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  • huesome_words 1w

    And Mirakee, my love,
    I stare at your vast canvas, humbled

    The Sheer brilliance of art that you bear,
    Stand astound, wordless, soul bare

    And then sigh for all my words go mute
    As I wring my soul to pen a lovesome note.

  • huesome_words 2w

    There was an old wise woman,
    Who mastered the technique of zen,
    So skilled was she, when the wind blew
    Her hair stayed still and never flew

  • huesome_words 2w

    They had the love portions, stacked up in tall corked bottles,
    But no guile potions, even an ounce, was ever brewed;
    Laughing said the silvery haired chemist
    "Its inherent in them to cheat, why then waste the potion to infuse it "

  • huesome_words 2w

    Yearning on to chain in my wandering thoughts,
    They drag in sleepless nights and irksome morns

  • huesome_words 3w


    The hapless soul was long in search of the Heavens gateway. It roamed through the endless mazes, among the black forests infested with soul hunters,
    swam across depthless seas,
    crossed the land of balmy yet poisoned fruits,
    forsaking hunger, thirst and all desires;

    Strife, solitude, contumely, torment, fears and lies
    The soul fared on with nothing but the Heavens gateway in her weary eyes

    It knew the hell it had suffered, the love spend unreturned, the pain it endured unbattered;
    the soul was incorruptible, untainted, and aggressively passionate

    Although the mortals deceived it of a life well deserved, the gates would open up the stairway to heaven.

    Thoughts running wild and fears kicking alive,
    Something shining caught the souls eyes.
    The heavenly milieu ahead , surrounded by sweet charms ,mellifluous tones.

    Hopes anew and spirits high,
    It slowly took steps to the abode of radiating golden and silvery clouds;
    Stood there mighty and tall, awaiting the souls song
    The huge golden gates guarding the heavenly delights.

    Spell bound and astound, stood the soul wordless
    It collected its thoughts, revived the mind of its song.

    The soul whispered the distressing words, as its eyes turned teary, wet
    And as it sang, it slowly sobbed and heart waned
    It couldn't recollect the song bereft of the pain it endured
    With each word its voice faltered, slowly the knees weakened
    It miserably broke down at the gates, all hopes withered
    And hopelessly stared at the gates, unmoved and standing tall

    The path to heaven still barred but to sing ,it could do no more,
    Heaven afar, hell within and near
    Hell was absolute, the pains familiar
    The soul lay at the gates awaiting the fall,
    To the hell that calls, all again,once more.

  • huesome_words 3w

    MAD about MONDAY

    Sleepy weekends, blurry morns, long nights
    Drowned in boredom, dreary lone hours
    Do this and do that, bleed in soul fights
    Yearn on for timeouts and deadline spurs

    Come again mighty Monday lights
    Come light up the cold fireplace, heat up life
    The wet lone firewood I am, mired in plights
    Wait for the madness to spark the fiery drive

  • huesome_words 3w

    Curse, lie, cheat and pry
    If they deserve it, do it thrice.
    To nature, but be kind, act wise
    Spare a thought, dont live to die.

  • huesome_words 3w

    I whispered your words to the wind. Her wrath died down and the woods went still.