wrecking havoc to remember myself

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  • havic_reminders 6w

    never assume you know what’s best for someone else


  • havic_reminders 7w

    another bug
    crawling down
    elevating friction
    growing higher
    imitating joy
    killing love
    momentarily nice
    openly proud
    quietly rousing
    secret tension
    under visage
    withering x-man
    yielding zephyrs

  • havic_reminders 7w

    adjective: flippant- not showing a serious or respectful attitude.

    #cees_adj_chall @carolyns_challenges

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    with a flippant flick of the wrist
    he was dismissed

  • havic_reminders 7w

    change is good

    even if it seems bad

    at least it’s a step in the direction of improvement


  • havic_reminders 7w

    does it pile up

    as each person leaves

    does the weight get heavier

    and heavier

    because that’s how it feels


  • havic_reminders 7w

    the thing is I want to feel depressed

    I like feeling a wide range of different emotions

    that’s how I know I’m human

    that’s how I know I’m alive

    depression is just one emotion of the many that everyone feels

    and I’m allowed to feel it too from time to time


  • havic_reminders 7w

    because it’s Teddy Day


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    Teddy Bear

    Stuffed is the bear within his hands
    The child feels it’s fur of strands
    He doesn’t know how long it took
    But feels the love with just one look

    The comfort comes soon into him
    Through his veins the feelings swim
    And all the bad is then pushed out
    But will come back without a doubt

    This one possession is his to love
    When sadness and pain begin to shove
    The bear he knows will always be there
    Made for him through kindness and care

    Appreciation he does give
    To things that are there to help him live


  • havic_reminders 7w

    taking some time to reflect on a situation afterwards is important

    words can really hurt in the moment

    but looking back afterwards allows you to realize that you aren’t hearing them anymore

    that you don’t have to listen to them anymore


  • havic_reminders 7w

    when all you do is work on pursuing your passions

    and then you fail

    where do you go

    what do you do

    who do you turn to if you have no one

    the only people around you are reprimanding and discrediting you

    even you are disappointed in yourself

    I’ll tell you what you do

    you cry it out

    and then move on with life

    at least that’s what I’m doing

    I’ll let you know how it goes

  • havic_reminders 8w

    the rounded shape
    the multiplied space
    of varying sizes
    the floating and popping
    the air released
    a breath is exhaled
    after being lifted so high
    the drop falls
    rippling the surface
    and the absence of substance
    creates the same form