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  • i_faha 14h

    Tell me where you've been to
    Nowhere that you shouldn't do
    Tell me what you're good for
    I can tell you something too
    Where have you been staying?
    Tell me what you're playing
    Hope it's not my conscience
    But it keeps complaining

    - One Life Stand, Hot Chip

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Now that you've turned me into you
    I wonder if you'd like yourself too

  • i_faha 1w

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    Girls and boys,
    Bring out your claps
    And make some noise
    (For the mother of metaphors lies disguised)
    in the next satirical take
    On the mirror that lies.

    Excuse the length on this poem. I know we are lazy on weekends. Also please excuse me, if I haven't responded back to the wonderful comments you leave me. I'm getting there soon, I promise ❤️

    #mirror #writersnetwork #mirakee #myreflection

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    21 megapixels

    Since selfie camera's took over mirrors
    objects in the rearview are clearer
    than they are supposed to be

    An Instagram hungry society
    feeds off its airbrushed reality
    shot in perfectly golden accent lighting
    the flaws conveniently hidden
    truth blurred in the background
    while we are conditioned to see
    a charade in HD

    Like pre wedding shoots in exotic locales
    while post wedding truths start getting stale
    campaigns tilted to the perfect viewing angle
    verity wilted until the truth lies mangled
    a cancerous spurt of showmanship
    where my reflections are no more mine
    with extra long lashes and puckered lips
    there's no beauty left in its design

    The truth is no more true
    since we upgraded from
    A mirror to a lens
    Sepia tinted hues
    of projections and pretense
    filtered to perfection
    framed with lies
    slowly and steadily, a reality dies

    And I find it really strange
    that we're oblivious to this change
    That every mirror is out of it's job
    for showing you not what you want
    but that what you are

  • i_faha 1w


    Do you still need an explanation
    A heart's chaos lies helpless & bereft
    And as if it's some consolation
    we hasten to leave before we're left

  • i_faha 1w


    Flying a kite
    is a skill
    delicately balanced
    on learning
    when to hold back
    & when to let go.

    I wonder if
    loving is a skill too.

  • i_faha 2w

    Happy Women's Day, Gorgeous..
    Belated Yes, Nevertheless ��

    #temporary #justforlaughs #FICTION
    #apologies #nooffensePC #sundayhumor #imaginetherest

    @vivekr_27 On your special request, sending you a few giggles ��

    #writersnetwork this one's not for you

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    Imagine the rest,
    NO, don't

    I have never met anyone so vested
    I could completely trust
    Most of them are simply interested
    in my booty or in my bust

    Some of them were far more patient
    And veiled themselves in sarcasm
    A shallow build up to frustration
    As I faked away every orgasm

    Next I turned into a cougar
    And bought myself a Nick Jonas
    He learned, while I was his tutor
    And the sex was simply a bonus

    And just when I felt,
    I spotted the perfect alpha man
    I triggered him below the belt
    And like a tailless lizard, he ran

    My love life seemingly pedestrian
    slumped down and let out a sigh
    I spotted two gorgeous, kissing lesbians
    And now, I know why!

  • i_faha 2w

    Should I be sad you haven't written or
    Should I be happy you haven't felt the need to write?

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Say something

    I'm feeling rather crappy
    break a tear, crack a smile
    Just hoping you're hale & happy
    you haven't written in a while


  • i_faha 2w

    To a friend,

    I've watched your story from far away. And I sincerely hope, I've done some justice to it.

    Sometimes destiny is cruel,
    We don't know whom to blame,
    but life's only constant rule,
    is nothing remains the same.

    @allbymyself tried a story

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    Not a lovechild

    "I'm pregnant", she said. All the courage Waqar had summoned uptil then, abandoned him in one swift go, knocking the air off his lungs.

    "Shit!" Waqar mumbled a little too loud, his head buried in his hands.

    "Aren't you happy, even a little?"

    "Our marriage is a compromise Reem, you know that too. The last thing we need now is a baby."

    "Maybe a baby would help. What if we are great parents?"

    "Without being a husband and wife first? Are you kidding me Reem? I'm already under a lot of pressure. Everyday I think of talking to Ammi and Abbu about us. I hear their happy voices and these words choke on themselves in my mouth. And then I look at us, at you, at me. Don't we deserve to be happy too? " Waqar was welling up with tears by now.

    "But I'm happy with you. Why don't you give us a chance? It's been two years to our marriage and we still sleep in separate beds."

    "Nobody knows that. And now you're pregnant. What am I supposed to tell your Maa? This wasn't supposed to happen Reem. You shouldn't have forced me that night. Who would believe me now? I thought I'd get you married to a better guy who genuinely appreciated you. God damnit!! "

    " I've always pictured you as my husband. Right from when I was 13. Abbu and Ammi, always treated you like a son. And now, when I'm carrying your child in my womb, you want me to marry someone else? "

    " and I've always pictured you as my sister. Someone I played hide and seek with, in summer vacations. And here we are, still playing hide and seek with each other. "

    " You should have said no, while you still had the opportunity. It's too late now Waqar. Please, please give us a chance. "

    " Reem, I'm not in love with you. Not the kind you want me to. Believe me, I tried. I always hoped time would bridge the distance between us. But it's just not working out. You come close to me and I'm repelled by these thoughts of our childhood. The guilt kills me and I long for normalcy. But I don't know what to do. This is not fair to either of us. "

    " Okay, then. Call Ammi right away. Tell her everything, then watch her having a heart attack like last time. Next, crush Abba's pride with your own spiked Nike feet. If that's what you want, I'll sign on any paper you tell me to."

    "Reem, I'm a coward. Why wouldn't you tell them I'm not a good husband? I promise you, I'll look after you till we find you a better man."

    "I love you, Waqar. I've only loved you since I've understood the meaning of love. And this love doesn't always need intimacy or reciprocation for it's validation. I could happily spend the rest of my life just knowing that you are breathing the same air as me, savouring every meal I cook for you. Watching you in fine details, loving you from far away, admiring you when you brush your wet hair with your hands, kissing the lilac shirt you leave behind in the laundry, watching you focus with crinkled brows, makes me fall in love with you everyday, while still hoping someday, you'd fall in love with me, with us.

    The other night could have been a mistake for you. But to me, a piece of you is now forever mine. And I can already feel it's warm embrace.

    Waqar, I can't write poetries like you. But I can definitely feel a poetry stirring within me. And if this isn't love, then I don't know what is? "


  • i_faha 3w

    Random, just like Mirakee notifications ��

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    What happened to good ol' romance?
    promises over clichéd sunsets
    coffee & sunrises on a lover's bed
    Love letters hand written
    a thousand times smitten
    read & reread
    nosy nibbles, stolen squibbles
    walking barefeet in
    puddles & drizzles
    sacrifices and compromises
    conversations with more eyes
    and fewer devices

    when did we get reduced to
    captions and posts
    parties and toasts
    open legs and loose tongues
    frozen eggs and black lungs
    freedom from commitment
    dragging towards an abrupt end
    dedicated insomniacs, partial maniacs
    A Tinder Tribe Tik Toking Trends -
    "Me before you, I do what I do
    Take it or leave it, quick to bid adieu"

    the more we learn, the less we give
    hostile, unconcerned, the less we forgive
    knowing too much, going too fast
    drunk driving at 140, these wheels won't last
    slow down, sober up
    wake up from this self imposed trance..
    and when you ain't feeling hung over
    Ask, what happened to good ol' romance?

  • i_faha 3w


    Who says poets can't be pretty too? And off late, it seems more than true ��

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    Your face looks
    like poetry,

    not like the one
    writing it.


  • i_faha 4w

    "Figuring out who people are takes time. And it takes twice as much time if they're trying to impress you." - Dr House

    How many fans of house, in the house? ��

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Everybody Lies

    Sometimes love
    Sometimes detest
    You bring out my worst
    And also my best

    Sometimes a rival
    Sometimes a buddy
    Pay attention Dr. House
    for I am your Cuddy