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  • hocuknv 10w

    Well, what a funny thing to say,
    O lord, to thee I pray
    I find it confusing
    Stay put,
    Or I'll burn your repulsive wings
    I wouldn't know what is to come,
    What is it, that shall pass
    Maybe another drizzle of lunacy,
    another fog of dolor
    That's all for today's,
    Weather forecast.

  • hocuknv 12w

    Tear him apart
    A wonderful sight
    "I think, therefore I am"
    I say, well fuck Descartes
    A thought, a disease
    Hand me that knife
    And I'll put you at ease
    You see
    I'm gonna set you free
    How lovely it'd be
    A shadow on a killing spree
    Feel the pain
    The agony in your brain
    Look up, don't be so shy
    The knife, the throat
    In a blink of an eye