Dancing with my Demons

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  • hemdeepmoran 9w

    #post 183

    I fought with my other half and now i feel so alone without her. I am 50% and need energy.

  • hemdeepmoran 11w

    #post 182

    Tauda need NEED

    Sadda need EMBARRASSMENT

  • hemdeepmoran 15w

    #post 181

    I feel like my life is full of joy, happiness and a complete family. ❤️

  • hemdeepmoran 17w

    #post 180

    Its so hard na when you loves her and she dont love and treat you as friend.

  • hemdeepmoran 23w

    #post 179

    Hey, I am 25 today

  • hemdeepmoran 26w

    #post 178

    Not getting paid for 4 years to owning an
    Audi A8, the struggle is real.

    - Journey of an Advocate

  • hemdeepmoran 32w

    #post 177

    We keyboardist make patches live. We need to feel the audience and the song!!!.

  • hemdeepmoran 37w

    #post 176

    If one could take his own life fearing of not getting films!!! I saw a post he was trying to learn code that he always wanted to learn computer gaming and the language behind it and that makes me sad. The life is tough but you have become a legend unknowingly in many hearts. I will remember Sarfaraz from Pk but dhoni will keep you alive.

  • hemdeepmoran 38w

    #post 175

    If our love is tragedy then why are you my remedy
    If our love's insanity then why are you my clarity

  • hemdeepmoran 41w

    #post 174

    I feel electric!