Kindly let me know my mistakes in my writings.

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  • himani2018 2d

    Empty thoughts


  • himani2018 1w

    If I get any chance to go back

    If I get any chance to go back,
    I would turn transparent and see the past me.
    I will smile seeing myself crying in past.., for teaching me what went wrong..
    I will cry seeing myself laughing, for getting those amazing moments to laugh...
    Bcuz at the end life is a journey full of experiences...

  • himani2018 1w

    When we complain about the present conditions. Nature creates more tough situations. But is status quo good?

  • himani2018 2w

    These 23 years of my living, I've been living under inferiority...
    Nothing to achieve
    Nothing to lose
    No Identity
    No settlement
    No result for my sacrifices
    No gain from my pain
    Still trying to be optimistic
    Still I work hard
    Still I don't quit
    Still I will wait
    Till I cherish my success..

  • himani2018 2w

    How I wish there is a silent society where no one speaks a word. At least this would reduce hatred towards one another...

  • himani2018 2w

    We celebrate the birth...
    Mourn the death...
    Are we cherishing the Life???

  • himani2018 2w

    har koee ek jaisa kaise ho sakata hai?

  • himani2018 2w

    Always keep yourself busy in order to enjoy minute moments.

  • himani2018 3w

    I regret why I have wasted such precious time
    I did nothing, simply I wasted
    Neither I enjoyed nor I worked
    Simply time passed
    Now when I really concerned about my career
    When I'm serious about my preparation
    Why such negativity flowing in
    I'm fed up in searching the answer for the remedy for growing complexities...

  • himani2018 4w

    With growing age the skin loses its charm, but a smile does not...