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  • her_tall_guy 11w


    Loving the other person is not enough.
    Loving is never enough.
    Love is never enough.

    It takes more than love to choose a life with your beloved.


  • her_tall_guy 13w


    Sometimes I become a dry tree. Desperate in need of water. Sunlight. Grown totally useless. Unable to provide shade. Or fruit.

    Sometimes a lone wolf among its pack. To whom loneliness is totally dear. Even when surrounded by many, a need to be lonely gushes in the veins.

    Sometimes I can be snake. Totally venomous and aggressive on troubled.

    Sometimes I can be a deer. Conscious of my every move. Fear of danger that awaits for me.

    At times I become a chemeleon too. Quick to change my colours to suit and survive the society I live in.

    I'm what I am. A split.


  • her_tall_guy 14w


    Looking at the animals, I wish I was one among them.
    For even when binded by ropes, they're so free.
    Even when free, I'm binded by the clutches of my past.


  • her_tall_guy 15w


    God's entertainment.


  • her_tall_guy 15w

    I too had a choice. I chose her happiness over mine.

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    Does anyone realise how sadistic the life is?

    Let's say, 'to compromise' means 'to lose something dear,' for the one that we love?

    If we don't compromise, we lose our beloved.
    Either way, we end up losing.

    Compromise might seem small initially. Something least we can do for love.

    Then gradually it leads to a point where it's not small things anymore, but a choice between two.


  • her_tall_guy 15w

    I Miss Her! To the Moon and Back!!


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    Chimera - My Sweets

    Haunted by memories,
    Thoughts that never leave.
    Forever is just an hypothesis,
    Suppressed feelings grieve.

    Reality strikes hard as lightning.

    I miss you. Chimera! My sweets!