Dream big and never lose your innocence. -Min Yoongi

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  • idontknoww 5w


    "I thought the flowers you gave me will bloom but I don't know why they are haunting me. The sleepless nights have become comfortable. The heart wants to get out of this body"

  • idontknoww 5w

    My Orange Blanket

    In this abandoned room,
    I sat on my bed
    And pull over my Orange Blanket.
    It's dark inside, I thought
    But then I lighted up the place.
    I don't know what's happening outside
    Just me and my orange blanket

    The place that was deserted,
    Now looks dazzling
    I found myself getting attached to it.
    The orange blanket witnessed me crying,
    When they were busy noticing my smile
    It's a beautiful dream.
    I am happy.

    After some time, I decided to look outside.
    The reality hits me
    Is this the place I really belong to?
    I heard a cry
    You need to leave.
    The place which I cherished ,
    Whispered Go.

    With heartache,I put my feets on ground
    With tears in my eyes, I whispered back
    I'll come back.

  • idontknoww 6w

    My heart

    They say the heart want what it wants.
    But what does my heart says?
    Is this what I really want?
    Is this really my destination?

    I looked around.
    Only to find people with broken hearts.
    I listened to their voice,
    Only to find sadness and suffering.

    Is this the world we wished we for?
    I want to hug them.
    "It will get better"
    But my heart screams
    Fix yourself first.

    Every night I sleep thinking it's gonna be okay.
    But every night I deal with nightmares.
    Where is the end of the tunnel?
    Where is our light?

  • idontknoww 7w


    I was born alone. I'll die alone so why is that I can't survive alone? Why is that I can't live alone?

  • idontknoww 8w


    Thr lights may blind you too.

  • idontknoww 8w

    You can't escape from the feeling called regret.

  • idontknoww 9w


    My heart feels empty as well as filled with love.
    Love that people living far away delivers to me.
    Emptiness that people living nearby throw at me.

    I say I am brave.
    I say I've overcome the pain.
    I say I don't feel anything.
    My soul chuckles ,
    She says Is it true?
    How much more will you lie?

    With a little hope left in my heart
    I lean on your shoulder.
    Maybe just maybe there is still a chance?
    Maybe these tears would turn into smile.
    Maybe the sunflowers would look to the sun again.


  • idontknoww 10w

    Well....I love you. That's it.

  • idontknoww 10w


    I don't know how to stay in the moment. All my life I was taught to worry about things that lies ahead. I don't know how to feel my emotions because no one really taught me. I think they all are lies and that I am being delusional. I don't stay happy because I know I would meet sadness after it all gets over. Even the moments that make me scream or make me cry out of my joy doesn't lasts long because the devil in my brain whispers "it won't last long".

  • idontknoww 10w


    Have a conversation with me, that's what I really want. I don't want any stories or whatsapp updates. I don't want any poems. I just want you.