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  • harshad09 1h

    Again it's a Sunday afternoon
    The calendar is nearing the end of March and Silences , as if deaf and dumb , seem reigning,just like some monarch . Yet it's a Sunday, but is devoid of a brunch , moreover it seems lacking, even its crunch

    Since everything has been put behind the locks , it's the Silence , that is doing only the talk . No sounds whatsoever in the closest vicinity, it's all just grimm outside and covered by a stark ambiguity

    Nothing is audible here , but to a sirens few . This standstill, as if approaching for a kill , this is unparallely new . No shouts no rants , only being heard are some sounds of pathetic whispering and the folks are busy with the tiniest gadgets in their hands , scrolling consistently and in the meanwhile, a bit rumoring .

    With nobody around , I am doing something like making friends with the Silence. Unheard unseen and unknowable until now , it's feeling like addition of one more online friend. And as I try to monitor , the Silence, it has too many a voices , and different compositions and Inculcating some intriguing parts , it's like some number , ranked highest among the top charts

    While studying it further , I am awestruck and alarmed to see the Silence , it had so many layers and so many countless strings . And likewise my moods , it also is compatible to swings , erstwhile which was hard to find , now it's the loudest thing that sings .

    At times , the Silence behaves as like a time machine , keeps hovering me again and again to the memorials , that of all my right and wrong doings.
    It seems to me as if the Silence , it's trying to figure out the meaning of me , as a human being

    Stark and alarmingly harsh , it's like some untimely raining alongwith lightenings that blister , and as creepy a thing , 8ts waving at You , from deep down antique cobweb clusters

    Moving around and encircling me , this Silence seems to be craving for engulfing me alive , it's like experiencing some zombies walking out of the graves and blessed with a revive

    Howbeit , but still , I have to prevent it from striking a deal . I have to hold on to my integrity and all of my ammunition of my fighting skill . I have to gather some unspoken positive vigor and some Life colored zeal

    These are moments ,eery , very intriguing and intense
    I have survived the viral attack and the disease , and I will survive , even this Silence. ....


    @_rainfrost_ after reading your post , I have given it a try . Might be it's not upto the mark with your challenge , but still , give it an eye

    @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #rf_mood_ch

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    Surviving the Silence

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  • harshad09 5h

    Everytime brutal force can't be equivalent to sort of arts
    For making a collage , You need competence to incorporate all the parts


  • harshad09 5h


    Here and there
    Across the sphere

    Fare and Dark
    With and without birthmark

    The ugliest and the beautiful
    The reluctants and the dutiful

    Some lovely,some annoying
    Some acceptive,some denying

    Some elites ,some nerds
    Some living solo, some in herds

    Some ailing, some healthy
    Some witty , some a bit filthy

    Some introverts, some talkative
    Some on the mark , some missing narrative

    Some genius classes , some junks
    Some unknown, some page three chunks

    Some sorted , some a bit distorted
    Some think fractured,some going assorted

    Some readers , some feeders
    Some instinctive, some without headers

    Some poor , some sorted , some angry
    Some richly affluent , some money hungry

    Some shining , some dimmed
    Some fattened , some trimmed

    Some interesting , some weird
    Some halting, some getting geared

    Some dwarfest , some unexpectedly tall
    Vacated streets, marketplaces and malls

    Some fight , some subside
    All are forcefully locked inside

    Some playing games , some putting blames
    Some accepting Fate,some still crossing gates

    Some bored , some finding amusements
    But all strictly barred from the movements

    Some isolated, some quarantined,some refugees
    All are at risk , kudos to the failures of all strategies



    Some are busy lifting the bars
    Shining brightly more than Stars
    Soldiers triumphant to win the wars
    Some doing work very fine
    Starving to help across every line
    Going sometimes even out of the box
    To prevent , to save , and to detox
    Cops , Soldiers , Medics And Paramedics
    All adhering to their by book basics
    Holding on strongly to human ethics
    No need to fear or cry for their shouts and rods
    These are the Angels ,
    Something like Uniform Clad Gods
    When every place of worship is locked out
    They're struggling to battle the bout

    This is to Salute their bravery ,
    And their excellent dedication,
    This is the real Heroism
    Beyond boundaries of mechanism
    Though they're a handful few
    They're working to save me us and You
    Because of these Gods , we will be witnessing
    A brighter and happier tomorrow New

    Cops , Soldiers , Medics And Paramedics
    This is with all the respect and gratitude towards You


  • harshad09 21h

    As the darkness cripples in
    And the blackish night crawls
    Moment by moment
    Crawling in like a serpent
    She's carrying the venom too

    With the silent venom
    She's probably going to attack
    On my thinking
    On my being
    Paralysing my feelings
    Paranoiding my emotions

    And probably
    She's trying to
    Crumble me to pieces
    Of agony misery and solitude
    Dismantling my senses
    She'll feel pacified ..but not untill then

    I know
    She loves to keep alive
    The insomniac inside me
    Scribbling bloody wounds
    Torturing me like hell
    She's a sadist for sure...

    But then
    How long she can play with me
    It's just matter of few hours
    And then she's to depart
    And a glorious day will bloom
    To rejuvenate me
    To reinstall me ...
    She'll be waiting
    Posing for another attack
    When her term comes again
    But up to that point of time
    I am free again
    For being what I am .,. perhaps !

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #repost

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    But then
    How long she can play with me
    It's just matter of few hours
    And then she's to depart
    And a glorious day will bloom
    To rejuvenate me
    To reinstall me ...

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  • harshad09 1d

    When bread and butter
    It is the only decorum
    Wobbly Life, adheres
    Just to sanctum sanctorum
    Family and officemate ,
    It's the only Coo Clux Clan
    Still, do you expect me to go for a travel plan

    We are sandwiched between,
    Just a feeling as like stuck
    But by virtue of something
    Or just by sheer luck
    If I get a ticket
    To roam around free
    If I get a chance to stay
    Away from the mainstreams
    Then I would like to have
    A beautiful journey of my dreams

    No rocket science in that ,
    it's fairly simple
    Abundances of NATURE,
    Beautiful and ample
    Sounds that serenade
    the peace of mind
    My travel ideas are
    of very basic stuff of kind

    Along the countryside,
    where living is a joy
    No distractions, disturbances,
    no horses of Troy
    That's what I need
    on a break from the duty
    Virgin people, Virgin nature
    and some pristine beauty

    Simple delicious Mouthwatering
    Really healthy foods
    A walk down the Riverside,
    a breeze flowing from the woods
    Glorious sunrises and
    gorgeous looking sunsets
    Amusing Life,
    it resides only amongst your mindsets

    One place ,
    which makes you happy and keeps you at ease
    No other itinerary can be beautiful
    enough to bring you relief and release
    No Star studded hotels
    and neither posh ambiences
    Can give you revivals better than Nature,
    for all your griefs and grievances
    The place which replenishes
    You from within,and puts you in You,
    a vigor extreme
    That place ,
    Mind You , would be the best holiday trip,
    a destination , just as like a Dream

    @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #cees_ticket_chall

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    Dream Destination

    One place ,
    which makes you happy
    and keeps you at ease
    No other itinerary can be beautiful
    enough to bring you
    relief and release

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  • harshad09 1d


    Poesies , for that matter
    They seldom need some subject matter
    They are hardly any tool to clear any clutter
    Neither are they ornamental gold to glitter

    Poesies , they are something very benign
    As like , bearing a touch , that's blessed and divine
    These are dewdrops , soothingly calm and pristine
    At times camouflaging chaoses ,indents serene

    Poesies, they aren't just made to order
    And never confining within any of a border
    They never rely upon amplifying to be louder
    But , without intents too, they can hit You harder

    Poesies , You can't just prepare or bake
    They aren't always sweeter , just as a cake
    Pretentious to be deceptive, but they aren't fake
    Coz , they are the part and parcel of a poet's take
    As like the divinity, it's holding on to its stake
    Like Noah's ark in the Life's flooded lake
    Poesies , for that matter , in such times ,
    They are difficult to make


  • harshad09 1d

    By now , these troubled times have inculcated in us , some new ideas , some newer SOPs

    Now let's use all this Armageddon for the battling ahead

    our attitudes, egos and arrogance

    All inequalities , injustices and intolerances

    Be all hatred , vandalism, greed and power addiction

    All anarchies, fundamentalism ,violence and cruelty

    The viruses of poverty,illiteracy ,hunger and corruption

    Ourselves with Love , brotherhood care and compassion


    Let's commit ourselves to pass on , to our heirs , this beautiful planet , in all its virginity and beauty
    // Actually we had received it with the same virginity, but with our triumphant desire for maddening progresses, we have made a mess of it
    So it's we who have to do all the repairs //


    So , let's use our all available skillsets and architectural capabilities , to rebuild an all
    Newer , Better and Beautiful World of tommorow

    Let's Walk In Unison
    Towards A Brighter Future

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    So , let's use our all available skillsets and architectural capabilities , to rebuild an all
    Newer , Better and Beautiful World of tommorow

    Let's Walk In Unison
    Towards A Brighter Future

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  • harshad09 1d

    When she wants To enjoy her fav Daily soap
    But her child Insistent on Watching
    Cartoon Network

  • harshad09 1d

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writers_paradise

    The title and the last line
    Hold on , Pain Ends
    They are courtesy of an unknown writer
    And shared by @_hessa_

    Additional search showed
    Hold On Pain Ends is the fourth studio album by American metalcore band The Color Morale. It was released on September 2, 2014 through Fearless Records, and was produced by Mike Green and Courtney Ballard.

    Thank You @_hessa_ for this wonderful sharing

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    Hold On , Pain Ends

    Life in the urban jungle
    It wasn't ever so calm
    Chaos and Silence, intermingle
    That's a disorienting realm

    Spherical are uncertainties
    Globular Life threats
    Menacing sanguinity
    Hazardous looking traits

    It's differentia of a strife
    Posing tussles for health
    Quarantined goes Life
    Incompetent seems every wealth


    Hold on to the charm
    Every nightmare , it ends
    Read HOPE in its full form
    Hold On , Pain Ends ! !


  • harshad09 1d

    Candescent Days
    Lackluster Nights
    Mediocre Greys
    Bedazzled Brights

    Refulgent Brilliance
    Lucent Streams
    Cloudy Ambience
    Limpid Dreams

    Dim-witted Screams
    Thickheaded Kind
    Obtuse Whims That of a
    Bellicose Find

    Hodgepodge Nerds
    Contentious Rhymes
    Self-suffocative Words
    Contagious Times