i write poems and poems till poems and poems are poems as poems of poems

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  • icozyquotes 13w

    Photograph brings us all our memories which makes us happy, and they make us happy. So here is one.

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    I look into my photograph,
    was blowing bubbles to the puff of air.
    and offering the clouds some more,
    they declined and blew them away.

    I asked what fancied them,
    they gave me a steam of rain.
    I asked could we be friends,
    They gave me a endless beautiful rain.

  • icozyquotes 14w

    I always wanted a rhesus macaque as my pet. So this is a poem like that.

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    Little macaque

    I see a baby macaque,
    weeping in front of me.
    Thought I could give some shine,
    But already had got the comfort of mine.

    Taking it home I lost my mind,
    blessing him with comfort of my caring hand.
    Wanted to keep him mine,
    but ouch! with his bite of love had already kept me his.

  • icozyquotes 14w

    this poem has driven me through all the times of my happy days.

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    So bright

    I never see a charm,
    I never have been a charm.
    The stars above me usher a vibrant smile,
    by which I don't need another beauty smile.

    The Luna near the stars look
    with a smooth calming face and asks
    what do you need my beautiful bright boy
    when you can really be so bright to shine the world.