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  • iknowoo 7w


    This is how mature love looks like . You know you can't force someone to love you, you know probably the other person will never be yours but still, you confess your love.
    : Because that's what true love is. It's self- sacrificing un - conditional and virtuous

  • iknowoo 13w

    Purifying ourselves

    Let's burn our inner devil and it's evil thoughts on this
    Duseeraa !
    Wishing you a Happy Dasara Festival
    May the Goddess Chamundeshwari bless you all

  • iknowoo 13w


    Love is better realized when love is lost !

    ( This is same for almost many things )

    (Respect priorities wish them a good luck :) if it's a person whether it's a start or the end always do with a smile )

  • iknowoo 18w

    # beautifulfeeling

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    Autumn ( Leaf - fall )

    Fall day ,
    just like a leaf fall from the tree my heart fell for you on the autumn
    my interest , care and love started shedding precisely how a plant grows .

  • iknowoo 23w


    You don't need anyone as long as you don't lose yourself !

  • iknowoo 29w

    Devastated heart :-(

    A broken heart is the emptiness and heart wrenching  feeling you encounter when you lose foremost person in your life .

  • iknowoo 29w

    Parents :

    Parents are like a child that needs to be tended when we grow up into an adult

  • iknowoo 29w

    Awkward o :/

    How do people converse well with others?
    I'm such a jittery ...

  • iknowoo 29w

    Opinion :

    Opinions are not facts , they change according to situation .

  • iknowoo 29w

    Be a Rishi .

    Everyone got their own strength and that strength is our confidence, don't lose it by thinking about others !
    In the middle of these thinking you'll be left behind and suppressed .