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  • harshalb 4h

    थम गई थी मै
    ज़िन्दगी चल रही थी
    उसका हाथ थाम लिया मैने
    अब दोनों साथ जी रहे है

  • harshalb 1d

    Talking about my anxiety!

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    वो मेरा गला सूखा के मुझे मारे
    उससे बेहतर मै उसका गला घोंट दू

  • harshalb 2d

    You can be nice to everyone..
    But you cannot make everyone be nice.

  • harshalb 3d

    You can be racist.
    Your choice.
    But then live under that rock,
    Don't come out and hate,
    Don't come out to kill.
    You can be sexist,
    You can be a sadist,
    You can be all the mean
    You want to be

  • harshalb 4d

    कचरा समझ के एक डब्बे मै रखा तुमने
    ना जाने दिया
    ना अपने साथ किया तुमने
    अब जब दिमाग ख़राब हो गया
    और मै डब्बे मे बंद ना रह सकी
    तो डब्बे को खाली पा कर
    दोष भी दिया तुमने मुझे
    पर सच बताऊ
    उस डब्बे मे
    तुम्हारी अकल के साथ
    दम घुटता था मेरा
    सोचा दोनों को साथ निकाल लुंगी
    पर तुम्हे नहीं
    बस उस अकल को छोड़ कर निकली हूँ मै
    अब उस पर ध्यान दो
    डब्बे भरने मे
    कही तुम खाली ना रह जाओ

  • harshalb 5d

    Do you see it now? Now that I am not here?
    Now that I have left the face
    I put on
    The smile I carved, Just for you?
    The tears that I held back
    Because I would rather die than bother you
    Do you see it now?
    Or am I just gone?
    I am staring at you, You know why?
    Because I loved you
    I loved you when I was happy
    I loved you when I was healthy
    I loved you even when I was blue
    But I forgot how to love me
    Where were you when I was mixing my blue
    With the red in my veins?
    Where were you when it quickly turned purple
    And I lost my breath?
    Where were you
    When I lost myself
    Because I loved you, When you were loosing it
    And baby I kept you alive, Even though that took all my colours And with everything, my life.
    Where were you, In my blue
    My red
    And when it quickly turned purple?
    Where are you when its dark
    In this grave of hopes and dreams
    But then I was the one with the colours
    You never had any, so who can be blamed!

  • harshalb 1w

    मुझे जलाने के पीछे
    या खुदकी अना जताने के आगे
    तुम अपना वक्त बर्बाद कर लो
    पर जब मुझे इतना सा भी फरक ना पड़े
    और दोस्ती हार सी जाए
    भरोसा उठ सा जाए
    तब मत कहना
    की मुझे नहीं आता
    दोस्ती निभाना
    क्योकि मुझे शायद तब
    उस बात से भी फरक ना पड़े

  • harshalb 1w

    कोई बस सुनने वाला चाहिए था
    कोई बस सब ठीक है कहने वाला
    आज खुदसे संभाल नहीं रही ज़िन्दगी मेरी
    कोई सहारा देने वाला चाहिए था
    आँसुओ ने सहारा दिया
    मेरी ज़िन्दगी है
    सिर्फ मेरी
    मे अकेली हूँ
    फिरसे सौंवी बार पता लगा

  • harshalb 1w

    Hate can take over you so easy,
    A friend can make you cry without even trying
    And the world can only give you a little anxiety
    Even when they use all their power.
    I am done with friendships.
    I am my only friend.

  • harshalb 1w

    You think I have nothing to do
    You are just really important to me
    Then you think she isn't going anywhere
    Treat me like you treat a show piece
    And when I leave
    You are shocked
    And blame me.
    But blames and mind games
    My dear no matter what you do now
    I am gone, left.no bothers.