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  • iamagar29 12w

    Real or Simulation

    Why are we still here ?
    Is it reality or a simulation
    Is it humans or aliens we should fear
    I can't believe this BS it's like i am on a mission
    Without the intermission
    To look the world with a third eye vision
    Are we real, is it true what we feel or somebody controlling us without our permission
    I am on a rant since i was an infant
    Questioning believes and facts
    God.. do you hear me god? I guess nobody listens through a USB Cord

  • iamagar29 59w

    Us gaali

    Us galli se jana chod dia humne
    Jaha se gujarne ke bahane dhunda karte the hum
    Wo hi sath na raha jisko apna samajhte the hum
    Assuo me bandke humne b nikal diye saare gum
    Ab umang bhar k nikal pde hai kisi aur k vaaste
    Khoj lenge koi nayi gaali aur b hai raaste

  • iamagar29 62w


    I want this to be eternal
    Why this has to end ?
    But may be it has to
    Because "friend" ends with end
    Or we can bend rules for this one or we can make it endless
    Because I don't mind being my friends less
    I prefer quality over quantity..diamond over coal
    I can do anything for them all
    Coz i when i ask for Fam god said say no more

  • iamagar29 80w

    Wo aii ese zindagi me
    Jese rehemat barsi ho khuda se
    Uski baate itni hasheen
    Mujhko mera gum bhula de
    Itni mohobaat mujhse kare
    Mujhe khushi se rula de
    Bs khuda itni rehem kar kitni karam de
    Wo meri hi rahe har ek janam me

  • iamagar29 87w


    Karu me Qubool kyu is sachai ko ?
    Kyu me khud apni sachai na likh saku
    Tu meri na ho sake zindagi bhar ke liye
    Isliye tujhe tukdo me pyaar karta hu
    Ye ehesaan pyaar ka na khul ke bta paunga
    Tbi 6up 6up ke pyaar karta hu
    Chupana meri mjburi hai kamjori mt samajh meri jaan
    Darta hu is paapi duniya se tujhe na bcha paunga
    Lekin naaz hai mujhe hum dono pe
    Me saato janam tujhpe hi marta jaunga

  • iamagar29 98w

    Are we destined to be ?

    Is this the path i chose or it was destined to be ?
    Are we going through a scripted life or we really free ?
    I guess we will never now or will we ?
    So many things going inside this head can you feel me ?
    That the only question i have till i die
    Is this all real or just another lie

  • iamagar29 101w


    Passively the soul drifts away from the body
    Eventually the body dies but the soul lives on forever
    Looking for a new body and ready to tap that reset button to erase old memories

    -A Person Really Dies When We Stop Thinking About Them

  • iamagar29 106w


    Some people come some go
    My life is a puzzle that i can't solve
    I wish i had a button to undo, it all
    And start my life from the start
    I just want to drop the T (tension) and be a star
    But i am fighting it all like i am soldier in a war
    This verse cant have a title
    I feel i am loosing my life loosing my vitals
    Am i fighting for love or against it ?
    May be I am looking for that perfect piece to fit,
    In this puzzle.

  • iamagar29 106w

    Girl with a Devil Smile

    She is the god's favourite child
    Her beauty got people go wild
    She is an angel without any flys
    Guys were ready to see that beauty
    They were ready to walk a thousand miles
    Her smile was pure making other girls go envy
    They just hated her so bad still faking being friendly
    So just to make them feel good inside
    They call her girl with a devil smile.

  • iamagar29 107w

    Dead or Alive ?

    Am I Dead or Alive ?
    Am I living in the dream of lies
    Coz when I open my eyes I see world changing everytime
    I wish this world was like wine, getting better with every minute passing by
    But its getting worse and worse like its the curse of 666
    Saw the news today all i saw was robbers rapers and terrorists
    If its a dream I want it to be ended
    Dead or Alive ? Doesn't matter
    I want this shit to be done with