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  • iam_ssk 3w

    Ammi I Wish You Were On Mirakee, For I Would Have Surely Tagged You


    Your Calm Disposition Perfectly Complemented Dad's Aggressive
    Outlook On Life.
    Thank You For Showing Me The
    Beauty Of Balance In Life.

    Isn't My B'day, It's Yours.
    I Wasn't Born Today, It Was You.
    I Didn't Bear The Pain Of 206 Bones Breaking At Once, It Was You.
    I Didn't Die 100 Times At The Hospital Bed,
    It Was You.
    I Didn't Suffer The Body Wrenching Pain,
    It Was You.
    I Didn't Fight For 100s Of Battles That Day,
    It Was You.
    I Didn't Fight For Hours For A Single Breathe, It Was You.
    I Was In The Sweet Heaven,
    While You Were Suffering From Hell
    To Bring Me To This World.

    You Never Stood For Me When
    My Sweet Annoying Older Sibling
    And Strong Younger Sibling Wanted
    To Take Undue Advantage Of Me.
    But Thank You For Teaching Me What
    Happens When You Are
    Voiceless To Voice.

    Debts Can Be Cleared; Loans Can Be Repaid And Loses Can Be Made Up For.
    I Obviously Can Never Ever Have The Ability To Repay All That You've Done For Me,
    Which Is Why On This Big Day Of Mine.
    I Pray For Peace, Sound, Health And Happiness In Your Life.

    PEACE- For You Need It Desperately
    SOUND- For You've To Shout On Us.
    HEALTH- For If You Aren't Healthy Then How Will You Shout On Us.
    HAPPINESS- For They Say Mom's Happiness Lies In Kid's, And My Happiness Lies In Chocolates, Nutella, Ice Cream, Cookies ����And The List Goes On And On����

    Just Like You Are Not Supposed To Have A Favourite Child, But You still Have.
    (My Brothers)
    I'm Not Suppose To Have A Favourite Parent. But Between You And Abbu.
    Let's Say You Get A Lots Of Hugs From Me...
    And Most Importantly You Are
    My Secret Diary.

    No Matter How Old I Get, You'll Always Be My Rock And The Person I Run To When I Need A Shoulder To Lean On.

    You are Always A Good Mother To Me Even When I'm At My Worst.
    And I'm Worst Every Day.

    Even Though I'm Getting Older; I Find I Need You More Then Ever. There's Nothing Like Your Warm Hugs ����
    Though I Get Very Rarely...
    More Specifically On My Birthdays����

    Now That I'm Older, I Want To Say Thank You For Not Giving Me Off In The
    Name Of "MARRIAGE"
    I Know It Is Very Tempting And
    No One Can Blame You Though.

    Thank You For Nurturing Me.
    Thank You For Passing On Your
    Traits To Me.
    Thank You For Everything.
    If I Start To Count All Those Things That
    You Have Done For Me.
    I Won't Be Able To Finish It By
    My Next Birthday.

    I'm Your Princess Right
    But You Are My Angel.
    My Guiding Star.
    The Light Standing At The Darkest Tunnel Of My Life, And Enlightening It.

    You Are The Sunshine To My Dusk.

    I Can Never Ever Compensate What You Have Done For Me.
    Even If I Try By Giving Away
    The Last Droplet Of My Blood
    And Last Gram Of My Flesh,
    It will Be Mere Dust.
    For That The Last Drop Of Blood And The Last Ounce Of Flesh Is Nurtured By You...
    It Belongs To You.

    Your Unofficial Favourite Daughter


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  • iam_ssk 5w

    Today I Happened To Pick The Pen To Pin Down Something Beautiful....But Ended Up Writing 'Bout You.

    P.S. Thank You For Love And Support
    300+ Followers
    Love You BEAUTIFUL People
    Thank You @mirakee


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  • iam_ssk 7w

    You Deserve Flowers At Your Doorstep,
    And Coffee In The Morning.
    You Deserve Notes Left On Your Dashboard,
    And Ice Cream Sundae At 3 A.M.
    You Deserve Honesty Everyday,
    And To Be Kissed Every Hour.
    You Deserve To Be Remainded How
    Beautiful You Are.


    Thank You @khanjaseera For Making Me A Part Of Your Mirakee Family. And @wild_aish You And Your Posts Are Great.
    Thank You Beautiful People For Tagging Beautiful People Who Deserve This @urwahh
    @mystic_soul @sparkling_ @carefree_07

    And All The Other Beauties Out There Who Tagged Other.. And I'm Sorry I don't Remember Your Usernames..So Forgive Me.

    And This Is My First Post That Has Got Enormous Likes, Compelling Comments And Staggering Reposts In Such A Short Period Of Time.


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    P.S. Tag The Person Whom You
    Think Deserves This.

  • iam_ssk 9w

    Where Everyone Was Busy
    Stitching Their Hearts...
    She Was Busy Finding That
    Thread That Connects Her
    To Her Soul.


  • iam_ssk 12w

    You Are So Hard On Yourself.

    Take A Moment.

    Sit Back.

    Marvel At Your Life

    At The Grief That Softened You.
    At The Heartache That Wisened You.
    At The Suffering That Strengthened You.

    Despite Everything

    You Still Grow

    Be Proud

    Of This.

    © iam_ssk.

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    Take A Moment.

  • iam_ssk 14w

    Dad's Princess

    You Don't Need A Prince Charming
    To Be A Princess
    You Just Need A Father
    Whom YOU Treat As
    A King


  • iam_ssk 15w

    Her Life Was Black N White
    Until He Filled It
    With Colours
    When He Left
    He Made It Gray.


  • iam_ssk 16w


    The More She Gets To Know Him
    The More His Existence
    Confuses Her

    He Is That Riddle
    That She Is Dying
    To Unriddle.


  • iam_ssk 16w

    I Wish I Could Say This To My Teacher����

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  • iam_ssk 22w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short write-up on Forward

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    Move On.....