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  • hymnofthewind 3w

    Life flies by like the chilling zyphyr
    And I fall a autumn leaf in despair.

  • hymnofthewind 4w

    #blue_pov @bluepuppy01
    Pov of a burning book-

    The rising ashes
    Of my charred soul
    Burn like a million suns,
    Lost in the wind
    They die on altar
    Of morals and values.
    A sacrifice to the night,
    And days to come
    Which will pave
    Our way to freedom.

    With the black ink,
    Aflame the name
    Of the one who penned,
    The fiery stance.
    Alight the sleeplessness
    Of the weary soul,
    Who crafted the words
    That now I bore,
    We burn together,
    Lighting sore hearts.

    Icy zyphyr chills
    My spine, it feeds
    The tangerine flames
    Of pale prejudice.
    Fire sets me free
    And I burn forever,
    In the hearts of readers
    Who dared to delve
    In the murky pages
    Of two cents of truth.


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    It amazes me what humans can do,
    even when streams are flowing
    down their faces and
    they stagger on...
    - Markus Zusak (The Book Thief)

  • hymnofthewind 5w

    I open my eyes to the endless blue, there's no sun, no moon, no clouds to hide the overwhelming rains. Water tingles my insides as the river takes me in and then leaves, I'm unwanted. Yet it comes again, maybe to drink the tears falling effortlessly like the autumn leaves falling from the distant trees that witness my melancholy. Thier yellow edges blurred like a dream, yes, a dream it is. I can feel the eerie calm of the sky yet dizziness of my mind hums right here.
    Suddenly awake I get up, look around feeling every colour of this conjuring swirl in my chest. Feel the river, it's sapphire shades familiar to my heart's blue. I'm sitting cross-legged on a stone path joining the two banks. It's a little below the river's water level, little slippery, well, life has always been slippery. I'm at the mid I know, I know enough to tell that it ought to be this way.
    So I look at the two sides, one by one, the lucrative greens spread throughout the land with dandelion patches and smiling lavender petals. The sweet aroma lights up the surroundings even in the absence of sun. As I close my eyes it feels as if I'm one with the purple bloomers but my ecstasy. There's a tree, giant standing alone among these fields with a rope hanging down, dragging the branch with it's weight. It was once a swing, I remember I used to play there. But now it's a hanging tree with blood stains on the knot or so it seems.
    I turn to the other side and it's autumn gale caresses my rouged cheeks. I squint my eyes in hope to see clear but it's all blur. The more I focus on this side, an eeriness grows in my heart, there's something not right but I can't put my finger on it. The air feels familiar yet so distant. Second by second my heart yells louder, an instinct to fight, but I still can't figure out what is wrong.
    Tired of my futile efforts, I look away to find a huge wave about to engulf me. I try to get hold on the stones but it's like they've given up on me. The eeriness grows twisting my insides and I realize a little too late just before the wave hits me that I'm not breathing.
    I can hear the sea and it's waves. With a little hesitation I open my eyes to find that I'm in my room. My phone flashes the wake up alarm and the sound of waves fills my head again. I rush to open my window, longing for a glimpse of the sun. There are flickers of orange and red, the sun isn't up yet but it'll rise soon. I find solace in the sole cloud taking its morning stroll in the blue sky. There are more waves coming to drown me, higher, stronger than the last one. I know I might drown this time but I do what I know, no one taught me how, it is innate, I BREATHE.

    I tried.

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  • hymnofthewind 5w

    We carry a whole universe in our eyes,
    Yet look for reasons to smile.

  • hymnofthewind 6w


    We breathe in the sky,
    Claiming it all
    But fall short,
    Letting go of the dreams
    That once lit up
    The undaunted eyes.
    There's nothing we can
    Hold on to, forever.
    The roads we designed
    Are lost in the clouds
    And we are stranded,
    In realms of reality.

    Cacoethes of mind
    Drown in confusion,
    As we struggle
    To single out our thoughts,
    From the one's that
    Were breed to us
    By the society.
    Between the banks
    Of right and wrong,
    Our ethics flow in grey,
    Losing singularity
    In the race for superiority.

    We are illusionists,
    Painting rainbows
    Over our scars.
    Carrying cadavers
    Of buried souls
    That rest in graves.

    #creativec @writersbay
    My apologies for being late.

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  • hymnofthewind 7w

    Idk if it makes sense ��

    The static hums of erratic mind,
    Scribble truth in black ink
    On parchment of chaotic nights.
    The wind is tranquil and heavy,
    Echoing the accelerated heartbeats.
    Heartbeats of shadows which
    Mingle and melt into the space.
    Following the sun biding farewell
    To the souls sheltered under
    The subliminal clouded stars.
    As the kawaakari traces
    Ichor to the barren lands,
    Flowers bloom melody,
    To which the zyphyr dances.


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    Dancing in the dark

    Petrichor swivels in alleys,
    Painting thunderstorms
    And rainbows.

  • hymnofthewind 8w

    Random scribbling~

    The rise and fall
    Of ardent waves,
    A sea struggling
    For its domain.
    Tides are yet
    To take in the moon
    But sky is diving
    To share the weight.

    Nights pass by
    Immune to howls
    But sleep wanders
    On streets alone
    Amidst the wails,
    Waiting for day
    To paint blue
    Over its cadaver.

    Air flows, controlled
    And sun burns.
    Changes come, slow,
    Limits reduced to zero.
    The earth goes round,
    round over again.
    For stars are out
    Of its tiny reach.

    Attraction is
    A placid concept.
    Burden harboured
    Always drowns,
    Stars can't escape
    The pull of matter.
    Even light is restricted
    For its a dark space.

    The eternal truths
    Of space and time,
    Collapse to gravity.
    Mass compact enough
    Holds power to
    Swallow the world.
    And from what I know
    Gloom weighs a lot.


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    Tears dense enough with miseries
    Would someday rise above the sky.

  • hymnofthewind 8w


    When water gets above my head,
    All I need is to tune my guitar
    To the blue of the sky.

  • hymnofthewind 9w

    Breaths echoed
    In the room
    As he savoured
    The aftertaste of life.
    From the five feet of
    Space between,
    He looked an
    Apparition, fading
    Out in the silence
    Of his dimlit tales.

    His reddened pupils
    Traced the lines
    Dancing abruptly
    To his heart beats.
    And then suddenly
    Noticed my eyes.
    "I don't like meters
    Measuring my life."
    He whispered
    With a feeble smile.

    Peace resting on
    His curved lips,
    He threw the weight
    Of all his life,
    Into a distant void.


    Note: Five feet is in reference to 'Five feet apart'.

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    Distant deaths

    Five feet of space between us
    Grew into an endless void.

  • hymnofthewind 10w

    Colors appear in
    The black syllables,
    Frequencies of mind
    Often conjure
    rainbow chronicles.
    Pen flows tracing
    Rivers across
    Deserted life.
    Rise and fall
    Of hazel waves
    That the palette
    Furtively contains,
    Make the dusky sun
    Appear grey.
    Setting sorrows
    Moulded into
    Flowers wild
    Blooming splendor,
    That gleams as
    Stars at night.
    World looks
    A thousand shades
    Of riveting beauty
    When seen through
    Hues of a verse.

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