
    Wake up listen to the birds chirping.

    Enough for humans Valentine!!
    Wake up feel the cool breeze.

    Enough for humans Valentine!!
    Wake up, Aesthete...

    Adapt habit into our lifestyle
    Let's start appreciating nature, things around us.
    Let's heal our nature
    A sustainable lifestyle is Attainable


  • happily_everafter 24w

    By unknown writer

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    When you have a Ferrari car, do you care about the Maruti car?
    Obviously, human tendency is when you have something great doesn't care about which is normal.

    But human needs to understand that it is the luxury which doesn't fulfill your wants it is the comfort you need to concern.

    When you have something don't feel great and when you don't have something don't feel bad about it.

  • happily_everafter 27w


    From yours,

    It's not just a feeling, it's a soul concern.

    To all-time yours.

  • happily_everafter 38w

    Be a warrior.

    Deal and settle with things. Fear and giving up is not the resolution for all the inconvenience faced.

    Every experience is a new challenge.

  • happily_everafter 58w


    Past is a "part and parcel" of everyone's life.

    P- parcel the worst
    A- admire the good
    S- solution for the future
    T- trust life's worthy lessons.

  • happily_everafter 69w

    Lord Rama and Sita Devi.

    An ideal man Rama, respects towards his father and accepting his words by living 14years in the forest.

    An ideal woman Sita, even after pointing her as wrong, never bother and always gave trust and proved as the deserved wife of Rama.

    Hanuman, best worship of Rama and sita.