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  • hard_woken_ik 16w

    We the change

    We are the change,we must change the mindset,we must encourage the moral education,the moral awareness this country requires right now.
    We must promote moral awareness in schools.
    To step up against rape.

    Time's up step up,
    A lot uh slept wake up,
    Be change uh wanna see,
    Get the change uh waana be,
    A lot have cried, a lot have tried,,
    It's time to create an awareness
    It's a moment to create moral fairness,
    Let's rise to eliminate rape,
    Let's fight to reduce the victimised face.
    A beautiful smile will grace again,
    An adoring face will blush again.
    This society will attain the glory again,
    The glory lost ,full of disdain.

  • hard_woken_ik 21w

    In me

    Just met with some people,
    The thing was just met them today ,
    The thing was we were knowing each other for Long,
    I just met them today,
    Was unknown to them,
    just reknown them,
    Was confused,
    To grope them with my anger,
    Or leave them with all my maturity,
    I just met with some people,
    Was agathokakological,
    But concluded with smile,
    With saying no fucks given..
    Today i learned again,
    You never have a person while having with you that person....

  • hard_woken_ik 24w

    Hard time

    Today at 1:07 am suddenly a thought came into my mind,
    Suddenly i went into the matrices of my kind,
    Was thinking can i make it,
    Can i set it,
    And with wind blowing ,
    Goosebumps for Future started roving.
    Suddenly my face full of cheers,
    Was taken aback by stress,
    I am tensed,
    I am stressed...

  • hard_woken_ik 24w


    ऊंची मंज़िल को पाने की चाह है,
    काया पलटने की वो राह है,
    मिली भगत में होंगे श्रम और बुद्धी जीविता,
    प्रशंसनीय रहेगी ज्ञान कि तीव्रता,
    ख़त्म होगा वो लंबा ,धैर्य से भरा सफ़र,
    चले-चल ऐ हमराही,गाते हुए,

  • hard_woken_ik 24w


    The wind blowing fast,
    With coolness over past,
    Living like a treat,
    As life a great feast,
    The sun shines your meat,
    Giving your problems a beat,
    Life will pass by if you don't open up your eyes,
    And thereby leaving you with your disguise .❤️

  • hard_woken_ik 24w


    Weed doesn't faints me,
    Your love made me high..

  • hard_woken_ik 25w

    Was i dull in my behaviour,
    Were my efforts so loose that they couldn't hold uh,
    Aren't my thoughts deep enough to keep uh into it,
    Actually uh were too loud,
    Uh were too bright,
    I was unable to handle it,
    I was unable to tickle it,
    Yeah i know i was not upto,
    But yes i was neither useless,
    Why me then?


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    Why me ?

    So low,
    No clue,
    Deep in me,
    Why you ?


  • hard_woken_ik 25w

    Going beyond

    Nothing good ,
    What's good in beyond ,nothing,
    What's good in leaving cozy feel now,
    Nothing good,
    What's in breaking up your limits,
    Nothing good,
    Why not satisfied with having in you,
    What's the need to find a new you,
    Nothing good.

    Satire your worth,
    Is it true?
    Greatness, your soul
    Is it true?
    Childish bad,
    Is it true?
    Being wisdomous ,good,
    Is it true?
    Standing like true,
    Is it true?

  • hard_woken_ik 25w


    Sometimes i feel,
    Whether to live a life,
    Or to make a life.
    Sometimes i feel,
    Whether to tickle my delights,
    Or to create my matrix of delights.
    Sometimes i feel,
    Whether i am ebullient,
    Or i am dull.
    Sometimes i feel,
    Whether to be great,
    Or to do great.
    And than i feel,
    Why do i feel?

  • hard_woken_ik 25w

    अजनबी सा

    आज कुछ अलग सा लग रहा है,
    ज़िंदगी में सब,छल सा लग रहा है,
    ख़ुश हूं या दुखी,
    सब समझ से परे है,
    अंजान सा हूं खुद से मैं,
    होश-ओ आवाज़ में कुछ तनाव सा लग रहा है,
    वहम है मेरा या सच ,
    सब समझ से परे है।