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  • heyitsyourbinibiningfatima 10w


    This is my 100th post hope you like it and support.

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    Waiting on a feeling

    Lovey dovey, wishing my love to find me
    And love me endlessly.
    Petals of roses, how many times do i
    Have to picked you just to have a hopes
    If he loves me or not.
    Stars in the sky, reach me out to fly, be with
    Him for life and put him in my side everytime.
    I haved talk and work many things for us to
    Be mutual, i did all the ritual even using virtual
    But, destiny seems so hectic it keeps on
    Pulling me toward my dream, so here i am
    Still dreaming, aiming and reaching
    and not so forever waiting on his feeling.

  • heyitsyourbinibiningfatima 12w

    Little dreamer

    Little dreamer, my little thinker
    May your mind be full of wishes
    And right manners.

    Little dreamer, make the world fun.
    In every place make it colorful
    For you to run and not to be hunt.

    Little dreamer, may your dreams
    Be fulfilled, love all you meet in the field
    And be the warrior as your wisdom be
    The shield.

  • heyitsyourbinibiningfatima 14w

    Be happy, the way i make you happy.
    Even i'm no longer the reasons.

  • heyitsyourbinibiningfatima 14w

    Next in line

    The future beholds in a hand of
    Great child.
    World's tomorrow will be on their
    Shoulders, but no pressure because
    The child in you will be the hero of the Nation.
    Let's hand and hand and make this land
    Better and graceful, let the children of
    This generations be the light and do
    Our part to be the guide.

  • heyitsyourbinibiningfatima 15w

    10,000 Reason

    Five numbers, counted as thousand,
    Every count is a doubt if i will get
    Through or not.
    I love you so much that kills me,
    Many scenarios are coming to me,
    Memories of our love story and happiness
    Are gushing in my mind giving me a
    Reason for me to stay.
    But ten thousand reasons are not enough
    For me to stay. Cause, my ray.
    This part is hard , giving up to the one
    I love. This relationship is not healthy enough to keep stand,
    we really need to let go because there no more numbers to add
    For me to stay and still for life.

  • heyitsyourbinibiningfatima 16w



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    Wedding dress

    Long and beautiful is your dress to be described,You're smile is alluring as you walk gracefully with the man youloved first .
    All the people around you was shock how pretty you are and i just stare at you like you're the most beautiful bride in the world.
    I don't see anything but you
    walking towards me.
    You are crying as you reach
    my hands and say thankyou
    And just passby. I am happy
    that you found theman you
    want to spend forever
    with even it's not me. Through
    out your walk all i can say God, take care of the woman walking in a beautiful dress even if i am no longer by her side as her

  • heyitsyourbinibiningfatima 16w


    Hopes to be happyy!!

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    Maybe the night?

    The brightest star in the sky just say bye,
    And the light of the night just came back after a rest.
    Ambiance of the surrounding feels like i have a might to be free.
    Free from everything keeps me awake by need.
    The path i follow was just to hard to get , do all the steps and bear with the destiny but, the world is too tiny for me to be happy and full of capabilities to be the stars in the universe.
    But, maybe the night? Can get me trough the pain and grant my wish to get me throughout the rain.

  • heyitsyourbinibiningfatima 17w

    Last Ray Of Sunshine

    Smiles everywhere, from right to left.
    Happiness is about to spread in a day bright and sunny air.
    Many was about to be happy and that wish is about to be grant.
    But what if one day, the one who shed tears and make everyone smile.
    Are in need of a little hug and hand.
    Will someone help or will someone just passby? But to be sure let us not make it the last ray of sunshine.

  • heyitsyourbinibiningfatima 17w

    Happy Halloween guys!! ��

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    Love vir(US)

    People in the world, lend me your ear,
    This is call to spread by need.
    Call by plants, animals and the world.
    They cannot speak ,but they can give you the feel.
    They love us more than their lives,
    Plants, help us in everything, when i meant everything it means living.
    Animals, wants to feel the goodness of the earth so try saving them to feel it all.
    This news is a virus to spread stop wasting them this virus may hacked your self but this means they need to spread this virus to love them.

  • heyitsyourbinibiningfatima 19w

    Reaching you

    Dear Someone in the moon.
    I hope this letter will be send to you,
    I am glad that i can make this through , but i really miss you.
    Trying to reach out to you but the world is stoping me, i want to meet you but the destiny pulls me not. I hope it's not late to reach you out and hoping that someday when the time is right i can already get up and be with you every night.