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  • iamgroot_ 1w

    जब जानना चाहा तेरे एहसासों को
    तू गुलाब सी महकती नज़र आयी
    खुदा भी झुक जाए तेरे कदमों में
    तू इस कदर मन को भायी..

    सोचा कई दफा,तेरे दुखों से रुबरु हो जाऊँ
    पर तूने हल्की मुस्कान ही दिखाई
    न चेहरे पर शिकन, न जुबां पर शिकवा
    तू इतनी अदब और खुशमिजाजी कहाँ से लाई..

    तू छांव का सुकून और धूप का तेज है
    रात न मिटा पाए जिसे, वो परछाई है
    सिर्फ दरियादिली का सागर नहीं,
    प्यार जो बांटे हर पल, वो गहराई है..

    तू भगवान नहीं, फिर भी भोर से अधिक शांत है
    तूने चंदा से ज्यादा खूबसूरती पाई है
    तू खुशबू, प्रेम, एहसास, नेकी और खुशी है
    शायद इसलिए तू "माँ" कहलाई है........

    Happy Birthday MAA


    मैं मानता हूं दुनिया का कोई
    रिश्ता छोटा या बड़ा नहीं होता
    पर मेरी मां के बराबर कोई
    और खड़ा नहीं होता।

    मेरे इंतजार में खुली आंखों
    से बस वही सो सकती है
    मेरे दुख में मुझसे ज्यादा
    बस वही रो सकती है।

    माथा चूम के मुकद्दर बदलने
    का जादू उसी को आता है
    और उसी का हाथ है जो
    thermometer से ज्यादा
    correct temperature बताता है।

    मैंने मोहब्बत की तमाम किताबें
    पढ़ डाली पहले पन्ने पर मां
    का ही नाम लिखा था वह
    मुझ पर तब से जान देती है
    जब pregnancy strep
    पर लकीर बन के दिखा था।

    हिसाब लगा कर देखो लो
    दुनिया के हर रिश्ते में कुछ
    अधूरा आधा निकलेगा,
    एक मां का प्यार ही है जो
    दूसरों से 9 महीने ज्यादा निकलेगा।
    -Manoj sir

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  • iamgroot_ 3w

    You in my imagination

    My imagination turned wild
    I made you true in my head
    You were beautiful and kind
    So perfectly defined
    Physically so similar
    But in fantasy, you were divine
    One of the kind.

    I like my mind's craft
    Not you, you are too human
    When I see you in contrast
    You don't hold a flame
    You are not the same
    You are not who I crave.

    You never hurt me with words,
    Actions are very just, 
    And you care about me,
    Not you, but the one in the head
    You are not even a shadow
    In her bright light,
    But she makes me sad too
    By not existing in this world
    © Gautam

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  • iamgroot_ 9w

    For everyone who had a bad year...

    I know you're feeling like it's falling apart and now it started to terrify you.

    You're now in college but you are still processing 2020. Those people who assured never to leave now no longer together. The person you liked in your school is not the same now.

    And you whisper 'how time passes out' and you keep wondering where did the time go? People come and go and now everyone is talking about the New year's eve and you can't help it but fake the enthusiasm because you don't want to be judged by this generation that has glorified the 'fake it till you make it'
    Nothing has changed it's the same blurry mess and you're surrounded by the piles of deadlines and unopened messages and cancelled plans of friends who want to see you. How do you tell them that you're not depressed that you're not romanticizing your sadness, you're just tired.
    There will be days when your sadness consumes you. There will be struggles There will be disappointments but there will be days when you'll laugh so much that your stomach would hurt.
    But just believe in yourself, the upcoming days will fill the cracks of your heart, and you're reminded that you're not alone because you're loved, all of us are. Someday you'll find love, stop rushing so hard to find it, relax don't rush yourself out by chasing someone who doesn't care. You're not half, you're a whole. There is more to life than someone who makes you question your self-sufficiency.

    Alone or not we are all together in this and there's still warm days to come
    The bad news is to shall pass... Celebrate the endings, for they precede new beginnings. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right...

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    To everyone who had a bad year...

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  • iamgroot_ 9w

    Our upbringing contains so many diversities,
    But, the soil, the root is same.
    We budded with same love,
    Mingling so beautiful memories,
    Residing in home with so many corners,
    But, earth is same.
    So many efforts we do to survive,
    But our air is same
    Unlimited pros and cons we deal with,
    But our heart is same.
    Our sacrifices, our dedication for eachother,
    Is in our genes,
    We love, we fight,
    We argue, we angry,
    But,the prevailing of blood is same...

    Lot of love @_nida_

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  • iamgroot_ 9w

    My first Collaboration with the beautiful and brilliant writer @/colourfulgreys (Jaya Di)

    First part is written by me and second part by @colourfulgreys


    In times of trouble and insanity,
    I carry masks to disguise
    the pain I carry
    secure behind my eyes.

    I can never let out again
    the misery I hide.
    To hell with my dignity,
    to hell with my pride.

    From this day forward,
    and forevermore, 
    I will mount this mask
    that will be my lore.

    Am I really sane,
    When i don't see no hope
    Will you still hold
    me close as i am so cold.

    Do you think it matters where i am,
    when you're not by my side
    for me to hold.

    The sun sets and i see you when its dark.
    Maybe that's why

    No reaching out when i am weak,
    no solace that i seek.

    When you look for answers,
    when you say your prayers,
    all you will see are masks,
    and no pain that I bare.

    My first collab #groot_j_collab

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    ©iamgroot_ & @colourfulgreys

  • iamgroot_ 9w

    It's okay...

    And if you're having one of those dark days
    Its okay,
    It's okay to feel that darkness,
    And its okay to remember it and miss it and hate it and love it, You see when you are in that darkness you wanna sit there and wait for the light to come, and at some point i think we all hit that moment in life where things are just not going how you thought they would go and its okay to wish it never happened and at the same time to wish it never stopped and and if you've got in your mind that that you think that people don't understand, Its okay they don't... but you do, you know darkness, You know evil but more important than that you know good, When you are in that darkness it feels uncomfortable but you can't wait, sitting in that darkness the only way out is to steps forward face your dread to become your own life because the truth is that you never gonna feel ready to make these changes you are never gonna feel like doing them but you can always make a decision that's always in your control, is it going to be easy to be changed, no its not gonna be easy... You won't work harder you won't get up earlier and what stay later you don't push past the people who doubted you , that you hated on you, its okay... Just gotta remember hold on to that fundamental quality of faith , You take a crash, you get back up and next time you succeed and that's a great feeling.

    remember and learn from it ,rejoice and celebrate in the present , reimagine the future and on the other side of your pain is something good and, and
    If you are victimized by your thoughts you're victimized by your bust and there's another great union thing it is use memories but don't allow memories to use you, Stop stressing,Give rest to the problems weighing you down, might not be tonight ,tomorrow or the next day… but every thing gonna be ok
    Tell yourself it's okay... It will be okay...

  • iamgroot_ 10w

    चैन से कैसे सो सकता हूँ मैं, मैंने नींदे बेचकर कुछ ख्वाब खरीदे हैं।

  • iamgroot_ 10w

    How about meeting for the first time, all over again and learn to accept each other the way we are?

    How about not worrying about the future and hold each others' hands without promising a forever but a promise to be there in the bad times?

    How about embracing each other and not letting go of each other this time.

    So, Let's rewrite our stars and remove faults in them, can we?

    Can we fall for each other like the way we did before?

    So, let's rewrite our stars and remove faults in them, can we?

    Maybe we'll hit it this time and maybe not

    Maybe this tears won't be the outcome of what we're putting ourselves into.

    Maybe our happiness does lie where we lost it and maybe we'll find it this time.

    So for this let's rewrite our stars and remove faults in them, can we?

    Let's rewind and share the touch for this time.

    Let's make our blushes imprinted on each others' mind.

    Let's walk again, hand in hand, for a mile.

    So for this let's rewrite our stars and remove faults in them, can we?
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Let's meet again, can we?


  • iamgroot_ 10w

    Thanks for the like @writersnetwork

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    •Who taught you to unlove yourself so sweetly that you actually thought it tested good?

    ~The universe took its time on you

    Crafted you to offer the world

    Something different from everyone else

    When you doubt

    how you were created

    You doubt an energy greater than us both...