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  • headoverheels 20w

    उसके लिए जो चाहा,वो उसने पा लिया ।
    अपने आप को उसके लिए चाहाना भूल गई।

  • headoverheels 20w

    एक बार फिर उस जगह मिलना है,
    जहाँ से एक शाम शुरू हुआ ।

  • headoverheels 20w


    I don't write about you.
    I write about "us ".
    20 years , still going strong with the distance between us.
    I love our love .

  • headoverheels 20w

    पिछली दफा उसने कहा, गाना तो दुनिया के लिए गाया ।
    दुनिया में तो हम भी शामिल हैं ।
    शायद, आज तो मेरे लिए गाया होगा उसने।

  • headoverheels 23w

    Found you with if's&but's(part3)

    His mesaage kept Fatima on pins and needles. The other evening she kept reading it again and again. At this point, there was only one person she could speak to Riana, her soul sister. She called her up, they had a long chat about what happened, and to Fatima’s surprise Riana knew what Zaheer messaged her. Fatima froze. Riana said, Fama, (Fatima’s nickname) he loves you truly .I’m so happy he told you and I was with him when he messaged you. Listening to all this, Fatima was froze.’ I know you still love him. Still love him means, Riana. How can you do like this? Fatima had no clue what was happening with her. She knew whatever was happening was not correct. One question, why now? After 16 years. When the time was just not perfect. But they looked so perfect together. Alas! The time was perfect too.
    She typed.
    Hi Zaheer,
    Happy to hear from you .how are you? How’s Merriam and kids? Zian & I are fine doing great.
    True love has no ending.
    See you soon.
    Zaheer replied, See you tomorrow at 10:00am at Union square, blue bottle café .SanFrancisco here I come to meet you. 6 hours flight was the longest flight for him.
    He reached the café before her. His adrenaline soared at the thought of seeing her after so long and it shot when she opened the café door and walked towards him. Her ever captivating eyes and smile took soul out of his body once again. With time, she became more beautiful.
    They both walked towards the parking, their minds were talking loud .She asked him why now? He replied, I found you now. Finally, the conversation opened for what he had been waiting. We have our own families and responsibilities and I don’t think so it would be correct, said Fatima looking at her well manicured hands.Zaheer prompted and asked her ,did u speak to Zian and kids in the morning and did you finish the work you had been doing all these years before meeting me today. She said yes of course, I did. So, what are you worried for? Zaheer, asked. Don’t leave them but don’t leave me either, said Zaheer.I don’t like this at all, she said firmly. Life sometimes takes on such rides where you want to go further but also scared of meeting up with an accident so was the case with Fatima, she wanted, but was scared of an accident. She was in a very indecisive state.
    Such decisions are tough to make but somewhere deep down Fatima wanted him .She found solace in him. On the other hand, Zaheer wanted to be with her lifelong but didn’t want to hurt Merriam.
    Love was in big dilemma, so were they?
    Was it love? Or it was the stubbornness of Zaheer to be with Fatima, that he wanted to be with her .or they loved each other truly. It was quite ironical, both fell in love the second time, married and found each other again. Soul mates are meant to be together no matter how far they are from each other.
    It all started with a goodbye kiss, there clandestine meetings never ended and they lived happily ever after. They followed their heart even they knew the consequences could be worse than thought.
    It was an adulterated love.

  • headoverheels 34w


    किसी ने कहा ,हम कभी मिल नहीं सकते,किताब की उन पन्नों
    की तरह,
    हमने भी कह दिया, शायद तुम्हे पता नहीं कि हम अलग सही पर जुड़े एक ही धागे से हैं ।
    किताब फट भी जाए पर धागा पन्ने अलग नहीं होने देता।
    हमारी भी रूह वह धागा है ।

  • headoverheels 35w

    We are the pages of the same book, so close but so different ...

    To be cont...


  • headoverheels 61w


    My friend got married , asked me what work to start with at her inlaws house. For cooking , they had help . She asked me what you did?I gave her a big grin .. I said, okie start with refrigerator cleaning. She looked at me with eyes wide open . She repeated , fridge cleaning .
    I said yes babe, break the ice and fill it up with king of good times , anyways temperature are soaring high.. cool everyone .
    She is such a true friend and now she is the queen of good times and of the house..
    Love you dear friend .. hearts out to you..


  • headoverheels 61w


    Days to months, months to years
    Longing for you .
    I seek you in this lifetime ,
    I don't trust the next.
    You are needed ,
    You are craved .

    But you tell me where shall go and look for you..
    People say you are everywhere,
    If everywhere, then why only some are with you .
    O, bulleya! rab naseeban naal milda...


  • headoverheels 61w

    Watch ,watch i can infect you said her, seven year old.
    Oh!darling please do so,l want to live with it forever if you say so.
    Start with me ,said her Watch ,watch i can infect you said her, seven year old.
    Oh!darling please do so,l want to live with it forever if you say so.
    Start with me ,said her mother.
    Her smile infected her mom and they looked each other with a grin.
    I wish it was an epidemic.