chilling with my sketchy life ❤

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  • hope_2ndchance 2w

    Under the same sky we stay miles away connected by heart

  • hope_2ndchance 2w

    Dark Thoughts

    And at a point you feel nothing.
    You stop to feel any pain because the pain you experience is beyond any sense.
    You have no tears no smile but just one expression which cannot be seen by anyone but only by yourself.
    The time comes when you are left with nothing.
    We all hold onto something which constantly hurt us, break us and eventually destroy us.
    We enjoy this journey without recognizing the true fact that we are dying slowly.
    We have already fallen down in the darkest leap. Slowly but gradually it's gonna happen you us.

  • hope_2ndchance 4w

    The illusion of you is better than the real you

  • hope_2ndchance 5w

    When time heals you
    Dont let the past ruin your patience.

  • hope_2ndchance 8w

    The game was simple
    Love with lies
    Lust with latched eyes
    Story of some lives
    Some lows and some highs
    In search of the truth
    Where we thrives.
    The game is simple
    Love with lies


  • hope_2ndchance 8w

    A random day on a cross streets they met,
    Numerous memories flashed like a light,
    Some lies pricked her heart,
    He recognized his missing part..

  • hope_2ndchance 9w

    The chapter of his eyes is still a mystery...
    Deeper then the ocean,
    His idiom is an art...
    Thousands of words she might doodle in her diary...
    Silent lips are the voice of her broken heart...

  • hope_2ndchance 9w

    Usne likhna nahi
    Sochna sikhaya hai mujhe
    Zindagi thodi uljhi si hai
    Usne is uljhan me
    hasna sikhaya hai mujhe

  • hope_2ndchance 9w

    Jinse shuru hote the hamare din
    Unki yaadon me,
    raatein kat rahi h..

  • hope_2ndchance 9w

    His words enticed like a pearl,
    Dreadfully bitter but real..