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  • heartrate 1w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Opaque

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    Sun rays could pass my heart

  • heartrate 1w

    Heartche !

    This is the phase where i stand
    My heart ache can never be answer
    Lips are zip lock !
    Firm mind stand in favour of heart
    Says ' this is the time where you go forward or stand alone'

    This heart ache remind me again and again
    You stand for the one who love
    The door way i stand alone
    An empty hand waiting to hold

    Squeezing self in a bed
    Thinking of him if he could have said.....!!!
    I would have calm down my heart
    This phase i doubt myself if i couldn't gather myself again .......
    Few Life's lesson if i could correct
    I would surely do .....

    Finding light in darkest days
    charmed my only heart
    But couldn't hear the brave heart
    This is the phase where i stand
    Door ways infront, look at me where i stand
    One answer could have recovered
    Heart ache chills deep as hard icy rock
    This is the phase where i stand........

  • heartrate 3w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word one-liner on Wild

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    Wild dream await

  • heartrate 9w


    I wait for you
    I wait
    My imagination goes wondering about you
    While waiting
    I keep waiting
    I miss you suddenly
    My eyes wanna see you at that moment
    I don't find you
    So i keep waiting

    My heart broke into tears
    Tears build up
    As my heart about to blast
    Still not yet shown up
    I keep waiting
    Imagining you
    What he might be doing at this moment !
    When i first met him !
    Missing you was not enough
    I keep waiting
    Wait for my love
    No one could take his place
    I am so freak every night i broke my sleep
    Missing you more and more
    Been days and months you have been busy
    How hard your heart is
    You make me keep waiting
    Love being grows
    Miss you more day and night
    I keep waiting

  • heartrate 11w

    Just born as kitten

    This is the story of three kitten
    Born on Monday
    Week after mother cat look for a safe place
    Kept kitten safe and sound
    Eyes were close still
    Kitten so small than rat
    Only sleep and drink milk
    Heart melt to see them
    How cute and lovely you kittens are
    After two week mother cat starts neglecting kittens
    Kittens were calling for milk ....!!!
    Triggered mind try to bottle feed hungry kittens
    Difficult to let them drink from bottle
    Its hard to see nursing three kittens
    Sleepless nights, single call make me awake every 4 hrs
    Kittens start opening eyes, half open half close of one eye and other close eye close
    Smile and happy inner me
    Three week pass about to four week
    I saw a strange male cat roaming around
    Didn't know that strange male cat were waiting
    Night fall when I was asleep, I heard kittens voice
    Awake from different noice
    Checking on to kittens
    That strange male cat run out of those kittens place
    Now what i saw ! Oh no !
    How cruel that strange male cat was
    Kitten just open eyes killed them to death Broke my heart !!!
    That place is not safe any more
    Two kitten remain
    I firmly thought to safe them
    Than that afternoon Mother cat came and took another cat
    I thought mother cat will be taking care
    But turn out she took to strange place and never return back
    Kittens just open eyes!
    They had to face survival war !!
    Now one kitten left,
    My heart couldn't hold
    Broken again
    I was happy coz i will be playing with three kittens
    One kitten in my hand looking at me
    Want to hold and cry out loud
    I just saw other side of Nature
    I look to my kitten missing the other two kitten wound still fresh to forget
    Now its month old and week old, taking small steps
    Kitten come to me!
    Holding my kitten I smile....... !!

  • heartrate 13w


    Oh! Big banyan tree
    You are strong and huge
    Spread widely
    No rain no storm no scorching sun
    Couldn't take you down

    Oh ! Big banyan tree
    How big you are !
    Heart are warm and cozy
    Feel safe under you
    Guard life of every living being

    How to pay you back ?
    Those air that we take breadth
    Those air we feel
    World without you be like.....!!!!
    Extreme weather be no control !
    Other living so innocent ...
    Count days, how far we survive ! ?
    Human so fast to cut down !
    Oh ! Mind take speed breaker to see how nature is ....

  • heartrate 13w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Unfamiliar

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    unfamiliar me faced admirer crush heart

  • heartrate 13w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Passion

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    No more passion when feelings crush intensionally

  • heartrate 16w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word micro-tale on Journey

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    Hold my hand for journey to go ahead

  • heartrate 17w

    Love no emotions

    Every night when everyone gone asleep
    Weep sweetly silently
    Eyes swallon endless tear flows
    Wet pillows amazed by your silent weep
    No one knows how broke you are
    Jumping yourself on fire
    When burn it burn piercing through heart and mind
    Loving him was another punishment
    Carrying self seems hard to define
    He could have calm your emotions
    With few sweet words
    But you jump on to fire
    Heart felt how love for him
    It felt as blood flows within
    How to forget ! its hard to define
    "Your love for me never let me down
    But i am messy turning you down" !