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  • harf__ 13h

    Dev D Vs Devdas

    In this era of Dev D I would gladly appreciate the love of Devdas.

  • harf__ 16h


    "क्या है इश्क़?", पूछकर महफ़िल को जगा दिया
    "अधूरा" कहकर किसी ने आंखों से दरिया बहा दिया

  • harf__ 17h

    It starts with nothing ends with everything.
    @darkzmoon @mirakee @mirakeeworld
    #love #poetry #verses #poem #blissful #harf

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    I envy every,one of'em, who got to see you,
    Still haven't planned, how to meet you
    You must be everything, unknown to me
    Destiny must have been, jealous of we

    Seems each your move, brings me close
    Let me take all thorns, you keep the rose
    I am an atheist who, doesn't believe it
    If you got doubts, I insist, you to kill it

    Have you ever wondered, why do we got us
    Mighty cast spell, moment he caught us
    I've never wanted, anyone, before this bad
    You are my journey, cradle to the grave

    I know that, I know something and nothing
    Do you know? where the hell we have been
    The sun, the moon, the bane and the boon
    We will have it all, not now but too soon

    The world is, so beautiful, place, to live
    Show me, your pain, show me, your grief
    I would prefer, to make you, smile always
    Even the price, is to diverge, our pathways.

  • harf__ 19h

    Intimacy of bodies may give the pleasure like nothing but it is the soul that can make you both ethereal.
    #love #eternal #romance #shayeri #poetry #verses #harg

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    तालीम ए आशिकी

    यूं ही नहीं मिलेगी मोहबब्त की तालीम जनाब,
    बक्शीश में रूह नाम करनी पड़ेगी जिस्म नहीं।

  • harf__ 21h

    Soulmate Exist ?

    I just like the way we have it
    Take or throw, I have gave it
    Be my one, the one and only
    I want you and, want you solely

    Just a glance, just a single one
    Hold my hand, make this heaven
    Promise me, you will be forever
    Know this ya, I am fool not clever

    You are the moon, the one brightest
    Dark in my path, dark to the farthest
    Oh your heart, I bet it is the purest
    You aren't far, you are the closest

    Walk with me, till the dusk comes
    Never leave, would make me crump
    I never thought, will meet someone
    I haven't been, easier for no-one.

  • harf__ 1d

    Love - It not what you , it is not what you don't know the thing is it just what it is.
    @darkzmoon @mirakee @mirakeeworld
    #love #life #lesson #philosophy #thoughts #shayeri #poem #poetry #harf

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    इंसान लकीरों की वजह से क्यूं हाथ मलता है,
    पता है न जनाब जिंदगी में इतना तो चलता है।

    फरमाइशें सुन सुन कर, जीता भी है वह मगर
    सपने खुदके फिर क्यूं पैरों तले यूं कुचलता है।

    मोहब्बत की बातों की कितनी पैरवी करता है
    खुद की बारी में कौन है जो भला संभलता है।

    तेरी बातों ही बातों ने इसे, फिर जोड़ दिया है
    और अब ये तेरे नाम की, धुन पर धड़कता है।

    सांसे तेज हो जाती हैं, तेरे एक ख्याल भर से
    कहां शायर हूं मै, यही है जो लिखने लगता है।

    ' हर्फ ' से देखा, तो अंधेरे में तन्हा सा था चांद
    फिर जाना के कैसे कोई, क्यूं सजदे करता है।

  • harf__ 1d

    Your version of Love is appreciated in the comments section.
    #love #philosophy #thoughts #suggestion #beautiful #world #harf

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    A beautiful big World

    Before saying anything about love being, unrealistic, unworldly, unbearable, altered etc remember that love or this world is not only a reflection of things you have experienced but it is also consists so many beautiful things that you just didn't get the chance to get.

  • harf__ 1d

    Getting Started - It is not life that gives you a second chance it is the person who made you think that you have got a second chance.
    @darkzmoon @mirakee @mirakeeworld
    # love #poem #poetry #verses #harf

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    I don't need to think about you, you just never goes away
    I keep forgetting myself in the process of reading you straight
    It does make no sense that we were unknown for a long time
    When I even saw someone else it seems like a crime
    Have you been there where there is no going back
    From exactly there you have brought me back
    Do you even know that I am devil disguised as a human
    Don't you afraid that I would make you feel like no-one
    I need to tell ya something, wanna give ya piece of advice
    Never ever come closer or if then you never gonna be fine

  • harf__ 1d


    Expected people are worth to keep in life, and unexpected ones are those who make your life worthy.

  • harf__ 1d

    Beauty of Love - When it seems impossible to look forward and just like thunderbolt someone gives you strength without doing anything without saying anything to you and you start to appreciate your life that's when you feel that it is always unknown to know it.
    @mirakeeworld @mirakee @darkzmoon
    #love #verses #poetry #inspirational #poem #again #harf

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    I thought my heart is gonna be, just like a broken vase,
    Pieces are coming now, you made it Tarzan the wonder car
    I never knew it could be someone, I don't have any idea
    I never knew I could be normal and would be Bohemia
    You say you did it without purpose and regardless the criteria
    Even if we just stay apart from, I am feelin close to ya
    How would it happen I don't know but you became a part of it
    Now my stories had a dartboard you are now the dart of it
    Looking forward in my life again with some bruises and a lil bit pain
    I Came back again because you happened and rebuild me again