An introvert, stealing gazes from the world.

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  • hridaya 2w

    A- An array of guilt
    D- Drizzles upon walls
    O- Of my forlorn heart
    R- Rearing consequences of
    E- Envy I sowed, blinded by limelight.


  • hridaya 3w

    B A C K S P A C E

    Fearing judgement, every word backspace trailed, choked silently.


  • hridaya 3w

    The Poet

    Through verses we spoke our miseries, decorated in metaphors.
    In between spaces, we hid our happiness that only few witnessed.
    Being a reader, found home in his sonnets, haiku and odes, the poet didn't know.


  • hridaya 3w

    Failing to make sense anymore.

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    Wildflower bloomed in the backyard amongst a garden of dandelions, knowing it's to wither next morning.


    To wither away, she held the courage to bloom and be a misfit, fading away with grace.


  • hridaya 4w

    U N P E R C E I V E D

    Often her words spoke louder and clearer than her actions, deafening the demons that ripped apart her conscience.

    Alas, as those words began to mean nothing, silence became a priced possession to her unspoken agony, for not all silences howl, some are to be perceived by their fall.


  • hridaya 6w

    It's a completely unorganized write up.

    Here "her" in the last refers to the nature.

    Picture credit to the rightful owner.

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    U N T I T L E D

    The night sky was closing into the darkness of an abyss,
    Winds subtly blowing, not to disturb the crickets humming a melody.

    The fireflies tuning in, along their chorus under the shimmering moonlight, rejoicing to the freshness of the sky.

    Faraway citylights were alluringly silent, like they had paused for a while, to see the sky galore, mist beginning to sky down.

    Amidst this silence was harmony I hadn't witnessed in time lately, you call it healing, I see in it the life we can never give a title or a tagline.

    Misery, being a writer, amateur, dwindling with verses and words, her nonchalant walk, I could not title.


  • hridaya 6w

    P Y R E

    It was middle of the monsoon, slight winds and a little drizzle, before everything came to a standstill.

    Some were lightly sobbing, some adoring a stone like face, while she,

    She having her heart overflowing with grief and agony stood there silently, with a soft smile, staring straight into the pyre.

    Yes, the pyre, now half combusted, flames rising furiously, filling the azure with smoke, grey.

    Alone, no shoulder to lean on, no one to hold on to, by the farther corner, she smiled at her burning pyre, knowing there was no coming back, now she's amidst the ashes.

    Whilst, she liked the scent of freedom, death promised in exchange of her tormented breaths.


  • hridaya 7w

    Each time I think of giving up, I see inspiration rise around me.

    Stay home, stay safe :)

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    Forced Pause

    Yesterday, I was seated in between piles of books. Turning page after page, scanning line after line. But, something was off beat, my concentration. It seemed to have got lock down's hint. Like it too had self-quarantined.

    Amusingly I was not panicking, knowing it to be a bad omen.Everything seemed to have halted, determination to meet the target,Fear of falling off track, syllabus going incomplete. Everything paused, without my will.

    Before I suffer a nervous breakdown, I decided to collect myself, I could hear my uneven breath and looked around, hoping it was a dream, no reality.

    Right that moment, winds blew soothingly, slow and steady. The sky was black, white and grey. Unpacking my reality, it poured like skies were holding in them a lot of agony.

    I always had a liking for the rains, after the autumn, always. She seemed to have conspired, to bring my day to a pause, forcefully.

    For these days in isolation were not new to me, who held her space like a priceless possession. But amidst a race to unknown, undefined finish, I had forgotten my love for the clear skies, waiting eagerly for the moonlight and starlit sky.

    Day dreaming fearlessly, being free spirited and holding back nothing. Experimenting like it was my forte, discovering new interests, learning each day, growing day after night and list goes endless.

    It was time, I learned to pause, breathe, feel, lest everything be paused, forcefully. Where no opportunity be left to mend my way, negotiation a far fetched key.


  • hridaya 7w

    R E F L E C T

    A moment of pause and shutting down maze of thoughts
    glanced at the calm water.

    Reflecting what I have truly become.


  • hridaya 7w

    Random and undefined thoughts.

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    Until yesterday, I was an open book to be perceived.

    Ever since

    I was reduced to shards and my individuality tweaked with their inhibitions, I resorted to the mucky shelves


    Seldom I am dusted to be read as it is.