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  • iambri 1w


    Lonely are those beautiful eyes of yours,

    Loving is your pure heart that needs a cure,

    Severe is the deep down you that they ruin more,

    Howling are those pain and wounds you get to endure


  • iambri 1w

    It's okay

    It's okay to keep hurting, at least you keep on learning.

    It's okay not to always smile.
    It's okay to sometimes cry.
    It's okay to feel the pain at times.
    It's okay to feel down at some point.

    But it's okay also even if you feel and do those things a lot.

    It's okay that everything is difficult for you, at least you've learned everything the hard way. It would be harder if you learned the easy way, right? Things will be hard to do for you once you got everything out of your control or you step out on the real battle already.

    Not everything can learn from school, but there are things you can only learn from school.

    But it's okay if you get things out of balance sometimes.

    But you have to learn to get back on your feet to keep facing your track.

    I know, it would not be easy.

    There is no easy.

    There is no easy way.

    But if you keep that journey gradually, I swear it's worth the sweat, the tears, the hardships, the scars that you've got from all of it, because you'll be stonger than who you could ever think of yourself to be.


  • iambri 1w

    The saying

    I heard the saying, keep loving until you don't love that someone anymore.

    I am one of the people who proved it right.

    I kept doing it until I don't feel it anymore.

    I give away all the love for him and for myself until I don't have anything to give anymore.

    That method is pretty difficult to go through and overcome, but it's worth it.


  • iambri 2w

    Right one

    You're somewhere beneath the sky,

    Just not sure where you exactly lie


  • iambri 9w


    There's nothing to bring up. Why? Do both of us fear everything will get messy again?

    But atleast, we're giving it a try.


  • iambri 9w


    Will I ever feel it again?

    The rhythm of fast heartbeats. The excitement. The thrill. The nervousness.

    It was all gone. Why? Do I don't feel the same about you now?

    Am I really just lost for a company?

    I still want to share things with you, but I don't know if you will ever be interested anymore.

    Maybe, you also feel the same thing like I feel right now.

    Maybe, yours were gone as well.

    So, maybe, yes, we are not really meant for each other.


  • iambri 9w


    You're just fragile, you're not weak.

    They do not have the right to name you weak by your weaknesses, because those are the ones making you strong.

    You wouldn't be you, if it was not because of your characteristics. One person contains weaknesses and flaws. You are not going to be you, if you're not being yourself. You are you and you are different among others. You are unique. You are only made to be you. You are made to be unique. You are perfect as you, as being yourself.

    That is why, naming you weak by your weaknesses are nonsense and nothing but stupidity, because at the very beginning, they also have weaknesses like you.

    It's like also pointing out to themselves.


  • iambri 9w


    You're still a blessing.

    Because of you, I am learning.

    I know how much I am dumb about making decisions, especially about making decisions in my own life.

    I'm still thankful, I have not ended up with you on that early stage of my life.

    There is clearly a small chance for us to take long.

    We were both childish back then and until now, we are showing childishness.

    There are things that we can not overcome until now.

    I can't imagine if we ended up together for a while. It wouldn't end up good for sure.


  • iambri 10w


    Strong, I am strong.

    Even without anyone beside me,

    I can make it on my own.

    I have been through a lot and so much of life.

    I will never give up just like that.

    I will make it even I'm all alone.


  • iambri 10w


    It's like you don't have plans of introducing yourself to me. Maybe, you will never will.

    That is our biggest challenge.

    And I can't be with someone whom I don't know who and does not have plans on giving himself to me.

    Is this one sided love all along? Maybe, yes. Did you just picked me for my outside features? Is that it?

    That's fine. I am accepting the reality now.