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  • harshi1234 15h

    There is a dancing in the morning beams,
    There is a rainbow sown amid the dew,
    There is a glint of gold shot through the sands,
    A molten sapphire in the mountains' hue,
    And Hope down comes with all her singing bands.
    Nay, nay, it is not so; 'twas long ago!
    There was a dancing in the morning beams:
    Ah, how the years exile us into dreams!

    There is a glamour in the moon's white gleams,
    There is the touch that charmed Endymion's eyes,
    A spirit mounting from the clod and stone,
    A spirit bending from the bending skies--
    And Love in midst of all sets up his throne!
    Nay, nay, it is not so; 'twas long ago!
    There was a glamour in the moon's white gleams:
    Ah, how the years exile us into dreams!

    There is a wonder-light on woodland streams,
    A murmur in the green o'erhanging boughs,
    A rustle in the fronded ranks of fern--
    And, lo! the Muse with rapt enwreathèd brows,
    And eyes that seen and unseen things discern!
    Nay, nay, it is not so; 'twas long ago!
    There was a wonder-light on woodland streams:
    Ah, how the years exile us into dreams!

    Some other world, perchance, our loss redeems--
    Light to dead eyes and speech to lips all dumb
    Brings back--brings us and ours from banishment!
    So may our dreams a living joy become;
    But here all things that are, without doubt are blent,
    Within the mists that blow from long ago!
    Some other world, not this, our loss redeems:
    Ah, how the years exile us into dreams!

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @mirakeepic
    @oldage @pierreralph ������

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    Old Age !!


  • harshi1234 1d

    �� This love is what you need.

    It can drown you,

    It can cleanse you,

    It is deep enough to save you.

    It can break you,

    It can make you,

    It is strong enough to recreate you.

    It can wipe away your sorrow,

    It can give you tears to borrow,

    It is going to follow you.

    It can guide you,

    It can define you,

    It must become alive in you.

    This bitterness can make you cold,
    Or it can make you bold.

    It can steal your sweetness,

    Or it can soften the way you exist.

    In its presence,

    You will win

    Or you will learn.

    You can choose to burn,

    Or you can decide to love away sin.

    This bitterness is nothing

    Until you make it something.

    You can become the bitterness

    And live in hell.

    You can find a new way

    To be at ease

    In your own shell.

    You can hate,

    Or you can love.

    You can drown in sorrow.

    You can roll over

    And look at what’s above.

    This bitterness is just

    What you decide it must be. ��
    @mirakeepoet ����
    #No more hating please ���� #Love #peace

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  • harshi1234 3d

    Dear future husband ����
    #spontaneous wonders

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  • harshi1234 1w


  • harshi1234 1w

    Naa Hindu Naa musalman ki
    Asifa aur Twinkle
    Beti hai insaan ki ...����

    Inhuman act yes, it was !!
    Her father took loan and could not repay it back
    So was it twinkle's fault ??
    Asifa was killed and raped multiple times!!
    Was it her fault ???

    3 years old child Twinkle !!
    What made u kill her !!!
    Come on now raise your voice Guys
    Was she Characterless , wait were her dresses vulgar , what about Asifa ? Did she had more Male friends or she returned late night after work !!!

    Come on they were just kids, child, complete unaware of what happened with them!!!
    Come let's do that again ! Let us workship lordess Durga and let them call those girls "Devi" atleast for those 9 days!!
    Then who cares what happens next !! Let those 9 devils attack them, let them throw acid on her "holy" body let them raise finger on their character !!! Who cares !!
    A country where women begs for Respect , Safety, Rights , their freedom and almost everything that the deserve!!
    "RAPE KARNA BURI BAAT HAI" Well ye koi nhi jaanta agar jaante toh rape hota hi kyun !! While i m writing this , literally I don't know how many Asifa , Nirbhaya and Twinkle must have sacrificed their life (god forbid)...
    Well think once ask to yourself # Are those banners, posters and Candles Really useful .. # Let you light that candle hidden inside your brain dear so that darkness go away

    # Jai Hind
    #Jai Bharat !!!

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  • harshi1234 1w

    Main nirbhaya, main damini, thi main avijaya
    Tab to khula tha morcha delhi mein har jagah.

    Par jab main rondi gayi meghalaya ki vadiyon mein
    Aur mere veeron ne di jab use saza,

    Kaha gaya yah galat hua, nirarthak hua,
    Na deni chahiye thi use saza.

    Kyun hua yah dohara maap dand
    Ek hi tarah ke gunah ka.

    Kya yeh hi hai meri keemat?
    Kya bus bann gayi akhbaron ki khabar?

    Na rahi maa, na rahi beti, na behen.
    Bus bann gayi ek kathputli, kewal karne ko sahan.

    Kar do mukt, mujhe ek baar
    Bata dungi sabhi ko ki main hun!

    Main hi hun shakti, jawala, durga
    Nirbhaya, damini, aur vijaya...

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  • harshi1234 2w


    Seeds grow with no sound ,
    But a tree falls with huge noise !!
    Distruction has noise but,
    Creation is quite
    This is power of silence
    Grow silently !!!

  • harshi1234 2w

    There are two kinds of intelligence: one acquired,
    As a child in school memorizes facts and concepts
    With such intelligence you rise in the world.

    There is another kind of tablet, one
    Already completed and preserved inside you.
    This other intelligence does not turn yellow or stagnate

    It’s fluid, and it doesn’t move from outside to inside
    Through the conduits of plumbing-learning.
    This second knowing is a fountainhead
    From within you, moving out.

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    Two kinds of intelligence%

  • harshi1234 2w