Haritika !!❤ Ishk h toh bs un sitaaro se ❤��

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  • hittu_19 3w

    Baby , you are like that warm fire place ,
    Unbatedly warming up cold hearts with grace ,,

    With your heat , you are melting all menaces,
    And with your elixir flame how impatience vanishes ,,

    And me ? I'm like that oxygen deficient place ,
    Consisting of crippling factors to stop your race ,,

    So I'm admonishing you to maintain some distance ,
    Coz I'm that anathema who's gonna eliminate your existence ,,

    Honeyyy you are like that beautifully bergeoning petal ,
    Reflecting happiness and making all the chaos settle ,,

    The odour that you are giving soothes the broken heart ,
    And in this dull world your wavelengths are like an art ,,

    But me ? I'm that meticulous bug who's gonna erode you ,
    And the poison on my tongue is gonna explode you ,,

    So that's why i really wanna stay away from you ,
    Coz you have no idea that back then how I eradicated those Bud's queue !!❤

    @udit94 @nehadvn09876 @pranjal9 @sugandh_essence A read please!!❤

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    Toxic for you !!❣


  • hittu_19 6w

    Last night while battling with my mind riot ,
    I met a girl , with a vibrant face and eyes disquiet ,,

    Her eyes were holding a blissful spark ,
    And behind that jovial thing there was woeful dark,,

    There were some blobs of gleam near her eyes,
    No! They were the mornful droplets embracing her lamenting skies ,,

    Her smile was illuminating some mirthful lights ,
    Or was she creating dissimulation of being one of dauntless knight ,,

    Some scars were blazoning her flawless body ,
    Or were they some low notes in her life's symphonic Melody ,,

    With her delightful arms she was hugging herself ,
    Or was she putting a band-aid of courage on her heart's shell ,,

    Her breath was shaky and her body was shivering ,
    Sturdy was her soul and her strength too was blithering,,

    That Girl was bringing some anoxic memories nearer ,
    So I shook my head and started looking away from mirror ,,!!!❤ #poetry #diary #thoughts #life

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    Girl I met last night !!❤


  • hittu_19 8w

    Another one for the cutest angel @udit94!!
    I know it's not that good but i hope that it would bring a smile on your face !❤

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    Candyfloss !!❤

    He is like that glistening sky ,
    Full of altruistic Stars making darkness go shy ,,
    Consisting of clouds filled with vapour of sweetness ,
    Meanwhile a disentangled celestial sphere clearing world's mess ,,

    Or he is like that garden full of bloomed and colourful flowers ,
    Reflecting wavelengths of love and releasing fragrance of adorability every hour,,

    Or maybe he is like that blue peaceful ocean ,
    Consisting of seas of calmness and waves of cheerful emotions ,,
    Pleasing the senses with deepness of thoughts ,
    And with its alluring colour clearing life naughts ,,

    Or he is like an elegant poetry ,
    Consisting of equisite rhyming and words to set the reader free !!

    But for sure he is an angel and that too so pure ,
    Spreading comfort and smiles and helping wounds to cure !!❤

  • hittu_19 9w

    I'm here again !!!

    In this pool of pain ,
    With my obstructive stains ,,
    Cyclones of rejection are distorting my healing ,
    Crushed is my strength and my soul too is unwilling ,,
    They are saying words to make me feel better ,
    But now fizzling inside me has become clatter ,,
    They are admonishing me to light up my world ,
    But now the Stars are gone and sky too is hurled ,,
    The cuts on my body are no more hurting ,
    The blood is no more dripping it's now just blurting ,,
    I know ! You must think that I've lost it ,
    But nobody warmed my soul when they frost it ,,
    You all left my sides then and now you are concerned ,
    But I am sorry !! Coz my whole soul is now just burned ,,
    The petal of calmness are now shed,
    Happy colours and all the wavelengths are just dead !!❤

  • hittu_19 12w

    Maa yun toh maine tere bina bhi sikh liya h rehna,
    Teri Mamta k bina bhi jahaan ki hr zillat ko sehna,,

    Pr pyaar tera pareshaniyon ki sardi m mere liye grmahat tha ,
    Uljhano bhri duniya m mano suljhe ehsaaso ki aahat tha ,,
    Yun toh teri di hui himmat meri rooh ko hr baar sehla jati h ,
    Lekin jb tanhaiyon ka andhera mere dil pr khtkhtaye, tb yaad teri aa jati h ,,

    Jb roj subah taii ji apni beti ko galtiyan krne pr daant lagati h ,
    Or phir uski pareshaniyon pr pyaar ka malham lagati h ,,
    Maa , tb teri yaad aa jati h ,,

    Jb khala apni beti ko hr kaam sikhati h ,
    Jindgi jeene k asool use tarike se dikhati h ,,
    Maa , tb teri yaad aa jati h ,,

    Jb hr gustakhi pr vo ghawon ki pankti mujhe di jati h ,
    Or jb baat baat pr ye duniyaa anaath or bojh bulati h ,,
    Maa, tb teri yaad aa jati h ,,

    Jb thoda sa hsne pr bhi vo ungliyan mere galon pr jd di jati hain,
    Or "jindagi jeene ka hk nhi tujhe" ye baaten dimaag m gd di jati hain ,,
    Maa , tb teri yaad aa jati h ,,

    Jb bhi ye duniya mujhse ruth jati h na ,
    Or mere sch ko bhi juth batati h na ,,
    Maa , tb teri yaad aa jati h ,,!!

    Jb tu roj mujhe asmaan se dekhti rehti h ,or gle nhi lagati h na ,
    Mujhe apni bahon m bhr kr ,meri kamjor pdi himmat ko nhi jagati h na ,,
    Maa , tb mujhe teri bhut yaad aati h ,,!!❤ #life #diary #thoughts #poetry

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    Maa,tb yaad teri aa jati h !!❤


  • hittu_19 14w

    Needle of cannula is achingly piercing my hand ,
    And soreness which is not even letting me stand ,,
    My whole world is blurry and abstruse ,
    And my mind too is being deliberately obtuse ,,
    The pain is slowly consuming all my strength ,
    And painkillers are dragging my mind toward a whole new wavelength,,
    The voices of crying and clamoring striking my ears ,
    Are trying to cover my happy heart with fury's layers ,,
    And all these nostalgic nightmares ,
    Are renewing my deadly fears ,,
    The weakness is pulling me toward the "death river ",
    And the strange calmness is taking away my soul's shiver ,,!!

  • hittu_19 16w


    Aj aaine m dekhkar usne pucha khud se ek sawaal ,
    Ki yaad h tujhe kb shuru hue the ye bawaal ,,

    Dekh kr apne uljhe or bikhre hue baal ,
    Yaad kr rhi h vo zillato bhare vo saal ,,

    Vo pehli Baar un majboot ungliyo ne jb uske baalo ko pakda tha ,
    Vo nanhi si rooh ki masoomiyat ko bedardi se jakda tha ,,

    Dekh rahi h vo apne gaalo pr pde ungliyo k nishan ,
    Ki jb kaha tha unhone ki tera jinda hona bhi h unka Ehsaan ,,

    Kaise dard m vo khoon k ansoo roii thi ,
    Or insaniyat na jane kahaan soii thi ,,

    Yaad kr rhi h vo hr gustakhi karne pr jism pr mile jo nishan ,
    Vo jalne k ghaw or dard ko hi baithi h apni takdeer maan ,,

    Jb phli baar vo apni ammi k liye ladi thi ,
    Naye ghawo ki pankti mano uske intezaar m khadi thi ,,

    Soch rahi h vo ki kaise din raat vo roya karti thi ,
    Takleefo ki chadar odh ammi jaan k intezaar m soya krti thi ,, !!!❣✨

  • hittu_19 16w

    Her head is aching like hell,
    And her strength is trapped somewhere in pain's cell ,,

    There are marks and scratches on her skin ,
    And everyone's asking ,"how has she been"!?

    The pills are scattered everywhere on the floor ,
    And depression is undeviatingly slamming her door ,,

    Her brain is full of wrath and frustration,
    And her fake smile is unveiling her tragic situation,,

    Even she knows that everyone's calling her weak and coward,
    Coz they don't know about those battles when she tried pulling all devils downward ,,

    Staring at her faded reflection in that broken mirror ,
    She's still thinking that she never wanted to be a bearer,,

    These loneliness and impugnings are enervating her soul ,
    And she is abashed that where the hell is her control !? ❣❣

  • hittu_19 17w

    They called me albatross and moron ,
    On the day when I was born ,,

    For them I wasn't indispensable,
    So they covered my body with " lacerate's label",,

    They locked my soul behind the bars of abjections ,
    At that point ,my life was mere a game of rejection ,,
    They had never let me to be a part of any festivity ,
    And their action somehow amplified my passivity ,,
    They even never allowed me to worship the God ,
    Because for them I was a sin and inutile clod ,,
    They put my soul away from affection and care,
    For every kindness I was treated with painful stare ,,
    Everytime when I tried to cry and express ,
    They gifted my body "wound and agress" ,,
    They supressed my desires and all the dreams,
    So my dark world was devoid of happiness's gleam ,,!!❤ #life #thoughts #poetry #diary

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  • hittu_19 18w

    Udit Sir !!!!! @udit94 Sir , this is something for you ! I know I am not that good at writing but I was just unable to resist myself to write something for you !! ❤

    Adorability lies,
    In your chocolate broon eyes ,,

    And your dazzling smile ,
    Can mesmerize anyone for a while ,,

    And your voice, which is hypnotizingly sweet ,
    Is Gracefully comforting every heart's beat ,,

    You are an altruistic illuminator ,
    Emitting kindness and brightening the word "creator " ,,

    Your beautiful soul is like a balloon ,
    Filled with the air of adorability and making every heart swoon ,,

    You can make anyone's day by your lovely appreciation ,
    And "your writings" ,they can't be expressed in any 'praising equation',,

    The positivity reflects from your personality ,
    And your over-sweetness is one of your speciality ,,

    Your sense of humour is damn cool ,
    And your talent can set some extra-amazing rules ,,!!❤ #thoughts #poetry #inspiration

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    Candy floss !!❤