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  • hyperbola 4d

    And our frequencies didn't match.

  • hyperbola 1w

    उन सर्द- गर्म सांसों में,
    मैंने पतझड़ का सबेरा देखा।
    ख्वाहिशों के मकान को अपने,
    मैंने बारिशों में जलता देखा।।

    शब-ओ-रोज़ सूखे में,
    मैंने आसुओं का सेहलब देखा।
    रस्में - कसमें टूट गई सब,
    आज फिर खुद को लाचार देखा।।

    पतिंगा मेरा उड़ा आकाश,
    ना लौटना अब मुमकिन देखा।
    कुछ काश अधूरे है मेरे,
    उन्हे कभी ना पूरा होते देखा।।

    इब्तिदा से इंतहा का सफर देखा,
    मर जाऊंगा जो अब कुछ देखा।
    मर जाऊंगा जो अब कुछ देखा।।


  • hyperbola 2w

    To the one lost in the sky,
    whenever my phone vibrates, I check if its you..

  • hyperbola 2w

    Bestie is always reserved for you.

  • hyperbola 2w

    I'm unstable

  • hyperbola 2w

    ज़िंदगी मे मिले कई सिखाने वाले,
    कुछ सिखाने वाले, कुछ हकीक़त दिखाने वाले।
    जो मिला नहीं उसका गम क्या,
    कुछ चीजों से फासले ही लाज़मी है।।


  • hyperbola 3w

    And I stopped expressing.

  • hyperbola 3w

    I tried, and I failed again.

  • hyperbola 4w

    Mai udta parinda, bebaq sa,
    Besharam sa ,bekadar sa,
    Mai takdeer se,
    Kehta gaya achha hu me!
    Accha hu me, saccha hu me,
    Ye keh na saakaa,
    Aaj bhi baachha hu me.


  • hyperbola 4w

    16 Dec 2012,
    An incident that shook the whole nation.
    It took seven years to let her justice.
    But, Did the concern end?

    The annual statistical report for the leading years regarding the same are as follows:

    2019 31,755
    2018 33,356
    2017 32,559
    2016 38,947
    2015 34,651
    2014 36,735
    2013 33,707

    The no. of reported cases in the year 2012 for the same are 24,923, and the data for the year 2020 undercount. Moreover, most of the issues are left unreported due to various reasons. The curve kept increasing every year, and still, we do not have a solution for this nuisance.

    20 March 2020, the guilty for THE NiRBHAYA RAPE CASE were hanged, and the other day, the news channel had another news regarding the same.

    Whether we talk about 'Aunty Ji from Delhi Restaurant'( declaring the reason of rape as the length of the clothes) or 'The Bois LockerRoom Case' we need to keep in mind that we failed as a society.

    The fundamental problem begins right from the school, where the children are not taught about the good touch- bad touch; the education policy which does not include sex-education; the porn culture and much more.

    What do we do?
    We raised banners; we held candles.
    Anything except this?

    Basic solutions:

    1) Homeschooling - Irrespective of gender, one must be taught to respect everyone.

    2) Educating - Sex Education, Teaching about Good Touch,- Bad Touch.

    3) Law - [During the implementation of the Vehicle Act,2019, there was a drastic spike in the number of people wearing helmets.]
    If few strict laws. Including CAPITAL PUNISHMENT can make a person think on his decisions, won't this help decline the no. of rape cases? Since many criminals below the legal age, do not worry about strict punishment.
    [This implies not only the strict laws for the criminals but also the false accusations.]

    4) Implementation - A separate court/body to undertake trials for such cases which run on a fast track basis to avoid delay in receiving justice.

    What can we do as people?

    1) Most of the abusive slangs target a particular gender, find a solution to stop this.

    2) Be the people who report the wrong being done in any situations such as ' The Bois Locker room'.

    3) Be the man/woman who proves that not all men/women are the same.

    4) Seeing someone alone is not an opportunity to plan for a crime, It's a responsibility to safeguard them!

    'Understand and Implement!'

    Jai Hind.