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  • illuminating 9w

    All of us got bullied!!! But sometimes I wonder who the hell gave them the power to bully us!!!
    It's obviously us! We gave them the power to bully!!! We were not happy with that particular part of ourselves, we were insecure, so then when they made fun of that we didn't able to tolerate it.
    I understand may be sometimes we need to change our own perspective about ourselves to fight against bullying!!
    I guess it's better to train our own mind to be strong and accept ourselves and stop allowing others to judge us

  • illuminating 10w

    The journeys never ends

    Perhaps it's said every journey ends somewhere... But we know it doesn't.... It will never...

  • illuminating 12w

    At times you will get to know the things which have left you, Or the things which you left abruptly, Or may be you tried to hold them back but couldn't, was not meant to be yours.
    Those were meant to teach you lessons.
    So that you can stand back again when you fall apart, so that you can continue your journey with your head held high, so that you can say at the last that you have not settled for something that is not meant for you rather you earned what you were seeking.

  • illuminating 14w

    And he asked, what according to you is the most difficult task for a person to perform in this world u feel?
    Being real,she rplied

  • illuminating 15w

    It's tragic how we think by reading books we can learn everything.
    Perhaps we forget the most important fact to remember that it's not the lines written in a book give us lessons,rather it's those unspoken words, which lies in between the lines, teach us the actual meaning of it.

  • illuminating 20w

    But in reality "Bunny" can not
    come back to "Naina"...
    Neither " Naina" can wait for their "Bunny"

  • illuminating 21w

    In the end we all just wish to flow like a river

  • illuminating 23w

    And Yes We Were Waiting For her.......
    (To Die)

    And yes we were waiting for her to die!!
    Cause if she would have been alive, she would have told that, "there wasn't a valid reason to cut my tongue, neither to rape me."
    Cause if she would have been alive,she would have told that,"I don't deserve to be raped just because probably my dress was driving them crazy!!!"
    Cause if she would have been alive, she would have told that "my pain shouldn't be a part of this country's politics."
    Cause if she would have been alive, she would have told that "what it is feel likes to be raped!!"
    Cause if she would have been alive, she would have told that "how they raped her in details!!"
    Cause if she would have been alive, we might couldn't show our sympathy to her as it wouldn't reduce her scar
    Cause if she would have been alive, we might turn her into a Sufferer.

  • illuminating 23w


    As I've started seeing the world through his eyes, it becomes more beautiful ❤

  • illuminating 23w

    But Little did I know

    When we touched each other for the first time!!!
    It wasn't just love, it was more than that...
    It wasn't just the fact that at times a naked body needs an another one, to satisfy the lust....
    And then when u kissed me i felt the peace which I've once felt, sitting by that seashore in a empty dark night...And then when u hold me tight, close to you, I felt the joy within me, what I desired to feel everyday from long. When we both became one, I felt that I'm complete..I remember u kissed me on my forehead and that night was about to end.... I was scared, I was scared ...because most of our stories end;when the nights end..
    But little did I know that when I was undressed you were not looking at me, rather you were looking into me.. But little did I know, when u were kissing you were kissing my soul.. But little did I know that you are going to love me more than my body... But little did I know that you will be staying within me forever and ever and ever....