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  • harshitarora 2w

    It was too good to be true.
    Another day passed with the same consolation.

  • harshitarora 3w

    Anybody or anything that overstays it's welcome , hurts

  • harshitarora 13w

    If you are in a dirty place you should clean it rather than to move away
    Same goes with people
    If you know a toxic person try your best to let them grow through shit
    Don't just move away

  • harshitarora 15w

    Being truly sorry for the bad things you have done in your life hurts way more than anything else

  • harshitarora 15w

    There are points in life where you are done
    You're just done
    You don't wanna be around anyone
    You don't wanna have any strings
    You don't want to give a tiny ass about anything
    That's the chance to grow alone

  • harshitarora 17w

    And there are days
    When you wake up and suddenly realise
    That you ain't part of their good morning's anymore

  • harshitarora 21w

    What you do will always come back

    If you loved someone in the past you will get more people who'd be loving you
    If you helped people get ahead in their lives you will be pushed ahead in your life
    But if you hurt people who loved you wanted you to succeed
    You're definitely gonna live a life you will hate

  • harshitarora 21w

    Every loss is a replacement for a bigger loss

  • harshitarora 29w

    Adversity always presents opportunities for introspection

    @Sir APJ Abdul Kalam

  • harshitarora 33w

    Could my sleep schedule be more fucked up?