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  • hey293940 3d

    I'm being the shoulder to others I'm looking for

  • hey293940 1w

    You were like the gleam of lightning strike in the night, very short while but was worth watching.

  • hey293940 16w

    When people are lame,
    They love to blame.


  • hey293940 21w

    If you don't really need her after a long tiring day, is it really love ?

  • hey293940 60w


    Loofah actually belongs to a member of the cucumber family. originally a plant it becomes a complete organic sponge when it is dried and the seeds removed. Added benefit is that it will not remain for hundreds of years after you chuck it out Please note this products swears to remove the remaining 00.01% of germs that most soaps fail to remove.

  • hey293940 60w

    Bamboo Q tips

    earbuds are the single most thrown away plastic item in India. Let's change that. Bamboo Q tips have a generous amount of cotton on a hand finished smooth bamboo stick. Please note this item will make tickling your ears all the more enjoyable.

  • hey293940 60w

    Wheat straw toothbrush

    wheat straw is the main by product of wheat production. We managed to make it into a beautiful brush with a smooth matt finish body and charcoal bristels. Please note this item comes with bragging rights.

  • hey293940 65w

    Sometimes the day passes so fast that I can't fathom how and sometimes I spend long night doing nothing but counting stars. And that's all about life

  • hey293940 65w

    Closest when you were far away and now farthest when you are close in my arms

  • hey293940 65w

    Books are to express and escape