Am not a poet or anything close to that but i just write whatever pops up. My fingers have a mind of they own i can't stop writing most of the time.

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  • honeysineke 6w

    ... sometimes my sweet darling, we lose touch with the world because we refuse to live in the moment... always recording and not finding bliss in the moment.

  • honeysineke 6w

    Everyday and every night
    I carry the scars that refuse to heal,
    Everyday and every night
    I pled for the memories to fade.
    Everyday and every night
    I remember he was never held accountable for his crimes.
    Everyday and every night.

  • honeysineke 12w

    You know I always throw myself a one woman party after my periods.
    To celebrate myself and some motivation saying if I can survive these cramps I can sure survive anything.
    Stupid it may sound but its the best.

  • honeysineke 13w

    Everytime I lose touch with the world. I write things to make my soul feel better...

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    Superwoman's thoughts

    So easy to love others,
    So easy to save everyone...
    Be a hero
    A healer
    Peace bringer she was...
    Ability to completely save everyone

    Not her heart
    Not her soul
    Not her love.
    Be a hero to everyone
    But not to self...
    Superwoman's failures.

  • honeysineke 20w

    How can you love me?

    How can you love me,
    When am so dirty,
    So torn,
    So broken,
    So messed up
    How can you love me?
    When I fail to love myself?
    When I can't forgive myself.
    How can you love me?
    Oh sweet darling!
    You can't love me.

  • honeysineke 21w

    6 years later

    Oh sweet darling the bleeding continues
    Through dreams.
    Haven't yet learned how to silence the mind.

  • honeysineke 21w

    I don't write because am sad...
    No I write because people fail to shout how they feel...
    Who better to do it than I.
    Words are my favourite weapon.
    To create.
    To kill.
    To numb.
    To smile.

  • honeysineke 21w

    It's so much easier to fake a smile...
    Than to explain to people what makes you sleep 2 hours everyday...every night.

  • honeysineke 21w

    No one can fully understand the situation you are in unless they have been there before or are currently in the same war as you.

  • honeysineke 21w

    ...And my darling please do me these favours...
    1. Be easy on your soul
    2. Be patience
    3. Forgive yourself
    4. Love yourself unconditionally
    5. Heal