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  • harshadazargar 49w


    Ik arsa guzar gaya hain abh tumhare sath par,
    Abh bhi main sochta hu ,
    Na Jane tum kaun ho.
    Na Jane tum kaun ho,
    Magar itna tay hain,
    Tumhare hone se jara sa farq to pada hain.

    Tum bus ek hi chehra ho ,
    Ya ek tasveer ho.
    Jo kai chehro ko khudme samete hue hain.
    Kuch timtimate chehre , kuch muskurate chehre.
    Kuch chehre jo jara hairan ,jara pareshan hain
    Aur Kuch chehre jo apni pehchan ki talash me hai.
    Tum sachme ik tasveer ho ?
    Yaa tum ek jagah ho,
    Jisme meri bhi apni ek choti se jagah hai.
    Jisme ki jitne tum ho ,utna hi main hu.
    Na jaane tum kaun ho,
    Magar itna to tay hai,
    Tumhare hone se jara sa faraq to pada hai.

    Had se jyada parwaah karna, na meri fitrat thi kal ,
    Na ki kal bhi rahegi.
    Had se jyada parwaah karna na meri fitrat thi kal ,
    Na ki kal bhi rahegi,
    Par Meri beparwahi me laaparwahi ki,
    Gunjaishe abh pehle se kam hai .
    Ja jaane tum kaun ho ,
    Magar itna tay hain,
    Tumhare hone se jara sa farq to pada hai.

    Tum waakif ho mujhse ,
    Main waakif hu tumse
    Jhaak kar dekha hain ek dusre ko ,
    Ibaadat karte hue, bagaawat karte hue.
    Girke uthte hue, uthke girte hue.
    Na jaane tum kaun ho,
    Magar ho bade ajeeb se .
    poori tarah se tum mujhko samajh na aate ho,
    Kabhi pine ko kehte ho barish ki boonde,
    To kabhi toofano se meri kushtiyo ladwaate ho.
    Magar itna to tay hain,
    Tumhare toofano me faskar ,
    Abh tez hawao se zara kam ghabrata hu.
    Na jane tum kaun ho,
    Magar itna tay hai,
    Tumhare hone se zara sa faraq to pada hain.

  • harshadazargar 60w


    What are you gonna do ,
    With that piece of your soul,
    That you saved today , coz you did not put your whole.
    You might as well have given it to that chore,
    Or your lover ,
    The stranger on the street,
    Or to your mother.
    You might as well have given it ,
    To the work that earns you bread ,
    The book that feeds your head,
    Or to the moment that just slipped,
    And you stood where you are.

    But you let it stay, dint let it go.
    You do it often ,
    I bet you know.
    I bet you know,
    Yet you complain,
    Of a slowed down body,
    A slowed down brain.
    Yet you complain,
    Of feeling heavy and dizzy,
    When you know full well,
    That piece of your soul, its really heavy.

    And it stays in your system,
    And it stays in our system.
    Undegraded , just like plastic.
    And you spend a lifetime,
    Trying to dissolve it into
    your body , into your soul.
    Then you pile up a new piece,
    Changing the definition of the whole.
    Old questions stay unanswered,
    And new junk makes it way.
    As other unsatiated hearts shape the world ,
    Each day.
    We are nearing our ends,
    A lot is blamed upon the plastic.
    I smirk as i realise,
    It indeed is the culprit.

  • harshadazargar 64w

    Kabir singh

    Kabir singh , a man who slaps his girl!
    Because she does not stand up for him
    When her father indulges in character assasination,
    Because he kissed his girlfriend.
    Discriminates him on the basis of caste,
    Threatens to harm him physically,
    Even does so by involving his future son in law,
    Throws him out of the house.
    Yet the love of his life does not utter a word.
    And in an attempt to humilliate her,
    He slaps her.
    But i wonder , if there would be simillar outrage,
    If it was Kabirs terrace instead of Preeti's place !
    If Kabir's mom saw them kiss and
    Called Preeti names?
    A gold digger , a whore
    A woman Kabir should see no more?
    And Kabir stayed as numb as Preeti?

    And if Preeti just smacked him across his face,
    Would the slap then be justified?
    Would it even be identified as violence?
    The lines seems a little blurred at this one,
    Dont they?
    Women have been oppressed for ages,
    They would say.
    To which i agree, they are not wrong.
    Yet there is a voice in me which has begun to say,
    That we are building a world where we are teaching our Preetis to break norms if needed,
    Speak loud and clear,
    Be strong and on being hurt by anyone defend themselves.
    Physically and morally
    And teaching our Kabir's to be gentle,
    To be sensitive towards women and not hurt them,
    Under any circumstance.
    So much so that if we see anyone act otherwise,
    We declare them anti- the other gender,
    As easily as being anti bjp,
    Nowadays, translates to being anti national.

    There is a voice inside of me which says,
    Its time we propogated human values irrespective of gender.
    And the moral debt to be paid by not abiding by them also,
    Irrespective of gender.
    This voice inside of me says no.
    Kabir, dont hit preeti.
    Preeti, dont hit Kabir either.


  • harshadazargar 64w

    Temple on the mountain - 2

    (continued from part1)
    ...I kept asking my mother , why did people rich, poor , blind , pregnant , old ,young had to travel this far to get their prayers answered if god is everywhere. And she simply answered by simply saying that its not in our control. There is another force that draws you to that particular place and you have to follow.

    Recently , i went on an office trip to Temgarh, a beautiful getaway spot 2 hours away from Pune in
    India; with the luscious view of mountains, a damn , a lake and a small waterfall.
    It was an adventure trip and one of the major activities was kept a surprise to us. Our instructor asked us to get ready for a trek and we started following him. After walking for 5-10mins we saw a beautiful waterfall. We all stopped to catch a glance of it when our instructor , a bearded, decently built guy in his late 20s clapped his hands together in an attempt to gain our attention and exclaimed "we are going to trek our way up this waterfall".
    At first, i thought it is some sort of a joke, i confirmed if it indeed was, but he was serious. That was our task for the day. The slope of the waterfall was not that steep ,nor was the flow of water too fast. The waterfall was almost like a series of staggered bunch of rocks through which narrow streams of water had made their way and puddled up at certain places.
    When i started trekking on the waterfall ,one basic instruction that was provided , to not walk on slippery rocks and keep your foot inside the water, first judging its depth by putting one leg inside at a time. Second, incase there is an emergency, shout for help, call 108(number for ambulance) imcase of serious injury.
    As i made my way up to the waterfall, i struggled and fell down many a times mainly because i was tempted to rest my feet on the visible rocks which were slippery as opposed to the water whose depth i could not fathom . But slowly, i understood the technique , i put one feet forward at a time into the water and after i gained judgement of its depth, put the other one front. Once i caught the rhythmn, i gained speed.
    I went ahead of even my boss, a balding fellow in his early 40's with an annoying fake laughter but a heart of gold .
    As an architecture student, i had lost a lot of faith in myself due to the draining curiculum, that is why i moved from my home town Nagpur to Pune for an internship.The perks of living in a new city, working in a positive office environment where you can leave work behind once you exit your office and not feel guilty due to it as opposed to the celebrated belief in indian institutes that there is no end to learning and the pressure to do more. These alterations in my life helped restore that faith in me . My boss was a huge contributor to this change. Though our interactions were limited, they were lighthearted and enlightening. He taught me the importance of simplicity in design and how simple elements when composed according to a principle can lead to stunning visual and functional compositions. He is and will forever be my mentor.

    I left behind my boss in the trek and i was only behind a few people and now i had this urge to reach the finishing point before anyone else. As i turned around to see how far i had come, my colleagues akash and sagar were right behind me splashing water on me. They drenched me in water completely and i did the same to them.
    After a quick selfie session , they moved forward.
    I moved forward too and i slipped and fell into a puddle. I did not get hurt and surprisingly loved it there. The puddle was deep enough for me to sit in it with 4 more people, almost like a large sized natural bath tub. Finally my dumb ass had landed at a good place.
    I immediately aborted my plans of being the first one to reach to the top and stayed in the puddle, waiting for people to come upto the puddle just to be drenched in water that i would be splashing on them. And that is what i did the next hour, splashed water over everybody that reached to that point on their way upwards.
    It made me happier than my climb. Maybe it was because it was symbolic to my interpretation of success and the journey to it.
    Starting the climb even if it seems difficult and you have no idea how to go about it but it seems exciting enough to start.
    Figuring your way out, learning how to go forward with what you started by the push of instinct, using logic and
    experience.Improvising.Is.Important. Inculcating new learnings into your method to get better results is a must do. Once you catch the rhytmn, compete in a healthy way. It will help you push your own limits and understand your capabilities better, and help you succeed (always comparitively and subjectively). In this entire process , give time to yourself to think and apprehend the signals your senses are giving you. Stop at points if you feel like. Understand what success means to you. For me life is all about going uphill and stopping in my puddle and splashing water, the perks of my success , my time and affection to the ones that matter. That is my puddle, i hope everybody finds their own

    Final part, coming soon.

  • harshadazargar 65w


    तुमसे झूट नहीं कहूंगी,
    तुम्हारे होंठ बेहद खूबसूरत हैं ।
    तितलियों के संघ उड़कर,
    ख़्वाबों की दुनिया की सैर पर जाने की
    टिकट हैं ये,
    तुम्हारे होंठ ;
    जिन्हे बस दूर से देखकर में आगे बढ जाती,
    तो शायद बचने की उम्मीद थी,
    लेकिन कंभाखत इनसे निकालने वाली बातों ने तो,
    बचा कुचा काम भी तमाम कर दिया|
    ख़्वाबों में जाने की बात तो छोड़ो,
    निंदों को ही हराम कर दिया |

  • harshadazargar 65w


    Ice on ice ,
    It's a true story.

    She walked across the doomed ,purple streets ,
    To realise if anything gets numb.
    To realise if anything is still alive inside.
    Cold blood lying still in her veins ,
    Slowly slowly increasing its pace as people gather around her.

    Many dont look her in the eye,
    Some bow, some sigh.
    She walks past as winter has just begun,
    And before it ends, there is work to be done.
    She beholds a truth and a beholds some lies,
    A freezing crown on her head,
    and Apricity in her eyes

  • harshadazargar 65w


    Drip drop, fall not ohh darling,
    For you have not seen ;
    Red liquor leave bodies,
    And lips, that raised a toast.

    Drip drop, fall not ohh darling;
    For you have not seen ;
    Roses rot in the middle of spring,
    For lips , that raised a toast.

  • harshadazargar 65w

    The temple on the mountain -1

    As a kid , i travelled to many pilgrimages across india. It was the result of having an overly religious hindu mother who loved exploring holy places. Her eyes still glisten at the site of any roadside temple and she folds her hands in namaskar and closes her eyes , whispers a small prayer and only then, moves forward.
    My mother is someone who finds peace in prayer,it is her 'my time'.
    As a kid, i was not a big fan of travelling because i belonged to a middle class family with parents who are both teachers a sister 4 years younger to me, travel to us was not luxurious and comfortable it meant travelling in general sleeper class train and buses ,staying at substandard hotels and eating really average tasting food .
    The places we travelled to usually were religious and included a large number of temples with long que's. Also , my parents got super grumpy while we used to travel ; and in brown culture if your parents are mad , your ass is at risk . If you are the elder sibling ,at much more risk. So basically ,i was not a big fan of travelling as a child.
    In india , many temples of religious significance are located on hilly terrain. For a 12-13 year old to travel to another city which took two days via train and then climb up an entire mountain to visit a temple where you could not stand more than a minute because it was flooding with devotees was not just frustrating but also made me wonder about the motivation of the people who found solace in doing the same task, it made me wonder if they had unravelled some truth which i was unable to decifer due to lack of faith or experience.

    I kept asking my mother , why did people rich, poor , blind , pregnant , old ,young had to travel this far to get their prayers answered if god is everywhere. And she simply answered by simply saying that its not in our control. There is another force that draws you to that particular place and you have to follow.

    It did not make sense to me then ,it does now. Stay tuned to know how (:
    Also ,i am new to mirakee, if you like my work please comment and motivate me to get better (:

  • harshadazargar 65w

    Phone call

    Na jane kyo aajkal mujhe intezaar rehta hain,
    Us phone call ka jo ki tum mujhe alvida kehne ke bad bus ye kehne milaoge,
    Ki man nahi bhara tha.
    Kyuki na jane kyo aajkal , tumse baat kar ke bhi ;
    Mere dil ka pet nahi bharta.

  • harshadazargar 65w


    यू ही बिस्तर पर पड़े पड़े ,
    क्या जोड़ घटाव करते रहते हो ;
    सच मुच थके भी हो या थक कर रुक जाने की
    बात से डरते हो ?

    सोचते हो कुछ ज्यादा सोच लोगो,
    जितना सोचने की जरूरत नहीं पर,
    सोच तो तुम अभ भी रहे हो , हैना?

    कुछ ना कर कर के , यू ही मर मर के ,
    तुमने खुद पर इक परत सी जमा ली हैं।

    मगर यहां सभ ख़तम नहीं होता,
    जरा इक नज़र अपने बचपन पे घुमाके तो देखो;
    सच्चाई से अपनी नज़रे , मिलाके तो देखो।

    वो परत जो जमी हैं, झटकने से उतर जाएगी;
    क्योंकि वो धूल हैं मेरे दोस्त,
    मैल नहीं,
    मैल नहीं।