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  • hideandseek 2d


    While the Lord wins our every battle,
    When we allow him.
    We fight on our knees praying for our desires to not betray us.
    We pray to want the freedom God has for us.


  • hideandseek 3w


    Isn't It strange that most warriors have feeble hearts.
    We dont fight because we have hearts of stone, We fight because our hearts have blood and are made of flesh.

    Our hearts are feeble,
    That's why they call us courageous.


  • hideandseek 3w


    To be overcome is when
    thoughts like,
    it's beyond me and my control
    plague your mind.
    Take what's yours and


  • hideandseek 3w


    While Grace spares us from punishment,
    it does not in itself free us,
    repentance does.


  • hideandseek 25w


    Colouring the sky with rays of electrical sunshine.
    Tearing up the unkind by the roots.
    Roaring from the wind pipes of glory.
    Every word spoken with rain drops to clease the soul of timid lies.
    Once I leave, I leave you with rainbows.
    The promises of my very own God.
    I was once a tree, reborn a flower
    And you never believed it.
    But now, I am a thunderstorm.


  • hideandseek 25w

    The story of Self-Love

    She said:

    - Can someone please direct me to find self-love? Please.

    -Can someone draw me a picture of who I am.

    -Perhaps I'll know what about myself to begin to love first,

    -other than what meets the eye
    -mine and yours experience of me.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Listen sir, may I have a sip of your water?
    I have walked a long way, looking for something called self love.
    Have you heard of such a thing?

    Thing is:

    I.don't.know where to find it amist my insecurity, disspointment, anxiety, guilt, rejection, invasion of me, abandoment, self sacrifice,self condemnation, low self-esteem, loneliness, pain, blood, tears.

    The man said:

    I too have spent decades looking for self-love. And to my suprise, I found it the day I met God. The reflection I saw in His eye was one I had never seen before. It was me. And that image never left my mind since. It was me. And I loved it. I've never looked away from those eyes, so I can never lose myself to what I thought was love.


  • hideandseek 33w

    By unknown writer

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    Sometimes all a person is looking for is the truth.
    We long for freedom.
    We dont always welcome the truth but we rest assured chase after it for freedom.
    We rejoice in the responsibility to be free!

  • hideandseek 41w

    Good things

    What do we want?
    The good things or God?
    Relationships, money, food, sex....
    A good thing without God destroys us.
    Sometimes, not getting all that we desire in the way that we desire it, is the good thing.
    God loves us too much to have things destroy us.
    Take it from me.
    Choose God.
    True satisfaction is found in Him.
    The rest... is what I would call.
    Its worth it. Want God.

  • hideandseek 42w

    Authentic self

    The answer wasn't to get into a new relationship,
    or returning to an old relationship..
    The answer was found in repairing the connection to the relationship with my authentic self.
    I couldn't do that without God showing me, me.


  • hideandseek 43w


    "I am a better person because of the hurt he caused me."
    No, you are a better person without him.
    You died to yourself.
    Every day, you died.
    Then you learnt how to surrender that pain to God, He took it away.
    You then had to open your heart to give God the record of all the wrong against you, He took it away.
    You had to think new again. He gave new thoughts.
    You had to see again, He revealed to You a vision.
    You had to have courage to love, He gave you a new heart.
    That could never be the work of a man.
    That is the Glory that belongs to God.
    I am His masterpiece.
    And The Glory belongs to no-one.