I write to ease my mind Writing is my therapy Enjoy reading it��

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  • hudarossly 5d

    Miracle doesn't happen in a blink of an eye
    You have to earn it

    01:19 Aug 8, 2020

  • hudarossly 1w

    I miss you

  • hudarossly 1w

    I remember someone asks a singer
    "Why so you make sad songs
    when people are already sad?
    It will make them more sad, right?"

    Even though it was for me to answer
    But, the question keeps on lingering my mind
    And I somehow agree with it.

    Someday out of the blue
    I got an answer for it
    "Sad songs are made for sad people because we don't have anyone to turn to, to tell how we feel..
    Even if we do, they may not understand how we feel.
    We turn to songs because they understand our feelings we can't express on our own
    Songs are just not not songs
    They are our companions
    We find companions in songs.

    01:14 Aug 1, 2020


  • hudarossly 1w

    The reason we get so attached to songs is that
    Songs understand our feelings
    more that people do
    and express things we can't put
    into words by ourselves

    01:00 Aug 2, 2020


  • hudarossly 4w

    I can't wait when I'm finally moving on
    It must be feeling liberated

    23:22 July 17, 2020

  • hudarossly 5w

    My dream is to be a bookworm.

    00:17 July 5, 2020


  • hudarossly 6w

    It could be us
    But God saved me
    and you

    19:55 July 3, 2020

  • hudarossly 6w

    I may have not changed physically
    But I've changed mentally
    In a good way and I'm loving it

    16:00 June 29, 2020

  • hudarossly 6w

    The best feeling is when after so many years
    you haven't met with each other
    They greet you with a warm smile

    18:20 June, 27 2020

  • hudarossly 8w

    Dear you-know-who-you-are,

    I couldn't live without you back then
    Don't be surprised because I still do
    But yet, you're not here with me
    I live, but I'm not living.

    15:35 June 19,2020