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  • highflyer 4w


    Dim lights and chilled weather with flame in hands , saying goodbye to 2020 .

    You taught us alot more than any, always blaming still in memories.
    That's matter.

    With a fling of positivity ,gonna welcome 2021 with my homies next to me and cherishing every second ,as it should be.

    Happy New Year Homies.❤️

  • highflyer 4w

    Life is all about someone gonna come to you
    Meanwhile others gonna leave you .

    Life is all about finding your happiness in you
    Meanwhile you rely on someone else happiness.

    Life is all about getting each strings attached
    Meanwhile you keep on pulling a single string.

    Life is all about exploring yourself
    Meanwhile you are exploring the survival.

    Just for one time,
    Make your life as it should be.
    Keep tracing your prints
    Keep shinning
    Love yourself as much as no one can

    You are a beautiful portrait of yourself ,just love yourself.


  • highflyer 14w

    Under the skies, rolling buds,chripping sounds, night blue sky all around with a cold brezze grazing her soul.❤️

    He ignited the flame burning into each other and start passing the love , taste, fondness ,lust , infatuation with each drag.


  • highflyer 22w

    To my snoop,

    The pessimist see difficulty in every opportunity and the optimist see opportunity in every difficulty.
    It's not about where you get knocked down ,it's more about where you take off.

    You are having fear of what to do next because you are sitting rn ,once you will be fueled ,you will overcome everything .
    You are crazy enough to chase you dreams.

    Push yourself ,because no one is going to do it for you.Do what you can with all you have, wherever you are.
    Just , don't let your tommorow regret for yesterday.

  • highflyer 22w

    Once a day or thrice a week ,
    Inhaled or injected ,
    Whether short acting or long acting
    To heal the acute form
    Missing you is chronic state for me

    No dopamine will vanish the syndrome
    It's just ,will relieve for some time.

    Mild state can be cured by seeing you on weekends but what about the cure of persistent form!

    Miss you snoop❤️

  • highflyer 23w

    Million of butterflies in mind
    some of bright yellow with some dark ones
    Fear of fall with no reasons
    Is there something to end !
    It's just something waiting to start!

    1AM under the moonlight sitting on her window , thinking about
    "Am I alright , questioning her own soul,
    Are you alright!"
    Silence is haunting me inside out.

    Few seconds later ,a ray of hope comes when the cold wind blows and the drop falls on her wrist .
    And she realised , she is still alive !


  • highflyer 31w


    When mumma was fighting to give birth
    You were recruited in Indian Armed force

    The journey of being an Army brat is of proud but honestly anger and weeping issues wished that ,
    If you had a profession other than this...

    When you were holding weapons in your hand at Line of control,how can we enjoy diwali and holi peacefully!
    For you ,it's a matter of choice ,
    Then how couldn't we rejoice

    The best gift you gave us is a strong powerful lady ,mumma .
    She never fails to fill your absence,
    Celebrating every Anniversary in same manner as she used to do with you one time ,
    From being Army man's wife to mother of an Army brat,she is best.

    Since,serving nation your priority
    We forget our integrity.
    Happy father's day ,fauji

    -An Army Brat (30.01.1999)

  • highflyer 32w


    SAVITRI BAI PHULE ,pioneer of feminism in India.She set up 17 schools that imparted education to women, campaigned against the killing of widows and pregnant rape victims.

    TARABAI SHINDE, India's first modern feminist who protested against patriachy and caste discrimination.His first published work
    " Stri purush tulna" in which she explodes disparities between men and women.

    RAMABAI RANADE, Women's right activitist and founder of Seva Sandan -an institution that trained thousands of women in various skills to make them self independent.

    Many other Indian women who dedicated their life for advancing women.This ideology of feminism is what we should respect and need in society.

    But what we see from our TODAY'S FEMINIST is:
    1.Teaches women to be " a boss" yet encourages victim hood
    2.Hates masculinity yet makes women more masculine.
    3.Preaches acceptence and diversity ,yet hates men.
    What a great hyprocisy!

    Don't seek sympathy and don't ruin the hard working women's name by wrong thinking.
    It's time to change yourself.
    Our competition is with ourselves not with others.


  • highflyer 34w


    You look seductive in this.
    You are triggering my weapon.
    Your pictures will satisfy me at night.
    Oh gosh! your curves bloomed my eyes.

    Welcome to the country

    Where my cleavage is the reason of being characterless or slutty.
    Where I am judged as one night date kind of girl by flashing my thighs .
    Where if I am showing my clevage means, I am inviting him to bed.
    Where my clothes are the reason of getting raped.

    So if this is the reason then ,why a men is not raped when men's penis is completely visible while peeing openly on road.

    My clevage is just a body part attached to my breast,not a reason of your orgasm .
    So relax your tiny weapon jerking off .

    To all my beautiful heroes,
    If they stare at your clevage,then do stare at their tiny balls and burst them off with your eyes.


  • highflyer 36w


    He was feeling my breast bud , pinching my nipples.
    Sometimes ,his fingers under my skirt .
    Sometimes ,he says me to sit on my lap.

    A nine year old, who thought sitting on her uncle's lap is love for her.

    Days have passed since she last smiled on his arrival .
    Now effect of an unsaked touch was visible .
    Getting love was no more lovely but more ghastly.
    Now that touch was deadly for that little girl.

    From snatching her childhood away to making her a weakling ,uncle left one day.
    Nothing would make him repay what she bereft.

    Alas! Another innocent girl became a prey
    Of a pedophile!