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  • i_faha 1w

    There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.
    ~ John F. Kennedy

    I'm not sure if this metaphor even makes sense ��

    #risk #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    If neither of us risk
    Both of us lose
    A tuxedo of illusions
    with a hole in its shoes
    With our heads held high
    we strut on the street
    But our minds are held captive
    by the pebble under our feet


  • i_faha 1w

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #expect #sixwordstory


    Birthdays are convenient excuses
    to strip away these
    lacey garbs of pride
    An opportune moment seduces
    frigid, fragile feelings
    to take a stroll outside

    And knock on doors
    that were once slammed close
    on your unassuming, blithe face
    With a crate from bookstores
    And a bouquet of paper rose
    to adorn an isolated bookcase

    Rationale holding us behind
    As we logically question
    these seemingly futile attempts
    A morale feels quarantined
    when it's awkward expressions
    are met with a hostile silence

    A fare well punctuated
    by subtle gaps of space
    through which a rapport often slips
    An affection understated
    strapped back in place,
    By words that won't forsake our lips

    Behind sheets of conveniences
    a conceited casanova resides,
    taking this world for granted
    Bottled repeats of grievances
    A supernova on the insides
    exploding into poetries, disenchanted

    And then you're left to wonder
    If the celebratory excuse is worth
    the erratic showers of stoned rain
    Swinging back to a blunder
    and almost giving birth
    to flowers of moistened feign

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    Birthdays are excuses to expect relapses

  • i_faha 1w


    Some humans shine
    like the high beam
    headlights of an
    oncoming, speeding car.

    First, you are dazzled blind
    Next, you are frazzled & left behind
    - A mangled mess of
    delirium, in the gutters

    This road is a circuit.
    Lower your gaze, hurry
    Before you're razed, scurry


  • i_faha 2w

    Morbidity is contagious, death is its cure
    Will somebody tell me, what's next in store?

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #death #morbidity

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    Bloody Fear

    How broken you must be
    to write with such an intensity
    Now, do you blame me
    If I'm scared of blood

    I saw my father
    blissfully asleep on the road
    in calming whites
    And I can't help but recall
    his fading face
    his forgotten voice
    The innocent, nine year old mind's noise
    that couldn't fathom
    how neat he looked that night
    Not a drop of blood in plain sight
    bearing witness to his lethal fall
    And since then
    I've been afraid of blood

    Of blood that flows
    Of blood that wouldn't
    Of blood that's close
    Of blood that shouldn't
    For they remind me
    that there is yet another life
    at the edge of a knife
    escaping out of it's body
    only not so subtly this time

    But you,
    you insist on slicing your skin
    of using your blood as your ink
    You choose not to heal
    for it's the pain that makes it real
    and along with your crimson blood
    black poetry effortlessly flows
    while I sit terrified
    with my mind & eyes closed

    Your brokenness is sharp
    it slices through the pages
    and slashes my pumping heart
    inspite of shielding cages

    But I don’t bleed anymore..
    A neat, clean end
    Just like my dad
    Pale and whitened


  • i_faha 2w

    Mamihlapinatapai - a look shared by two people, each wishing that the other would initiate something that they both desire but which neither wants to begin



    I dream of taking you on a date
    Dining on sparkling white, porcelain plates
    And savour you whilst you eat
    Ah, it would be such a satiating treat

    To watch your lips move up and down
    On cold, sterling silver spoons
    And a tongue that rolls around
    licking crumbs of absconding food

    I'd wear my favourite pendant
    that sparkles under an amber glow
    Creamy skin, a face resplendent
    And an ample of neck on show

    I'd pretend to hear you speak
    hastily filling empty spaces
    While an arousal hits its peak
    tasting the realest of our faces

    I noticed you wore my favourite blue
    With the sleeves rolled upto your wrists
    Courtesies dissed, while inhibitions flew
    And I picture an imminent kiss

    The Yaghans call it Mamihlapinatapai,
    The look that we share, as we clear the check
    Stop me, I'm fumbling with a goodbye
    As I lean ahead on the promenade deck

    An awkward hug highlights what's not confessed
    And I inhale your musky scent that lingers
    A backward tug fights retracing footsteps
    But you hold me back with your grazing fingers

    A look of silence and I follow it's cue
    Glassy eyes talk, and a heart understands
    Buried diamonds spilling like drops of dew
    As we trail on a walk, making love with our hands

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #romance

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    A look of silence and I follow it's cue
    Glassy eyes talk, and a heart understands
    Buried diamonds spilling like drops of dew
    As we trail on a walk, making love with our hands

  • i_faha 3w

    As I say goodbye to December 2038, possibly?

    #happynewyear #year #goodbye #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    I'm raw and unedited
    But I gave you my best words
    You read and discredited
    Dismissing it like a curse

    Ever since, I've written better and more
    and encouragement hasn't ceased to pour
    Featuring on magazines you'd never read
    Given interviews that ain't on your feed

    A million likes celebrate
    as I glorify your hate
    Crystal glasses clink
    but an ounce of your validation
    is still my favorite drink
    my favourite kink

    I've tasted success
    'cause I couldn't taste you
    And I'm still a hot mess
    reflecting if I'm sorry or grateful

    As I stand here on stage
    receiving my first booker
    All I can think of and rage
    if you're wifing another hooker

    Another year stealthily moves on
    And I was supposed to be long gone
    But in my unapologetic defense
    I'm milking future in the past tense

    Nobody warned me before
    As I close yet another door
    Endings don't serve a la carte
    Letting go and moving on
    may still live years apart

  • i_faha 3w


    You had to let me go
    For I couldn't let you stay
    But please change your photo
    Every Wednesday
    It gives me a little peace
    to learn you are doing well
    An unrest learns to ease
    When you look so damn swell
    I find you with a smile
    And a smile, smiles back at you
    It's been quite some while
    Won't you show me how you look?

  • i_faha 3w

    A long one after long! Forever indebted to writing, that always makes me feel better. Thank you dear Mirakee for always listening ❤️

    Reminders to myself

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #words #write

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    At times these words are much to bear,
    A design of alphabets that mindlessly stare,
    Still punch a hole through our hollow heart
    Right before the end, spiralling back to the start
    You wonder how quick they travel miles
    How a random hey converts to hopeful smiles
    And sometimes how a K simply ends it all
    With a catastrophic impact, for a word so small.

    Tattoos on skins of pages, they're here to stay
    In case you screw it up, redesign them another way
    Messups can be maneuvered and still made pretty
    Add a touch of humor, and make them witty
    Ensure the joke is funny, but not just to you
    Then sit back and observe, the magic that they do
    And there might be times, when they simply fail
    Swallow them whole, and step on the scale

    Weigh what you might have said, how it must taste
    Was it a platter of seafood, served to a vegan in haste
    No matter what intentions were, was it worth a grain of salt
    to the one wrongly served, is it fair to pick their fault?
    And its even worse to think that you were a bad cook
    A dish down in the sink, for all the troubles you took
    Pour out a little champagne, and serve yourself some love
    Warm up the meal that remains, not by sitting on the stove

    Now find a quaint corner, and write your anguish away
    Burn pages of broken honor, in the embers of your fireplace
    Holler the painful birth of new beginnings that'd set you free
    And its okay to be scared, but don't run from uncertainties
    For every senile choice was once an infant doubt
    A writer's favourite toys are when his ideas sprout
    from the seeds of regret, crawls creepers of knowledge
    Plant some alphabets into lush windows of foliage.

  • i_faha 4w

    There's a price to pay
    for seeking the love of a writer.

    He spins lies and it sings like a poetry
    And he weaves truth, and it's celebrated(dismissed) as a story

    #hindiwriters #shayari

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    Lekhakon se dil uljhaane ki apni hi sazaa hai,
    Ye jhooth bhi sajaate hai, toh shayari si lagti hai
    Aur sach bhi jataate hai, toh kahani si rachti hai


  • i_faha 4w

    All sorrows are less with food. ~ Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

    #food #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    I've been eating away
    your share of my words
    the 'I miss you' s
    the 'Are you okay' s
    the 'Can I call you right now' s
    the 'I wish you were here' s
    the 'show me how you look' s
    almost mindlessly
    ever since you're gone

    Ironically, Maa is relieved..
    flesh has finally
    snuck into the cheeks of
    her little skinny princess

    How do I even tell her?
    this emptiness is too much
    to bear, and I've been urgently
    cramming it with food.