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  • ianpoems 10w

    Move on

    Stop, Don't beg for her to come back
    If she's for you she'll come to you with open arms.
    But don't beg for someone who ignore your effort just to talk to them.
    Respect yourself and Move on she's not worth of your time.

  • ianpoems 10w

    Moving Forward

    When you're going through hell in your life because of one person that doesn't mean you can't move forward.
    Don't stop, keep moving.
    No one said you have to stay in hell
    Move on and Continue with your life.

  • ianpoems 10w


    "What if?", she asked
    Those were the words that kept him alive and saved him from giving up
    Those were the words that gave him hope for happy ending
    Those were her words just to play with his heart.
    She didnt realized this man already lost his soul trying to make her love him back.

    Before you give someone your heart make sure you to love yourself first.

  • ianpoems 10w

    Dear Mom

    You're my first love
    You've taught me how to love by Working 3 jobs just to give the life i have right now
    You've taught me how to care by making me 3 meals a day with your 2 hours of sleep
    you've taught me not give up by showing me what's is like to raise a child by yourself
    You're the strongest person I've ever met, You're my knight in shinning armour
    You're my guardian angel
    I pray to god that he gives you all the strength you need to continue being here by my side.

  • ianpoems 10w

    Up hill

    Up on the hill a beautiful flower blooms
    Waiting to get picked
    Bright and calm
    Pick it up before someone does.

  • ianpoems 10w

    Tell me

    You like me? tell me
    You want to talk to me? tell me
    You're happy with me? tell me
    Don't lead me on if you don't

  • ianpoems 10w


    Regret it later or Take the risk
    You will never regret taking the risk for the person you love.
    Do it before it's too late, you get to tell yourself "I tried my best" than "That should be me with you"

  • ianpoems 10w


    "I'm sorry you deserve better"
    Those were her words
    She said i deserve better when she did not even try to be the "Better".
    Fought so hard just to hear those words
    Those were the words that broke a man's soul.

  • ianpoems 10w


    She hugged him, He did not hugged back
    She begged, He screamed at her
    She kissed him, He turned his head
    She called his name, He ignored it and walked away
    She cried, tears fell out of her dazzling eyes.
    That day i saw an angel cry.
    Leading someone into something you can't do is like burying their own grave by slowly killing them.

  • ianpoems 10w

    To the girl i love

    He was the sunshine in your rain
    He was your medicine when you're in pain
    He was there for you when the world was against you.
    He fought hard to get your attention
    Now he's exhausted, He's leaving
    Don't take someone for granted while they still care, Once they leave there's no turning back.