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  • iam_flowkey 2d

    Back & Forth

    Why do we go 
    back and forth 
    with each other?
    When we know
    we love each other...

    Why not
    be apart
    for good?
    Why not 
    stay and
    be mature?

    Why not love 
    the way it was intended?
    Never corrupt!
    Never dishonest!
    Never envious!
    Never ending!

    Why not love
    for a purpose?
    Why not love just
    on purpose? 


  • iam_flowkey 2d

    Someday we will fly

    you are the car I take
    to leave this place
    the midnight moon
    casting shadows on my face

    the light in the distance
    that calms my fears
    the excitement I feel
    as a new day nears

    the catch in my voice
    as I say good bye
    the sorrows I have 
    the reasons I cry

    the breeze I feel
    as the window goes down
    the beauty I see
    as I leave this town

  • iam_flowkey 3d

     As we build these dreams on sand how they all slip through our hands

    you sit there looking blank
    no emotion on your face
    I regret even more 
    ever staying in this place

    you only start to care
    if I ever try to leave 
    you tell all these tales 
    that I never did believe

    I wish it were easy to run
    but it's so easy to stay
    I've given up hopping
    that i'll ever walk away

    I dont have the strength
    to be on my own
    this has become harder 
    than I ever could have know

  • iam_flowkey 3d

    Half the time the world is ending, truth is I am done pretending

    I fell for you today
    as you calmly starred out my windsheild
    and I admired your compassion
    you rubbed my legs
    as we cruised down that highway
    you were so relaxed 
    you sing to yourself
    one hand resting on the wheel
    the silence is comfortable
    nothing has changed
    but I fell for you today
    that drive was amazing 
    but you would never know
    we are just friends
    the very best of friends
    you are so much yourself
    it makes me wonder 
    will I meet your expectations?
    will you let me in?

  • iam_flowkey 3d


    Standing at the crossroads 
    Not knowing which way to go 
    the path to choose 
    Windows to open 
    There is so much unknown

    You don’t know the path before you
    Which one will be the best 
    Do you drop everything 
    Leave the life you know 
    And see what’s next?

    In the end,
    As long as I try my best 
    I know I can find happiness 
    I make my life the way I want 
    Only I... can make my dreams come true 

    I am growing older 
    My life has changed 
    I should be proud of who I am becoming 
    And that is all I need 
    to put a smile on my face

  • iam_flowkey 4d

     Life of Hustle and Bustle

    Look around
    Deep inside,
    The side of yourself you couldn't find and 
    You might just be surprised,
    Before your own demise,
    That you could come to find
    The potential that lies inside
    Of your own mind.

    Slow life down and 
    You may see
    What beauty lies within "we";
    The bond that's shared
    That this life for me
    Is not all it's cracked up to be,
    A view that may also
    Be shared by you while
    Looking at your own life
    From your own point of view.
    Don't think I get it?
    I totally do.
    Because, get this:
    I'm human too.


  • iam_flowkey 4d


    I stare off in the distance 
    Hoping to find you
    But all I find is darkness
    And a blanket of wind
    Covering me whole
    But I don't feel whole inside
    The longer you're gone I feel pain
    Eating me from the inside out
    Leaving me to bits
    I wish to feel whole again
    Could you be my friend to keep
    You've ran for miles
    Wanting to abandon me
    I'm buried deep
    Within this sand of hurt
    It has swallowed me upwards from my feet
    Swallowing me whole
    Enduring this choking pain
    Wrapped around my neck like gift paper
    But I still have faith in your return
    That one day
    We will connect again 
    Refilling the void that's missing

  • iam_flowkey 1w

    A Silence

    I came from within,
    not from the seashore
    lives, where there is no grudge
    and meditation is my main source
    calmness but that is my only part
    I am vast like a universe,
    deep like an ocean 
    reflecting inner comeliness,
    breath me within 
    gasping stillness in one's mind
    I may be easy at one instant
    but capturing me
    need dedication, then,
    I will make you rich
    your soul will be mine,
    enriching your mind with all my believes 
    regardless of what circumstances are
    I am Silence
    you will feel my power
    when I amble,
    everything became standstill in no time
    seize me 
    I welcome you dear
    let's see
    who owns me

  • iam_flowkey 1w

    Is it too much to ask ? 

    Is it too much to ask ? 
    For a little peace of mind 
    Send my anxiety off to vacation 
    Replace it with confidence 
    Send me on a path to happiness 
    Tired of the storm's.
    I need sunshine 
    Tired of faking the smile 
    Hiding my sorrow with laughter 
    I don't think I'm asking for too much
    I just want. peace of mind 
    Is it too much to ask ?

  • iam_flowkey 1w


    I had thought us happy but your contempt changed that
    I’ll never know why you became so bitter, full of scorn
    You said you felt trapped, weary even
    That my desire made you feel resentful , miserable
    so you alienated me from everyone making me lonely

    Frustration and irritation made you a monster
    You caused me to feel  nervous, overwhelmed by your hatred
    I was so bewildered and sad, i’d tried to make you happy
    i wanted so much to keep us together but you almost broke me

    The lies that poured from your lips was shocking
    You made me feel so ill , stunned and disgusted
    Little did you know that everyone would see through your deceit
    and tell the world what you really were.