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  • iamsnehanshu 3w

    As a child you are told to do things that make the society happy.

    20 years later you need a therapist to tell you what makes you happy

    #ThatsLife #SelfMusings

  • iamsnehanshu 10w

    I wake up like every day
    Go back to bed
    Pretend I am asleep
    Lie myself to be lazy
    Wake up again
    This time for real

    I don't go out today
    As if I do usually
    And yet I do not
    It's unadvisable
    Practicing distancing
    Like if I need practice

    I see faces of people
    No one is scared
    No one is not scared
    At the back our head
    It's just there,
    Impending truth

    I do go out then
    Like other hoarders
    Guilty and selfish
    Everything is fine
    I am not alone
    Neither together

    After the business
    Something feels abrupt
    Weather wasn't a symptom
    And yet it feels that way
    For the wind is rough
    And the birds unhappy

    It's not an omen
    Not even a message
    Isn't nature a reflection
    Of how far we knew
    and yet we let it happen
    we, us, so proud & smart

    and finally, we are here
    at the end of the world
    stuck at our palaces
    looking for omens
    the "smart" mammals
    of a "smarter" world

  • iamsnehanshu 11w

    Hidden amongst
    Its smaller brothers
    Icy, windy, uncharted
    the last of the lands
    before all mightiness

    And there we were
    Unknowing, ignorant
    of a new milestone
    and yet knowing, scared
    of a mighty task on hand

    Icy slippery rocks
    to melted into waterfalls
    to paths going nowhere
    and strangers on the climb
    Engulfing snow to conquer

    And the final destination
    A blanket of snow, freezing
    And a view, that can take
    breath of the living away
    White beauty of nature

  • iamsnehanshu 14w

    The two spirits were talking tonight
    Under the moon stars in sight
    Cool moist wind blew so light
    One wasn't wrong one wasn't right

    Thousands of soul were fast asleep
    The two were the darker sheep
    Living when the routine was wrong
    Sleeping when the routine was right

    On top, music was high, life was high
    Words were high, intellectuality was high
    In those interesting snappy conversations
    Even the djinns had their reservation

    The two spirits near the water tank
    Up on a terrace, in music they sank
    A group of dark spirits came by and sat
    Joined them in a cosmic chat

    When the living spirits chose to pass out
    The cosmic spirits chose to work out
    The intellect was finding solutions to the world
    The purpose of the world, summa colloquium

    Under the blanket of stars and music
    Everything was high breathing and lucid

  • iamsnehanshu 14w

    A solo journey
    Miles beyond the reach
    A family of hosts
    Home-cooked food
    Strangers by the fire

    I had travelled
    All the way till here
    For that one moment
    Above the mountain
    A demanding trek

    Beyond my physical
    Limits and expectations
    Slippery Ice on a downhill
    Four feet deep snow
    And yet I survived

    To see you

  • iamsnehanshu 14w

    I moved the bush ahead
    Not to get a glimpse
    But to make way among
    The snowy wilderness

    And yet I found you
    Basking in the gold
    The sunset of desire
    A potrait of perfection

    7 minutes of gold
    One amazing picture
    And you were worth
    A million memories

  • iamsnehanshu 15w

    By unknown writer

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    Mantra for Peace
    Have zero expectations from people.
    Nobody owes you anything
    You don't owe anything to anybody!

  • iamsnehanshu 19w

    White Sands of Sarayu
    While going towards Munisiyari from Bageshwar through Kapkot, Sarayu River makes an interesting presence. The river is untouched for most of its course, making its water chrystal clear and has a bluish colour. As we move more ahead, the soil around the river becomes whitish in colour. The absence of population as well as tourists in this region makes it the whole environment pristine. You can sit on a mountain side and spend an eternity in here listening to the sound of the river and winds.

  • iamsnehanshu 31w

    Homecoming - Diwali

    22 years and I hated it
    Sitting at home, waiting
    While everyone arrives
    Just like our Shri Ram

    And I like a bharat
    Would wait like 14 years
    For those who weren't here
    friends, love & companions

    Things have changed
    As I have finally moved
    I am a Shri Ram back to
    My ayodhya of people

    Tonight I realise the value
    Of homecoming
    Of lights to this festival
    Of people back to home

    There are colours, in lights
    In faces, in conversations
    In kaju Katlis, in verandahs
    In roads, in stations, in airports

    I am on the other side now
    On the recieving side
    Of the love, and I know what
    Goes through the other end

    I am more absorbing of love
    Now that I know
    People have waited 12 months
    To shower their love, on



  • iamsnehanshu 35w

    Just outside it was a different world
    A world from travel books
    From dreams you don't want to end or
    Where the movies say romance happen
    A sanctuary of peace in my head

    And I was there, for the first time
    To feel it, to touch it, to breathe it
    The mountains were not just real
    They were some few miles away
    I was a part of it at this moment

    That morning was a bit misty
    as I wiped off it from my glasses
    And then I saw the majestic scene
    white snow like veins on the forehead
    And a greenish subtle undertone

    It was still a photograph with a frame
    A frame of clouds, of mist, of miles
    This time the brown was different too
    The snow was whiter, like purity, different
    From what I had painted in my drawing

    What would I take home of this, I wondered
    If at all anything, would the colourful flags
    Or the brass artwork be of any value
    Once it loses, not it's colour or glitter
    But is fragrance of the brown and white