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  • icecreamsandrainbows 4d

    The hate I give

    The hate I give to her
    Ugly unworthy undeserving
    Some people say she's good
    But I beg to defer

    I love scrutinizing her
    Wanting her to be perfect
    Perfect to the point of easy lure

    I help her to be humble
    Drag her out from her dreams
    Watch her as she weakly stumbles

    Why give her so much appreciation
    So much praise
    When she's not the best in her race

    Her personal critique
    I help her improve
    I'm making her perfect as
    She's still an amateur

    The hate I give to me
    Nothing good in myself I see
    From other's judgements
    I'm my very own canopy.


  • icecreamsandrainbows 4d

    If I just talked

    Were my words so precious
    Cuz I've never let them out of the box
    Thoughts and feelings kept inside
    Perfectly guarded by my tongue's walls

    Why didn't I speak out
    What was I afraid of so much
    Maybe if I'll get the answer
    I'll be free from my regret's clutch

    Those days ain't coming back
    Things I should've said back then
    Are well stacked

    If I could change somethings
    I would've loved to talk
    Have someone to share my feelings with
    Instead of being alone in my thoughts locked.

  • icecreamsandrainbows 4w

    Tête-à-tête with death

    Oh you've arrived
    Is it already my time to leave
    Can I get a few more hours
    Few more hours to breath?
    Give me just a day
    Just a day to grief

    I wanna say them goodbye
    Before they take me
    To my grave where I'll lie

    Since you've arrived
    And it's already my time to leave
    I'll go with you at once
    I no more want to be with the ones bereaved.

  • icecreamsandrainbows 5w


    Oh so perfect
    So perfect seems life
    But try seeing through my eyes
    It's the end walking the edge of the knife

    Oh so beautiful
    So beautiful my smile
    Only the my inner self knows
    The pain that I hide behind

    And they say
    She's so lucky
    So lucky and fine
    She's got everything
    Everything we desire

    And I say
    I'm so bad
    So bad maybe the worst
    Gone is my self esteem
    I'm empty on self love

    Oh so wrong
    So wrong we are
    Everyone seems to live a better life
    Better than how we are.

  • icecreamsandrainbows 6w

    I want some time alone
    Alone with a blank mind
    Because my thoughts
    Interrupt the peace I want to find

    I want my brimming mind
    To be empty for once
    I want to breath
    Exhale the burden off my lungs

    I want all the noises shut
    Even the throbbing of my heart
    If it's must

    I want to drown in solitude
    All alone
    Under the sky filled with hues

    I want to be with myself for a while
    I want to tell myself that it's going to be fine.

  • icecreamsandrainbows 6w

    One two three
    You count my flaws
    Gone is my good heart
    Trapped inside your judgement's claws

    You see my crooked teeth
    Not my smile with love beneath
    Judging my whole existence
    Please for a moment let me breath

    Talk n talk keep talking about me
    Count my many imperfections
    I know it's just my
    outer appearance you see

    Who cares about a good heart
    You don't need a good brain to look smart
    How will you get respect
    when your body is not a piece of art

    Looks matter when we look
    Just the hollow outer shell
    Not when we read
    Thier inner book

    Keep on counting my flaws
    Keep making me feel that I'm at loss
    When you are done judging me
    Kindly leave me alone
    I'll appreciate you with my applause.

  • icecreamsandrainbows 6w

    Words have such beauty
    Yet we use them to kill
    We love spitting fire
    Not caring about the burned's shrill

    We don't think twice
    Ready for our mouth to spit fiery ice
    Ready to see a painful smile
    On people we find hopeless and vile

    We sure have power over words
    But why do we forget that
    Words can always over power us

    So maybe use a tongue honey dipped
    Speak firmly don't let it slip
    Maybe once in a while you can be brash
    After all the world we live in is quite harsh.

  • icecreamsandrainbows 7w

    A plan of feelings

    Today I will count my flaws
    Tomorrow I will think about "me" that I've lost
    Overmorrow I will be sad
    Thinking about all the things in my life that are bad

    Today I will count my blessings
    Tomorrow I will appreciate myself for my wins
    Overmorrow I'll be content
    Thinking about the beautiful moments with my loved ones I have spent.

  • icecreamsandrainbows 8w

    The thumping of my heart
    Tells me I'm still alive
    The thoughts in my brain
    Are surprised that I didn't die

    My hands are warm
    Securing the people I love in a tight hug
    I feel giddy inside
    With my stomach filled with butterflies

    My fingers are crossed
    Hoping for a better me
    My feet are running fast
    Scared that any day might become my last

    When my body goes numb
    I'll let myself go
    I'll wait to feel the warmth again someday
    I might become a firefly
    So for you in the darkness I can glow.

  • icecreamsandrainbows 10w

    When you feel sad at times
    Want someone to hug you tight
    Give me a call love
    I'll be there to tell you it's gonna be alright

    On gloomy sad days
    I'll be your sunshine
    You don't always have to act tough
    Sometimes it's okay to whine

    When you really need me
    Even from my sad dark soul
    I'll give you a rainbow divine

    Maybe I'll scold you
    While trying to make a bold you
    Sometimes I might be rude
    But it will always be for your own good

    When you feel sad at times
    When alone with teary eyes
    Remember I'll always be there for you
    Remember my rhyme.