A_Player A_foody "Your life can be change by only one person n that is you"

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  • i_m_gourav 1d

    Nature show us man
    nothing but a small insects
    living on this earth

  • i_m_gourav 3w

    Promise is like a glass
    when break it's hard to fixed

  • i_m_gourav 3w

    Sad part

    Sometime i am confused with myself
    everytime i think to grow up
    my past pull me back .

  • i_m_gourav 10w

    God when i am in path of knowing you
    Everything seems to be flase
    Everything is pervade in you
    Everything seems to be devotion

  • i_m_gourav 10w

    You love me but i never love you
    You care me but i never care you
    You know me but i never know you
    Even then you love me "GOD"

  • i_m_gourav 10w

    Two stranger
    Meet strangely
    Chat strangely
    Comments strangely
    Love strangely
    Live permanently

  • i_m_gourav 10w

    Life without
    Is like green matar
    without chilkha

  • i_m_gourav 10w

    Love feel only for one time
    after that it's hurt you
    like a rose
    "which seems beautiful
    distance but hurt
    when you touch it"

  • i_m_gourav 27w

    Great are those who have great vision
    Nothing can stop to success them
    Success has it own definition one can find it in own situation
    Life has different dimension.. choose which one you like
    It is ongoing process never stop to breath...misery is part of life don't be bondages of this


  • i_m_gourav 28w

    You educate a man, you educate a man
    You educate a women , you educate whole generation