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  • hetvee_sanghani 119w

    Truth behold, that soul faded away into nothingness, an inediquate heart thrown weeping over justice trembles too much to let the sun have it's first imprint.

  • hetvee_sanghani 151w

    One more fragment flipped out
    Dying in hope, crying in hope...
    Blood trips dark, tears apart what's left,
    Shakes down my soul asking,
    why though?
    And the leftovers breathe in hope to answer...
    Purpose of existence.
    Never did they relive,
    never did I sensed.
    After all, trust was what they said...irony!
    My soul renders without the body
    none left to cry over, none left to grief with.
    For the world itself claimed, a broken heart had no breaths.
    It breathes despondency...


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  • hetvee_sanghani 159w

    Be enough to love someone wholly, not so more to let it linger in air, nor less enough to feel caged. Love yourself first, enough. Gift yourself a good morning hug, play with oneness, walk alone along the sea shores...listen to your own heartbeats. Be yours faithfully and dive into dreams . Lust for selfness, greet yourself for being you, give yourself a rose ��. Be your favourite, be your own soulmate, travel alone, wander for hours, for there's none to ask, and none to share with. For the one in love, often give away to nothingness, toil into pools of cheesy lines ending up in showers of tears. This valentine's, be your valentine. Celebrate your day of love, chaste your aura. And dear love, love yourself enough, more enough to let it all melt, less enough to let others love your sweet way of life...

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    Be enough.

  • hetvee_sanghani 164w


    Walking down the aisle bear feet breeze to give me away and soft shores playing sweet melodies, dandelions dancing to be the best man, and the rays play with my hair to be the bridesmaids. Dear wanderlust, I accept thee to be mine, forever...

  • hetvee_sanghani 171w

    Thy Paint

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    And in thy colour I brush out myself stroke by stroke...and when your nib reached out to my lips, I bite a fragment spreading out red...

  • hetvee_sanghani 174w


    Under the shades of black, upon the touch of white, the corner of your eye, twinkling in a fallen lash...My world, just another grey without that rolling of your black upon the shades of white!

  • hetvee_sanghani 175w

    In the moon, among the beams, stood out to be a gleams...

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    I'm not anymore your dear,
    all I have, is fear.

    You chose this for yourself,
    I'm learning to be mean for myself!

    Our world's turning down,
    But my love for you, us now just a clown!

    Sacrifices! Oh yes a world of illusion..
    Leaving me in total seclusion!

    I cannot let you stray!
    I'm now, but in a dismay...

    Dreams are all but nightmares...
    I won't come back, I swear.

    Adieu to your self haunted world!
    Let it all alone swirl...


  • hetvee_sanghani 175w


    When only tears spoke,
    When tongue weighed heavy,
    When silence muttered...

    Clamp yourself too high to be let down,
    Shake yourself, swirl around and let go off the cold. For your heart and soul deserve a better you than yourself!

  • hetvee_sanghani 176w

    Blessing in disguise

    Nonetheless he came as a sunbeam, radiating my shabby cold. Finitely we mesmerized each other's tongue and more being awaited, traversed lanes of bubbles... My elder one though teased to be of half my iq, makes the best of my world...❤


  • hetvee_sanghani 176w

    Reads in midnight...

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    Just like a novel,
    the more you turn pages,
    the more I uncover.
    The more you explore, more my opened cover calls...