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  • iammine 4w

    Tere jane ke bad
    Teri yaad itni kyun aati h

    Abhi tak kyu bas gallery me tha
    Ab jo tu chla gya h to tujh wallpaper bnane ki chah aati h

  • iammine 4w

    I am not searching for my 'the one' for years now,
    I fall for some guy
    And then he also likes me
    We talk and strengthen the bond,
    Technically we can live without each other
    But just that he takes the essence of my day with him, as he goes or I send him away

    Loneliness, vulnerability
    Two feelings showcasing the weakness of my heart
    As we break up,
    But, I make same mistake
    Again, and again
    And yet again.

    I learn that I can't tolerate this or that of him,
    But I dig my hole and hug someone else's arms
    Again, and again
    And yet again.

    I cry, I isolate
    After every long or small relationship,
    I feel in the moment that this is beautiful
    This moment should go on forever
    But I never search for my 'the one'

    I am always between better people
    Keeping my search for life partner aside
    I don't know why I treat my dating life and marriage prospect so apart
    Is it lack of confidence in myself,
    Or him, or fear of getting caught being so responsible for my own life?

    Memories and moments are so beautiful in the beginning,
    The immature being in me expects things to go like this for God knows how long,
    However some day I need to commit, marry and blossom plants
    But does this mean I ain't ready for love
    Or life?
    Or I am just a lonely wreck, who firsts let him fall in love with me
    And leave him by giving rational thesis about the right thing.

    Nobody likes giving hard times to their love interests,
    But I do it anyhow,
    And also cry myself out at the same time
    For the sins I deliberately do,
    Again and again,
    And yet again.

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    Deliberate sins

    Nobody likes giving hard times to their love interests,
    But I do it anyhow,
    And also cry myself out at the same time
    For the sins I deliberately do,
    Again and again,
    And yet again.

  • iammine 6w

    Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega, jese mein karti hun.

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    Dearest past,

    Demise of him hurts me
    But resemblance of him to you hurts me more
    No, you are not dead and I hope not for the next 60 years
    And I so hope you never feel dead inside.
    The day I left you
    I feel I snatched away the key to your happiness
    But you know, we were losing our love amidst those uncontrollable situations
    Maybe I am someone not to be trusted,
    Or maybe you are someone too insecure to have faith in your own feelings
    Not matter what the reason was, I pray that you come across someone who love you for the amazing and lovable person you are.
    I know you will never ever lose hope on life
    But I miss you when I watch his eyes twinkle on TV while smiling,
    I remember you when his eyes says it all, just like yours, so starry
    You both look so alike that I mourn for him
    But end up missing us.
    You, my dear past,
    I am sorry for all the losses you have borne on your shoulders
    I, a no one in your present will always pray for your happiness and wellness in all situations
    You have made me feel loved
    You have unintentionally given me the boost to look myself in the mirror and adore my beauty
    You have done enough, maybe not as a life partner but as a partner
    I hope you are not hard on yourself, like you used to be
    I have utmost faith in you
    Love is going to be there for you, if not the materialistic version of society
    I am sorry, for being the one who may have demotivated you somehow
    I am sorry, for breaking your heart for saving mine
    I am writing this as an anonymous writer,
    Coz what time has tried to heal
    Would be disrupted if I send you my heart open in whole.

  • iammine 8w

    I smile so wide

    I smile,
    I smile so wide,
    When I dream of having you in my life.

    I smile,
    I smile so wide,
    When I think of you brushing your lips against mine.

    I smile,
    I smile so wide,
    When I come home late and you wait for me to have dinner and wine.

    I smile,
    I smile so damn wide,
    When I catch you staring at me in the morning's shine.

    I smile,
    I smile so wide,
    When I imagine my life been so beautiful in your arms every night.

  • iammine 8w

    You are one of the those, whom I miss in the daytime.

  • iammine 8w

    P.s I love you

    Mujhe jana hoga tujse dur
    Kyuki ye waqt hmara nhi h
    Hmare dil ek hona chahe
    Par zindagi ke kadi koi aur bandhna chahti h

    Tu jese mjse mila
    Na jane kyu mila
    Tu na milta
    To m aj is asmanjas me na hoti
    Ki zindagi jeene ka naam h
    Ya kaatne ka

    M umeed karti hu
    Iske aage ke safar me
    Hume ek dosre se jyada
    Pyar karne wale humsafar mile
    Par hum jesa nhi

    Ye jo khashmkash h dil ki
    Ye jo uljhane h ek khushnuma kal ki
    Kyu tera isme hona mumkin nahi
    Kyu tu meri mohabbat hoke
    Bhi mera jaani nhi

    Achi khasi baithi thi m
    Ummedo se muh fulaye
    Ki na ayega koi mjh ab fir lubhane wala
    Kyu tune dastak de fir taar ched daale

    Han mjh tumse mohabbat h
    Teri us aawaz se
    Us ehsas se
    Jo mjh fir pyar pe yakeen dilata h
    Jo mjh fir ikraar ke naam pe behka sa jata h

  • iammine 8w

    Times started to fly,
    As we continued to talk,
    Status changed from strangers to friends.

    It clicked just the right way,
    As what people call, the gut feeling, the connection.

    Days went by,
    love started to grow stronger,
    Texts comprised of both laughs and confessions.
    Nights became the prettiest,
    Not because the planet has found his moon,
    But for the gravitational force which pulled them closer.

    Months went like a beautiful butterfly,
    And one regular night,
    They hit the ground of misunderstandings.
    Feelings took an abrupt turn,
    And both confided all the love within.

    Both missed the essence of each other,
    But none of them confronted.
    After a few sleepless nights,
    He gathered all his courage,
    And questioned her the reason for leave.

    She said you stay or leave,
    I will have the beautiful picture of us in heart,
    I hold no right to stop you,
    If you could feel the love in me,
    I need not hold your hand.
    Forgiveness or ignorance,
    Grudges are too small, when it's about you.
    I, love the person you are
    If you stay or leave,
    I will keep you intact in my heart,
    like you never ignored me.
    Your name, your profession,
    Your favourites, your habits,
    Will only bring me closer to you,
    When I found them in anyone around me.

    She added,
    I don't need you to be around me
    For me to love you.
    I am nothing but a soul,
    Who is your biggest fan at our ball.

  • iammine 9w

    Grateful to God?

    Thank you so much for making the situations difficult day by day
    Thankyou for making me learn that we should always be fearful of you and your powers
    It's not easy for most people to find what they are passionate about
    But before they could make that effort and try new things
    You have buried down the definition of how what should be done, otherwise you know your magic,
    Boom boom, sadness poverty compromises!
    I don't know why this evolution took place
    The outside is changing so fast
    And the inside, it's full of dumbasses and fears
    If it had not been you,
    I wouldn't have been forced to do my life, how it should be
    I would have used my "useless selfish" mind
    To find out for me
    Maybe I have a problem to control everything around me
    Or, this is how it looks like, classic move!
    Ultimately, it's all about what it's best for me
    But it ends up with, if you don't accept my way
    Then, O Woman, you are going to have the worst life ever
    To the great stories, we hear
    They won't have been great if they were not been
    Penalized the way they were
    Harassed the way they were
    Put to living hell the way they were

    Nobody deserves a better experience
    Coz if it's God's way for you to choose from worst of the present choices and not wait,
    Then, sooner the fright will explode, and
    You will accept a beautiful version of compromising life.

  • iammine 10w

    To known endings

    I know we weren't supposed to be together, but your abrupt dispersal makes me question if what all you said, you meant it or not?

  • iammine 12w

    Online lover

    Hey you! You came in my life like a savior. You collected the broken pieces of my last disappointed attempt of love, I meant I collected myself but you acted as a support. You showed the light through the process and told me it's okay to be sad and that I will come around. It's normal to be in love and miss that person, and take months to get over them. I believed him and gradually I could see that my past might have been the cutest thing ever but the person infront of me is smarter and understanding (my point of view, unlike others). I started to again feel those butterflies. I started to believe in people again, maybe somewhere someone better is waiting for us too. Maybe good people exist, who don't try to control/protect you from fresh air and let you be you. There might be people who respect you for being you are, for the adorable person you are. There might be someone who is as amazed to see you as you are to look at yourself. You have certainly learnt to fall in love with yourself. That's what healing does to your skin. You start glowing!
    We started to talk for hours, we shared our unplanned first kiss and I hugged him goodbye with a hope to see him back sooner than possible. For some or the other reason, they couldn't meet but continued to talk. Months went by, and after having a fine 3 hour conversation, they slept good night.
    Then, what's odd about this story? After that night, they never talked again. She waved to check if everything is fine, but lack of interest answered it all.

    People will come and go, but when they go they leave a space empty for rebooting you, for analysing what happened back then. They will teach you not to expect or to expect the least of people and be thankful for the hard times. It's those hard times which makes us stronger beings and teaches the chapter of self love and most importantly, self respect.
    To all the future heartbreaks, one day I will be so strong hearted that your existence would become minimal and I will be self sufficient.
    Thankyou online lover for reminding me to respect myself more than my hormone driven feelings.